Nov 25, 2019

Episode 442: Best Practices of Streaming

Daniel and Todd discuss the nuts and bolts of streaming and how you measure analytics around it.


Nov 21, 2019

Episode 441: Preparing for Preview Services

Daniel and Ed discuss tips for preparing for preview services.


Nov 18, 2019

Episode 440: Best Practices for Participating in a Christmas Parade

Daniel and Todd discuss how you can use a Christmas parade as a community outreach opportunity.


Nov 14, 2019

Episode 439: Should I Pursue Using a Declining Church's Building?

Daniel and Ed discuss how a church planter should approach a declining church about a merger.


Nov 11, 2019

Episode 438: How Do We Go From Two Services to One and Keep Momentum?

Daniel and Todd discuss if it is possible to move from two services to one and not lose momentum.


Nov 7, 2019

Episode 437: When Do We Add a Third Service?

Daniel and Ed discuss moving from two to three services.


Nov 4, 2019

Episode 436: Tips for an Outside Candidate Interview

Daniel and Todd discuss discerning if an outside candidate is a fit for your culture.


Oct 31, 2019

Episode 435: Using Small Groups for Multiplication

Daniel and Ed discuss the relationship between small groups and multiplication.