Episode 126: Creating a Gospel-Centered Hospitality Culture

In Episode 126 of the New Churches Q&A Podcast, we are introducing our 5 Days of Guest Services Week.

Today is the first day of Guest Services Week, where we will be showcasing selections of one of the lectures from our Guest Services course and giving you the opportunity to purchase Guest Services with a special deal that will change everyday this week.

Today, we will be hearing Module 1, The Vision and Values of Guest Services with Danny Franks, Connections Pastor at The Summit Church in Raleigh – Durham, North Carolina.

And if you purchase today, December 5, by 11:59 pm CST, you will get 10% off the Guest Services course. You’ll also get our “Transformation Bundle” of books including Transformational Church, Transformational Discipleship, and Transformational Groups.  In addition, Plus Members can apply their Plus Member coupon code and get an additional 25% off of the price of the course. Listen to today’s episode to get today’s coupon code.

Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches):

  • “The Gospel is offensive, but nothing else should be.”
  • “We should take the biblical virtue of hospitality and put it together at an institutional level.”
  • “God’s not glorified in your personal hospitality when you invite someone into your home, but give them poor directions, a cold fast-food meal, and a half-hearted conversation.”
  • “The hospitality of a church can adorn the gospel and encourage faith.  On the flip side a cold and unfriendly church contradicts the gospel message.”
  • “Seek to create the kind of environment where your guests will say, ‘I don’t necessarily agree with everything that I heard, but I certainly can’t argue with how I was treated.”

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