Episode 590: The Relationship Between a Campus Pastor and the Central Location Staff

Daniel and Todd discuss what the relationship looks like between a campus pastor and the director level staff of the central location.

Episode 588: The Relationship Between a Lead Pastor and a Campus Pastor

Daniel and Todd discuss the nuances, tension, and best practices between a lead pastor and campus pastor.

Episode 571: Should I Take a Job at a Different Church or Campus?

Daniel and Todd discuss how to determine if you are being called to change churches or campuses.

Episode 436: Tips for an Outside Candidate Interview

Daniel and Todd discuss discerning if an outside candidate is a fit for your culture.

Episode 397: Leadership Development for Multiplication

Daniel and Ed talk to Rob Ketterling about developing leaders as campus pastors, church planters, and missionaries.

Episode 270: Dynamics of Starting a Fourth Site

When starting your fourth campus, your strategy may change, but your vision and values should stay the same. 

Episode 178: Filling the Role of the Campus Pastor

Learn about different tools to utilize when looking for a potential campus pastor.

Episode 169: Campus Pastor Competencies

Learn what competencies campus pastors need to be successful in their role.

Episode 163: The Sunday Leadership of the Campus Pastor

A campus pastor isn’t just an emcee. Learn best practices to maximize his position.

Episode 148: Inhibitors to DNA Clarity in Multisite Churches

Disseminate DNA across all campuses to enhance the unity of your church.

Episode 147: Communicating Effectively in Campus Ministry

Cultivate communication best practices that honor God.

Episode 146: Cultivating the Inner Life in Ministry

Hear from Michael Kelsey on the inner cultivation of a pastor.

Episode 145: Best Practices for Campus Pastors

Learn what sets apart the best campus pastors in the multisite world.

Episode 144: Discerning the Call to Campus Pastor

Do you think you may feel a calling to campus pastor? We’re here to help.

Episode 140: Qualities of a Campus Pastor

Identify the right campus pastor when expanding your church.