Episode 586: Leadership Succession

Daniel and Todd discuss the system for leadership succession.

Episode 574: The Importance of Role Clarity

Daniel and Todd discuss what systems need to look like for a post-COVID church.

Episode 556: Priorities for the New Year

Daniel and Todd discuss suggested priorities for the new year.

Episode 551: How to Staff for a New Church Plant in a COVID-19 Era

Daniel and Ed continue to discuss how COVID-19 has affected church planting.

Episode 548: Day-to-Day Decision Making in the Succession Process

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss succession planning and how to make decisions on a day-to-day basis during the transition.

Episode 546: Succession at Every Level

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss how succession impacts every level of leadership.

Episode 536: Raising Up Coaches

Daniel and Todd discuss raising up coaches through the leadership pipeline.

Episode 534: Rebuilding Culture After COVID

Daniel and Todd discuss leadership pipeline and rebuilding church culture after COVID.

Episode 532: Staffing for Planting a Church or Campus During COVID-19

Daniel and Todd discuss staffing a new church plant or a new church campus during COVID.

Episode 518: Leadership Pipeline and Core Competencies

Daniel and Todd discuss leadership pipeline and the core competencies for leaders.

Episode 485: A Template for Coaching Leaders (with Bob Logan)

Daniel and Bob Logan discuss coaching leaders for ministry and for personal growth.

Episode 466: How to Develop a Plan for Leadership in Your Church for 2020

Daniel and Todd discuss developing plans for leadership in your church.

Episode 456: How Do We Help Other Leaders Lead Well?

Daniel and Todd discuss how to raise better leaders.

Episode 450: Multisite Directors

Daniel and Todd discuss the role of a multisite director.

Episode 437: When Do We Add a Third Service?

Daniel and Ed discuss moving from two to three services.

Episode 436: Tips for an Outside Candidate Interview

Daniel and Todd discuss discerning if an outside candidate is a fit for your culture.

Episode 430: Finding Campus Pastors from Outside Your Leadership Pipeline

Daniel and Todd discuss what to do when you leadership pipeline is getting dry, but you still need more campus pastors to fulfill your vision.

Episode 416: How to Make Your Leadership Pipeline Relational

Daniel and Todd discuss how a leadership pipeline is inherently relational.

Episode 410: Pursuing Love Over Fear in a Polarized Culture

Daniel and Todd with Dan White Jr. discuss approaching mission in a polarized culture.

Episode 407: Hiring Quality Staff

Daniel and Ed discuss best practices in hiring church staff.

Episode 406: Barriers to Creating a Leadership Pipeline

Daniel and Todd discuss the four altars that keep leaders from creating a leadership pipeline and how to overcome those barriers.

Episode 397: Leadership Development for Multiplication

Daniel and Ed talk to Rob Ketterling about developing leaders as campus pastors, church planters, and missionaries.

Episode 392: Is Corporate Worship the Best Entry Point Into a New Church?

Daniel and Todd discuss if corporate worship or a mid-size community is the best entry point into a new church.

Episode 388: How Do I Start a Leadership Pipeline in My Church?

Daniel and Todd discuss the 7S framework and how to start a leadership pipeline.

Episode 330: Systems, Processes and Structures in a Newer Church Plant

Daniel and Todd discuss the systems, processes, and structures of a Leadership Pipeline in the beginnings of a church plant.

Episode 320: Consider These Points when Choosing Leaders for your Church Plant

Important factors to consider when wanting to place new people from other churches into leadership positions at your church plant.

Episode 302: Starting a Leadership Pipeline in Your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how to start a leadership pipeline in your church plant.

Episode 292: How Leadership Pipeline Relates to Multiplication

What does a leadership pipeline have to do with church multiplication? 

Episode 276: Moving from Addition to Multiplication

Daniel and Todd discuss how to curate a leadership pipeline with limited people and resources.

Episode 256: Direction vs Destination

Every church needs a pipeline and every person needs a pathway.

Episode 215: Leadership Pipeline (5LQ Special)

Why should you develop a leadership pipeline in your church? 

Episode 211: Leadership Pipeline & Discipleship Pathway

What is the connection between a Leadership Pipeline and a Discipleship Pathway?

Episode 180: Succession (5LQ Special)

In this 5LQ Special, we talk with Mark Jobe about Succession, Leadership, and Vision.

Episode 140: Qualities of a Campus Pastor

Identify the right campus pastor when expanding your church.

Episode 120: Power Dynamics in Multi-Ethnic Churches

Are necessary leadership competencies universal regardless of ethnicity?