Episode 571: Should I Take a Job at a Different Church or Campus?

Daniel and Todd discuss how to determine if you are being called to change churches or campuses.

Episode 558: The Well Curve

Daniel and Todd discuss what the well curve means for churches in the middle.

Episode 528: Challenges Multisite Churches Face During COVID

Daniel and Todd discuss the dilemma that many multisite churches are facing.

Episode 478: Launching a Downtown Campus

Daniel and Todd discuss launching a campus in downtown.

Episode 454: The Difference in Multiplying and Reproducing

Daniel and Todd discuss what multiplication looks like.

Episode 444: A Church Plant Asked to Become One of Our Campuses

Daniel and Todd discuss how to handle a church plant who is asking to become one of your campuses while also maintaining their autonomy.

Episode 439: Should I Pursue Using a Declining Church’s Building?

Daniel and Ed discuss how a church planter should approach a declining church about a merger.

Episode 432: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Campus Location

Daniel and Todd discuss demographics, budgeting, and staffing considerations for choosing a campus location.

Episode 404: Top 5 Things to Have in Place Before Launching a Campus

Daniel and Todd discuss how launching a campus is different than launching a church plant.

Episode 386: What’s the Best Venue for My Church Plant?

Daniel and Todd discuss things to think about as you are looking for a venue for a church plant or campus.

Episode 340: Are Church Apps Churches?

Daniel and Todd discuss the pros and cons of churches releasing apps and calling them churches

Episode 274: Maintaining Momentum as a Satellite Campus

Daniel and Todd discuss navigating how to transition from a broadcast campus to a satellite campus and vice versa

Episode 272: Shared Services

Daniel and Todd discuss shared spaces for multisite churches.

Episode 270: Dynamics of Starting a Fourth Site

When starting your fourth campus, your strategy may change, but your vision and values should stay the same. 

Episode 260: Small Group Leader Reproduction and Development

The more ownership that exists within campuses, the more effectiveness, drive, and passion you will see emerge.

Episode 250: Funding Multisite

What does it cost to go multisite?