Episode 601: New, Creative, and Imaginative Ways to Plant Churches, part 3

Daniel and Ed explore new, creative, and imaginative ways church plants are renting or leveraging the physical space.

Episode 566: What Church Plants Can Learn From Established Churches

Daniel and Todd discuss things that church planters can learn from established church pastors.

Episode 564: What Established Churches Can Learn From Church Plants

Daniel and Todd discuss things that established churches and pastors can learn about the church planting stage.

Episode 481: Crisis Leadership for Church Plants

Daniel and Bob Logan, author of The Church Planting Journey, discuss crisis leadership for church plants in the midst of COVID-19.

Episode 304: Multisite vs Church Plants

Daniel and Todd discuss the pros and cons of going multisite versus starting new church plants.

Episode 261: Positively Engaging a Community

You can’t really engage a community well unless you deeply love a community and its people.

Episode 257: Financial Support Options for Church Plants

What are the best financial support options for funding a new church plant?