Episode 599: New, Creative, and Imaginative Ways to Plant Churches, part 2

Daniel and Ed explore new, creative, and imaginative ways church plants approach evangelism.

Episode 530: Should I Launch Fully Online?

Daniel and Todd discuss if it is better to launch online or in-person.

Episode 524: Scattering and Gathering the Church

Daniel and Todd discuss why scattering the church is as important as gathering the church.

Episode 495: Navigating COVID-19 as a Church Plant

Daniel and Ed discuss navigating COVID-19 as a church plant.

Episode 483: Taking the Next Step with COVID-19 (with Bob Logan)

In Episode 483 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Bob Logan discuss best practices to help people take the next step. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Why you need to make a personal contact to move people into ministries or groups How meeting online could affect taking next steps in the future  Shareable Quotes […]

Episode 455: The 70/20/10 Principle

Daniel and Ed discuss how the 70/20/10 principle can be applied to Sunday morning worship services.

Episode 435: Using Small Groups for Multiplication

Daniel and Ed discuss the relationship between small groups and multiplication.

Episode 433: When Should We Start Men’s and Women’s Ministries?

Daniel and Ed discuss men’s and women’s ministry within a church-planting context.

Episode 424: Raising Up and Developing Leaders

Daniel and Todd discuss raising up apprentices and inviting them into your leadership pipeline.

Episode 413: Growing Small Groups and Overcoming Growth Barriers

Daniel and Ed discuss small group growth strategies and what to do when your facility is a growth barrier.

Episode 411: How Do I Attract and Engage New People?

Daniel and Ed discuss how to attract and retain new members to a church plant.

Episode 260: Small Group Leader Reproduction and Development

The more ownership that exists within campuses, the more effectiveness, drive, and passion you will see emerge.

Episode 240: Missional Community Through Small Groups

Why do weekly worship services matter?

Episode 201: Small Groups that Multiply

How do you encourage multiplication amongst your small groups? 

Episode 158: Starting Small Groups in Your Church Plant

Small groups are a crucial part of church life. But when should you start them?

Episode 136: Cell Groups and Church Multiplication

Utilize small groups to multiply disciples in your church.

Episode 46: Home Groups, Community, and Campuses

How do you structure home groups and community life for your church? What about for multisite churches?

Episode 32: Alternatives to Small Groups

Learn the dynamics of leading change and how to get to the root of an issue in small groups.

Episode 21: The Nuts and Bolts of Small Groups

Learn how to structure your small groups and ensure that mission isn’t relegated to an afterthought.