Currently, a significant trend in the U.S. and around the world is a renewed emphasis on starting new churches. More than 4,000 new churches are launched in the U.S. each year alone, each one representing the potential to reach new people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

However, new churches commonly struggle with limited resources, a lack of trained volunteers and few tools to support their work. Even more, these limitations can often be the most detrimental to churches in their very first years.

But and LifeWay are committed to help.

For churches in their first two years of operation, LifeWay has a variety of free offerings to help get a few of the foundational aspects of ministry in place. This includes helps for:

  • Bible Study Groups (6 months of digital curriculum for all age groups)
  • Christian Standard Bible (free and discounted Bibles)
  • Custom Bible Study (1 year, church-wide membership to at the single group rate)
  • Leadership Development (1 year access to Ministry Grid, including 750+ courses and 3000+ videos)
  • Theological library from WORDsearch Bible, including 185 free teaching tools
  • $200 in free music (charts, tracks, PowerPoint, etc.) from LifeWay Worship
  • LifeWay Envelope Service – 600 free offering envelopes
  • Plus, $500 in selected LifeWay print resources of the church’s choosing

To qualify to receive the free offers above, simply complete the form below. Churches who qualify will receive a response from a LifeWay representative with instructions on how to redeem.

New Church Offer