Dec 13, 2018

Episode 343: Church Planting Movements versus Church Multiplication Movements

Daniel and Ed discuss the differences between church planting movements and church multiplication movements.


Dec 10, 2018

Episode 342: The Differences Between Preview and Practice Services

Daniel and Todd discuss the differences between prayer, preview, and practice services.


Dec 6, 2018

Episode 341: Residencies and Church Planting

Daniel and Ed answer the question about the benefits of doing a residency before church planting.


Dec 3, 2018

Episode 340: Are Church Apps Churches?

Daniel and Todd discuss the pros and cons of churches releasing apps and calling them churches


Nov 29, 2018

Episode 339: Moving from a Consumeristic to a Missionary Mindset

Daniel and Ed answer the question about how to help shepherd your congregation from a consumeristic to missionary mindset.


Nov 26, 2018

Episode 338: Discipleship Pathways and Leadership Pipelines

Learn how discipleship pathways and leadership pipelines are different, complementary, and can be used to develop leaders in your church.


Nov 22, 2018

Episode 337: The Importance of Children's Ministry in Church Plants

Daniel and Ed answer the question about how much focus a new church should dedicate to their children's ministry.


Nov 19, 2018

Episode 336: How to Exegete Your Community

Daniel and Todd answer the question about how to exegete your community.