Episode 502: Starting New Campuses During COVID

Daniel and Todd discuss starting new campuses during COVID.

Episode 484: The Future of Multisite Churches

Daniel and Todd discuss what multisite churches will look like in the future.

Episode 436: Tips for an Outside Candidate Interview

Daniel and Todd discuss discerning if an outside candidate is a fit for your culture.

Episode 434: Should We Add a Service or a Campus?

In Episode 434 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss adding campuses instead of services. “Do you know of any larger churches, specifically multisite churches, that decided to move to one service instead of two in order to send people out to plant as a strategic growth plan to plant more churches?” In […]

Episode 408: Should a Livestream Service be a Separate Campus?

Daniel and Todd discuss what role online services should play in your multisite strategy.

Episode 58: Preaching, Campuses, and The Pastor’s Presence

Preaching pastors, teaching pastors, campus pastors, senior pastors, and presence.

Episode 8: Being Banished to the Kids Table

Learn how words build worlds. Language matters for your vision and your church.