Episode 605: New Metrics of Church Planting Post-COVID

Daniel shares a panel from a CPLF gathering on new metrics for church planting post-COVID.

Episode 603: New Metrics for Church Planting During COVID

Daniel shares a panel from a CPLF gathering on new metrics for church planting during COVID-19.

Episode 554: A 2021 Vision for Multiplication

Daniel and Todd discuss how the church should multiply in the midst of a culture continuing to grapple with COVID.

Episode 526:The Job of Discipleship

Daniel and Todd discuss the pastor’s job of discipleship.

Episode 521: I’m Planting a Church This Month

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting in current times and in general.

Episode 504: Does a Need Necessitate a Call?

Daniel and Todd discuss if feeling like the community is in need of a biblically-based church necessitates a call to plant a church.

Episode 497: Rethinking Funding Multiplication and Church Plants

Daniel and Ed discuss new ways of funding church plants.

Episode 483: Taking the Next Step with COVID-19 (with Bob Logan)

In Episode 483 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Bob Logan discuss best practices to help people take the next step. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Why you need to make a personal contact to move people into ministries or groups How meeting online could affect taking next steps in the future  Shareable Quotes […]

Episode 433: When Should We Start Men’s and Women’s Ministries?

Daniel and Ed discuss men’s and women’s ministry within a church-planting context.

Episode 423: Measuring Discipleship Growth

Daniel and Ed discuss how and why you should be measuring discipleship growth.

Episode 421: Optimal Ratios for Personal Discipleship

Daniel and Ed discuss effective discipleship strategies.

Episode 420: A Dual Approach to Church Multiplication

Daniel and Todd along with Noel Heikkinen discusses what it looks like for a church to approach multiplication through both multisite and church planting.

Episode 417: What Should I Do Everyday as a New Church Planter?

Daniel and Ed discuss the day-to-day tasks of a new church planter.

Episode 412: Increasing Evangelism in Your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how to consider your congregants concerns and increase evangelism in your church.

Episode 411: How Do I Attract and Engage New People?

Daniel and Ed discuss how to attract and retain new members to a church plant.

Episode 409: Growing Your Congregation Deeper

Daniel and Ed discuss how to grow your congregation deeper while also growing it wider.

Episode 399: How Can We Emphasize Discipleship During the Pre-Launch Phase?

Daniel and Ed discuss how to emphasize discipleship during the pre-launch phase of a church plant.

Episode 276: Moving from Addition to Multiplication

Daniel and Todd discuss how to curate a leadership pipeline with limited people and resources.

Episode 275: Leadership vs Discipleship

Discipleship is a long obedience in the same direction.

Episode 265: Missional Discipleship

In a world that is balkanizing, what does it look like to have a universal mission? 

Episode 256: Direction vs Destination

Every church needs a pipeline and every person needs a pathway.

Episode 204: Long Distance Discipleship

How do you disciple your team from a distance?

Episode 82: Discipleship for New Believers

Discover how to disciple new believers God’s way.