Feb 20, 2020

Episode 467: Am I Called to Be a Church Planter?

Daniel and Ed discuss discerning a call for church planting.


Feb 17, 2020

Episode 466: How to Develop a Plan for Leadership in Your Church for 2020

Daniel and Todd discuss developing plans for leadership in your church.


Feb 13, 2020

Episode 465: Church Revitalization

Daniel and Ed discuss how to revitalize a small, older church.


Feb 10, 2020

Episode 464: Seven Lies People Face Today

Daniel and Todd discuss the top lies the average person is facing in their lives.


Feb 6, 2020

Episode 463: Discussing "You Are What You Do" by Daniel Im

Daniel and Ed discuss Daniel's new book You Are What You Do.


Feb 3, 2020

Episode 462: The Future of Mergers

Daniel and Todd discuss mergers and what that looks like for the future of the church.


Jan 30, 2020

Episode 461: 5 Ways We Need to Invest in Church Planting, Part 2

Daniel and Ed continue to discuss five ways we need to invest in church planting.


Jan 27, 2020

Episode 460: Emotional Intelligence Resources

Daniel and Todd discuss resources for learning more about emotional intelligence.