Episode 5: Growing From The Outside In

Are Events Still Effective?

In Episode 5 of the New Churches Q&A Podcast, we discuss the effectiveness of events for evangelism in church planting. Here is Todd Korpi’s question. He is the Lead Pastor at The Cathedral in Flint, Michigan.

What methods or events do you find most effective for evangelism in a post-Christian context?

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • A different way to think about events
  • A missiological foundation for events
  • How to organize events that are attractional and incarnational

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurchesQA):

  • “The congregation is the hermeneutic of the gospel.” – Lesslie Newbigin
  • “Healthy congregations are the way the gospel comes to life.”
  • “You do not only have a gospel to share, but also a gospel to show.”
  • “Tie attractional events with incarnational relationships.”
  • “Partner with your community.”
  • “Think more like a missionary church planter than a crowd gathering church planter.”
  • “The how of church planting is determined by the who, when, and where of culture.”
  • “Do events that meet felt needs and come around relationships.”
  • “Church planting is a long hard slog, but it’s worth it all for the glory of God.”

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