Jul 29, 2019

Episode 408: Should a Livestream Service be a Separate Campus?

Daniel and Todd discuss what role online services should play in your multisite strategy.


Jul 25, 2019

Episode 407: Hiring Quality Staff

Daniel and Ed discuss best practices in hiring church staff.


Jul 22, 2019

Episode 406: Barriers to Creating a Leadership Pipeline

Daniel and Todd discuss the four altars that keep leaders from creating a leadership pipeline and how to overcome those barriers.


Jul 18, 2019

Episode 405: Preparing for a Relaunch

Daniel and Ed discuss the process of relaunching a church plant.


Jul 15, 2019

Episode 404: Top 5 Things to Have in Place Before Launching a Campus

Daniel and Todd discuss how launching a campus is different than launching a church plant.


Jul 11, 2019

Episode 403: What Does Pastoral Care Looks Like as a Church Grows?

Daniel and Ed discuss providing pastoral care as your church plant grows.


Jul 8, 2019

Episode 402: Small Donor Fundraising

Daniel and Todd talk to Chris Ridgeway about small donor fundraising as compared to traditional fundraising.


Jul 4, 2019

Episode 401: Top 5 Things to Have in Place Before Launching

Daniel and Ed discuss what you need to have in place before you launch a church.