Episode 62: Dumping, Delegating, or Developing

Moving from warm bodies to weekly volunteers for the launch of your church. Learn about leadership development.

In Episode 62 of the New Churches Q&A Podcast, we talk about leadership development and launch teams. Here is Michael Graham’s question,

How do you develop your launch team into leaders?

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • Principles for leadership development
  • How to develop your leaders through the launch process
  • The difference between leadership placement and development
  • The difference between dumping, delegating, and developing

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “Leadership transformation happens with an overlap of knowledge, experience, and coaching.”
  • “Don’t separate out leadership development from launching your church.”
  • “Leadership development is relationship.”
  • “Dumping, delegating, and developing.”
  • “People need a map, not a menu.”
  • “I didn’t call you to comfort, I called you to Kingdom.” – @Alberttate
  • “Pastor, God doesn’t call you to a platform, He calls you to an altar.” – @JDGreear
  • “A Pastor asks, “How’s my church?” A Missionary asks, “How’s my city?” – @bobrobertsjr
  • “Don’t let your budget determine your vision. You need vision beyond your budget.” – @MarkBatterson
  • “Be you right where you are because that’s part of God’s plan.” – @mattchandler74

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