Apr 2, 2020

Episode 479: How the Church Should Respond to the Coronavirus

Ed discusses how as a church we should respond to the coronavirus.


Mar 30, 2020

Episode 478: Launching a Downtown Campus

Daniel and Todd discuss launching a campus in downtown.


Mar 26, 2020

Episode 477: Vision Highjackers

Daniel and Ed discuss vision highjackers when you are recruiting a launch team.


Mar 23, 2020

Episode 476: When Coronavirus Interrupts Your Plans (with Josh Gagnon)

Daniel and Josh Gagnon, lead pastor of Next Level Church, discuss dealing with disappointment when your dreams are crushed by extreme situat


Mar 19, 2020

Episode 475: Current Pitfalls, Landmines, and Blindspots in Church Planting

Daniel and Ed discuss current pitfalls, landmines, and blindspots in church planting.


Mar 16, 2020

Episode 474: Clarifying Decision Rights

Daniel and Todd discuss clarifying decision rights within a multisite context.


Mar 12, 2020

Episode 473: Discerning a Call

Daniel and Ed discuss the process of discerning a call to church planting.


Mar 9, 2020

Episode 472: The Most Common Lie Leaders Believe

Todd interviews Daniel on the most common lie leaders believe and what to do about it.