Apr 19, 2018

Episode 275: Leadership vs Discipleship

Discipleship is a long obedience in the same direction.


Apr 16, 2018

Episode 274: Maintaining Momentum as a Satellite Campus

Daniel and Todd discuss navigating how to transition from a broadcast campus to a satellite campus and vice versa


Apr 12, 2018

Episode 273: Convert Growth & Developing Self-Feeders

Daniel and Ed discuss convert growth and developing a deep and abiding passion for evangelism in your church community.


Apr 9, 2018

Episode 272: Shared Services

Daniel and Todd discuss shared spaces for multisite churches.


Apr 5, 2018

Episode 271: Merging with a Dying Church

Church mergers are not a good thing or a bad thing, they are a different thing.


Apr 2, 2018

Episode 270: Dynamics of Starting a Fourth Site

When starting your fourth campus, your strategy may change, but your vision and values should stay the same. 


Mar 29, 2018

Episode 269: Starting a New Church After a Split

If you got pushed out of your last church, and you decided to start another church in the same community, that's not church planting. That's


Mar 26, 2018

Episode 268: Maturing on Mission

Discipleship is all about development as you go.