Episode 605: New Metrics of Church Planting Post-COVID

Daniel shares a panel from a CPLF gathering on new metrics for church planting post-COVID.

Episode 600: Trends vs. Fads & The Great Sort

Daniel, Ed, and Todd discuss how to tell the difference in trends and fads in regards to church multiplication and how churches will return as we move past COVID restrictions.

Episode 595: Revitalizing a Church Plant, part 2

Daniel and Ed continue to discuss what it looks like to revitalize a church plant.

Episode 587: Reconsidering Events for Evangelism

Daniel and Ed reconsider the effectiveness of events for evangelism in church planting.

Episode 586: Leadership Succession

Daniel and Todd discuss the system for leadership succession.

Episode 574: The Importance of Role Clarity

Daniel and Todd discuss what systems need to look like for a post-COVID church.

Episode 573: Things to Consider When Inheriting a Building

Daniel and Ed discuss what to do if you inherit a building from a church that is closing.

Episode 568: Systems for a Post-COVID Church

Daniel and Todd discuss what systems are needed for a post-COVID church.