Episode 47: Parachute Church Planting

Avoiding pitfalls, increasing survivability, and moving to another city to plant.

In Episode 47 of the New Churches Q&A Podcast, we talk about the nuts and bolts around parachute planting. Here is Andrew Peters’ question:

How can I help my team manage their expectations for parachute planting? How can we avoid pitfalls and increase survivability?

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • The challenges of parachute planting and what to avoid
  • Some of the expectations that you should have when planting in a new city
  • How to be missionally engaged in your new city when planting

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “The typical church doesn’t break 100 until the fourth year.”
  • “You can launch large in a big city like Atlanta.”
  • “Do 3-4 services in a public location, build a core team, and try to draw from the new movers in your neighborhood.”
  • “When groups parachute plant, they never fully unpack their bags.”
  • “Look for ways to pray and support one another.”
  • “Don’t be in the same bible studies with others that you parachute planted with.”
  • “Be a beach head with others to specifically engage your community.”

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