Jan 25, 2021

Episode 562: Organizational Life Cycles, Part Two

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss creating an ideal team in order to thrive in a COVID/post-COVID world.


Jan 21, 2021

Episode 561: Current Cultural, Theological, and Missiological Issues, Part 1

Daniel and Ed discuss cultural, theological, and missiological issues that pastors need to be aware of.


Jan 18, 2021

Episode 560: Organizational Life Cycles

Daniel and Todd discuss thee philosophy and framework around life cycles.


Jan 14, 2021

Episode 559: Preaching on Church Planting

Daniel and Ed discuss an outline for a sermon series on church planting


Jan 11, 2021

Episode 558: The Well Curve

Daniel and Todd discuss what the well curve means for churches in the middle.


Jan 7, 2021

Episode 557: Metrics in 2021

Daniel and Ed discuss how to measure success post-COVID-19.


Jan 4, 2021

Episode 556: Priorities for the New Year

Daniel and Todd discuss suggested priorities for the new year.


Dec 24, 2020

Episode 555: Encouragement for 2021

Daniel and Ed share encouragement for pastors and church leaders as we move out of 2020 and into 2021.