Episode 612: Hiring Skills, Part 1

Daniel and Todd discuss discerning character, chemistry, and competency when hiring staff and volunteer leaders.

Episode 576: Hiring and Firing in a Post-COVID Church

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss new systems for a post-COVID church.

Episode 562: Organizational Life Cycles, Part Two

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss creating an ideal team in order to thrive in a COVID/post-COVID world.

Episode 552: Staffing Strategies During Economic Uncertainty

Daniel and Todd discuss strategies for staffing especially in light of this economic uncertainty.

Episode 551: How to Staff for a New Church Plant in a COVID-19 Era

Daniel and Ed continue to discuss how COVID-19 has affected church planting.

Episode 407: Hiring Quality Staff

Daniel and Ed discuss best practices in hiring church staff.

Episode 326: How to Know the Ratio of Leaders to Congregants

Daniel and Todd answer the question about how many leaders to congregants you need in a church of 200 and beyond.

Episode 132: When it’s Time to Remove a Leader

Learn how to handle the difficulties of needing to remove someone from leadership.

Episode 105: Hiring Right For the First Time

Ed and Daniel talk about staffing for growing churches looking to make their first hiring decision.

Episode 98: Hiring Your First Staff Position

Todd and Daniel talk through how to decide who to hire for your first employee.