Episode 597: New, Creative, and Imaginative Ways to Plant Churches, part 1

Daniel and Ed explore new, creative, and imaginative ways to handle issues surrounding church planting.

Episode 585: Revisiting Fundraising That Works

In Episode 585 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed revisit the discussion from episode three on fundraising. “In a context with so few believers, what strategies would you recommend for church planters to expand their network in order to raise financial support?” In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Ways to leverage new networks Different […]

Episode 581: The Role of Churches in Church Planting

Daniel and Ed discuss the role that churches play in church planting and how they can work with denominations and networks.

Episode 579: The Role of Networks in Church Planting

Daniel and Ed discuss why a church planter might consider partnering with a network.

Episode 537: Brian Sanders on Micro Church Planting

Daniel introduces a conversation with Brian Sanders on micro church planting.

Episode 422: Principles of Collaboration

Daniel and Todd, along with Dennae Pierre, discuss reaching a city through collaboration.

Episode 415: Planting a Biblically-Faithful Church

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting a biblically-faithful church.

Episode 257: Financial Support Options for Church Plants

What are the best financial support options for funding a new church plant?