Sep 5, 2019

Episode 419: How do I Pastor Different Political Opinions in the Same Church?

Daniel and Ed discuss pastoring different political opinions in the same church.


Sep 2, 2019

Episode 418: Leading Differently

Daniel and Todd along with Abe Cho discuss how to lead differently than the pastor who served before you.


Aug 29, 2019

Episode 417: What Should I Do Everyday as a New Church Planter?

Daniel and Ed discuss the day-to-day tasks of a new church planter.


Aug 26, 2019

Episode 416: How to Make Your Leadership Pipeline Relational

Daniel and Todd discuss how a leadership pipeline is inherently relational.


Aug 22, 2019

Episode 415: Planting a Biblically-Faithful Church

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting a biblically-faithful church.


Aug 19, 2019

Episode 414: Reaching Hispanics in Your Community

Daniel and Todd with Justin Burkholder discuss reaching Hispanics in your community.


Aug 15, 2019

Episode 413: Growing Small Groups and Overcoming Growth Barriers

Daniel and Ed discuss small group growth strategies and what to do when your facility is a growth barrier.


Aug 12, 2019

Episode 412: Increasing Evangelism in Your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how to consider your congregants concerns and increase evangelism in your church.