Episode 7: Launch Teams and Vision Hijackers

Passion or skill? What are the requirements for your launch team?

In Episode 7 of the New Churches Q&A Podcast, we discuss the nuts and bolts of finding and selecting a launch team. Rob Clark is a church planter in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Here’s his question.

When it comes to choosing your core launch team, what is your criteria? The best skills or the most passion?

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The danger of vision hijackers
  • Different criteria for launch teams
  • The difference between core groups and launch teams
  • How to prepare your core for a loss of intimacy, a loss of control, and a loss of hope

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurchesQA):

  • “Find people who have servant hearts and a similar vision.”
  • “You don’t need superstar launchers for your launch team.”
  • “Many people in your launch team will be the scaffolding that helps develop your church.”
  • “In small communities, a launch team doesn’t make as much sense.”
  • “You’ll need a core that sticks with you.”
  • “In your launch team, some will be participants, and others will be leaders.”
  • “Assess the leadership ability of your launch team.”

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