Jun 25, 2020

Episode 503: How Church Planting Has Changed

Daniel and Ed discuss how their beliefs about church planting have changed.


Jun 22, 2020

Episode 502: Starting New Campuses During COVID

Daniel and Todd discuss starting new campuses during COVID.


Jun 18, 2020

Episode 501: Thriving in Leadership

Daniel and Ed discuss what thriving looks like and the importance of spiritual and emotional health.


Jun 15, 2020

Episode 500: Leading Ourselves During Crisis [Full Version]

Daniel, Ed, and Todd discuss how to best lead ourselves during this moment in time.


Jun 11, 2020

Episode 499: Pre-Launch and MultiSite Video Service Strategy

Daniel and Ed discuss how video services will be a part of pre-launch and multisite strategies in the future.


Jun 8, 2020

Episode 498: Assimilating Through Connection During Limitations

Daniel and Todd discuss how to assimilate new members to your church as you work to worship together through limited circumstances.


Jun 4, 2020

Episode 497: Rethinking Funding Multiplication and Church Plants

Daniel and Ed discuss new ways of funding church plants.


Jun 1, 2020

Episode 496: Redeploying Staff

Daniel and Todd discuss redeploying staff or high level leaders.