Episode 93: The 5 Myths of the Missional Church

In Episode 93 of the New Churches Q&A Podcast, we continue with our 5 Days of Missional Church Multiplication Week.

Today is the last day of Missional Church Multiplication Week, where we will be showcasing one of the lectures from our Missional Church Multiplication course and giving you the opportunity to purchase Missional Church Multiplication with a special deal that will change everyday this week.

On this last day, we will be hearing Module 1, The 5 Myths of the Missional Church with church planting expert JR Woodward, author of Creating a Missional Culture.

And if you purchase today, August 12, by 11:59 pm CST, you will get 20% off any and every course at NewChurches.com.  You’ll also get a free copy of The Church as Movement by JR Woodward and Dan White Jr. and Planting Missional Churches by Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im. Listen to today’s episode to get the coupon code.

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches): 

  • “God has a mission in the world that includes us.” –@dreamawakener

  • “God is missionary in His very essence.” –@dreamawakener

  • “The shift in the missional church conversation is basically from being church-centric to theo-centric.” –@dreamawakener

  • “Waiting in prayer is the disciplined refusal to act before God acts.” –@dreamawakener

  • “The gospel is not private. It is personal but it is also public, communal and cosmic in nature.” –@dreamawakener

  • “If you’re a Christian, church is something that you are.” –@dreamawakener

  • “Just like God is missionary in His nature, so are we.” –@dreamawakener

  • “The missional church is not so much about having a theology of mission, as much as having a missional theology.” –@dreamawakener


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