Episode 613: Ways a Pastor Can Lead, Part 1

Daniel and Ed begin a discussion on how pastors can lead.

Episode 608: Preaching

Daniel and Todd discuss what it looks like to build back better in regards to preaching.

Episode 567: Current Cultural, Theological, and Missiological Issues, Part 4

Daniel and Ed continue their discussion on cultural, theological, and missiological issues that pastors need to be aware of.

Episode 545: How to Create a Preaching Calendar

Daniel and Ed discuss planning out a one-year preaching calendar.

Episode 539: Addressing Politics in Preaching

Daniel and Ed discuss how to address politics in preaching.

Episode 149: Planning Your Preaching in Planting

The first year of church planting is crucial. What should you be preaching about?

Episode 59: Preaching Tips, Series Ideas, and Launch Day

Learn more about preaching, using sermon series’, and what’s unique about preaching on your launch day.

Episode 58: Preaching, Campuses, and The Pastor’s Presence

Preaching pastors, teaching pastors, campus pastors, senior pastors, and presence.