May 10, 2021

Episode 592: What Ministry Planning Looks Like

Daniel and Todd discuss how you do ministry planning effectively across sites of different sizes.


May 6, 2021

Episode 591: Church Plant Location Zoning and Other Issues

Daniel and Ed discuss zoning issues surrounding finding a location for a church plant.


May 3, 2021

Episode 590: The Relationship Between a Campus Pastor and the Central Location Staff

Daniel and Todd discuss what the relationship looks like between a campus pastor and the director level staff of the central location.


Apr 29, 2021

Episode 589: Student Ministry in a Micro-Church Context

Daniel and Ed discuss what student ministry can look like in micro-churches.


Apr 27, 2021

Episode 588: The Relationship Between a Lead Pastor and a Campus Pastor

Daniel and Todd discuss the nuances, tension, and best practices between a lead pastor and campus pastor.


Apr 22, 2021

Episode 587: Reconsidering Events for Evangelism

Daniel and Ed reconsider the effectiveness of events for evangelism in church planting.


Apr 19, 2021

Episode 586: Leadership Succession

Daniel and Todd discuss the system for leadership succession.