Episode 592: What Ministry Planning Looks Like

Daniel and Todd discuss how you do ministry planning effectively across sites of different sizes.

Episode 572: Creating Core Values

Daniel and Ed discuss figuring out your values when you are planting a church.

Episode 426: Unleashing Change Agents in Your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how creating and communicating a clear vision lays the foundation for change agents in your church.

Episode 381: How Do I Create a Prospectus?

Daniel and Ed discuss what should be included in a church planting prospectus.

Episode 330: Systems, Processes and Structures in a Newer Church Plant

Daniel and Todd discuss the systems, processes, and structures of a Leadership Pipeline in the beginnings of a church plant.

Episode 306: Vision & Mission

What are the best ways or practices to implement your vision and actually see your mission achieved?

Episode 281: Your First Offering

Should you give away your first offering? 

Episode 279: Training a Launch Team

Daniel and Ed discuss developing a launch team for a missional attractional church.