Aug 16, 2018

Episode 309: We Need Evangelistic Church Plants

Daniel and Ed discuss why evangelism should be the purpose of planting


Aug 13, 2018

Episode 308: Planting Where Healthy Churches are Scarce

How do you cast a vision to those have never experienced a healthy church?


Aug 9, 2018

Episode 307: Planting from the Diaspora

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting after living in the Diaspora.


Aug 6, 2018

Episode 306: Vision & Mission

What are the best ways or practices to implement your vision and actually see your mission achieved?


Aug 2, 2018

Episode 305: Multiplication at Every Level

There's no way you can multiply your church without multiplying disciples.


Jul 30, 2018

Episode 304: Multisite vs Church Plants

Daniel and Todd discuss the pros and cons of going multisite versus starting new church plants.


Jul 26, 2018

Episode 303: Core Groups vs Launch Teams

The terminology, 'core group' and 'launch team' fundamentally mean something different.


Jul 23, 2018

Episode 302: Starting a Leadership Pipeline in Your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how to start a leadership pipeline in your church plant.