Episode 563: Current Cultural, Theological, and Missiological Issues, Part 2

Daniel and Ed continue their discussion on cultural, theological, and missiological issues that pastors need to be aware of.

Episode 562: Organizational Life Cycles, Part Two

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss creating an ideal team in order to thrive in a COVID/post-COVID world.

Episode 534: Rebuilding Culture After COVID

Daniel and Todd discuss leadership pipeline and rebuilding church culture after COVID.

Episode 462: The Future of Mergers

Daniel and Todd discuss mergers and what that looks like for the future of the church.

Episode 449: Create a Culture of Sending

Daniel and Ed discuss creating a culture that values multiplication and sending.

Episode 443: Church Planting in Canada

Daniel and Ed discuss the future of church planting in Canada

Episode 428: Planning for the Future

Daniel and Todd discuss how planning for the future requires prayer and more.

Episode 414: Reaching Hispanics in Your Community

Daniel and Todd with Justin Burkholder discuss reaching Hispanics in your community.

Episode 388: How Do I Start a Leadership Pipeline in My Church?

Daniel and Todd discuss the 7S framework and how to start a leadership pipeline.

Episode 363: Creating a Culture of Evangelism in Your Church and in Your Daily Life

Daniel and Shaila Visser (national director of Alpha Canada) discuss how to create a culture of evangelism in your church and in your daily life.

Episode 284: What We’ve Been Reading & Listening To

Daniel and Todd talk about inspiring books and podcasts they are listening to.

Episode 279: Training a Launch Team

Daniel and Ed discuss developing a launch team for a missional attractional church.

Episode 265: Missional Discipleship

In a world that is balkanizing, what does it look like to have a universal mission? 

Episode 252: Developing a Culture of Service

How do you help drive mission into the DNA of your church?

Episode 16: Engaging Multiple Cultures

Learn about different strategies, methods, and ideas to engage the multiple cultures in your city.