Mar 8, 2018

Episode 263: Bivocational Church Planting

What should your focus be when starting off as a bivocational church planter?


Mar 5, 2018

Episode 262: Changing the Dialogue About Bivocational Ministry

Bivocational ministry is not about doing two things poorly. It's about leveraging all your life into one calling.


Mar 1, 2018

Episode 261: Positively Engaging a Community

You can't really engage a community well unless you deeply love a community and its people.


Feb 26, 2018

Episode 260: Small Group Leader Reproduction and Development

The more ownership that exists within campuses, the more effectiveness, drive, and passion you will see emerge.


Feb 22, 2018

Episode 259: Building an Online Platform

Daniel and Ed discuss responsibly and effectively using online platforms as a pastor.


Feb 19, 2018

Episode 258: Reproducing Shepherds

How do you raise up leaders to bear the load of shepherding in a plant?


Feb 15, 2018

Episode 257: Financial Support Options for Church Plants

What are the best financial support options for funding a new church plant?


Feb 12, 2018

Episode 256: Direction vs Destination

Every church needs a pipeline and every person needs a pathway.