Episode 23: How to Break Through the 125 Growth Barrier

What do you need to know and how should you allocate your time to break through the 125 barrier?

In Episode 23 of the New Churches Q&A Podcast, we discuss the systems and structure required to move beyond the 125 growth barrier in attendance. Here is Richard Kidger’s question,

As a 2.5 year old church plant, we seem to be stuck at the 125 mark. What are the common challenges to grow from 125 to 200?

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What it takes to get past the 125 barrier
  • How to create a sense of ownership in your church
  • What it looks like to develop leaders of leaders
  • How a pastor should allocate their time to break through the 125 barrier

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurchesQA):

  • “It’s common to get stuck at the 125 barrier.”
  • “Getting past the 125 barrier requires a systems mindset.”
  • “To break the 125 barrier, you need 5-10 leaders, and 4-5 leaders of leaders.”
  • “Protect your time with the leaders and the lost.”
  • “What are the things that only you can uniquely do?”
  • “When it comes to systems, you don’t need to be an entrepreneur, just be a franchisee.”
  • “Why do must churches stay small? Largely because most pastors don’t know how to build systems, structures, and processes that are not contingent upon them. Most pastors can care for people, but don’t build systems of care. Most pastors can develop leaders individually, but lack the skill to implement a process of leadership development. When a pastor can’t build systems and structures that support ministry, the only people who are cared for or empowered to lead are those who are “near” the pastor or those very close to the pastor. This limits the size of the church to the size of the pastor.” – Darrin Patrick

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