Multiplication Today, Movements Tomorrow: Practices, Barriers, and an Ecosystem


Multiplication doesn’t happen naturally; it requires intentionality.

Churches that are engaged in multiplication are relentlessly intentional about it. They prepare, plan, and execute their strategy to not only see a new church begin, but to invest their energies and resources to see many new churches begin. In essence, they work tirelessly toward a movement of multiplication.

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When we conducted the largest and most thorough research project ever done on church planting, we discovered that intentionality, with action, plans, and strategy, was central.

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Based on that survey of church planting, we found that only 22% of churches—that started in 2012 or earlier—started at least one daughter church within their first five years of existence. Amongst those 22% that multiplied, and based on our experience, we discovered six statistical characteristics of a multiplying church, compared to those that did not multiply. 

Read this research based book written by Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im to discover these six practices of multiplying churches, the barriers that prevent them, and how to develop an ecosystem so that you can multiply today to get to movements tomorrow.

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