Episode 0: Introducing the New Churches Q&A Podcast

The New Churches Q&A Podcast is all about helping you where you’re at. It is a part of NewChurches.com, which is an online hub for the mission of church multiplication. Here you will find the resources and training you need to get started, as well as a community of church planting and multisite experts to help you thrive.

Every week, Daniel Im, Ed Stetzer, and Todd Adkins will be bringing you practical answers to your real questions

After all, we are pastors and practitioners and have been where you’re at. So through this show, we will help you in your ministry context. We aren’t going to provide lofty pie-in-the-sky theories. Instead, we are going to help you in your real ministry context, with your real thoughts, questions, and issues.

How It Works:

Every show, we’ll play a voicemail of one of your questions, and then strive to help you as best as we can, by answering your question on this show. On the right hand side of NewChurches.com, you’ll see a bar that says, “Send Voicemail.” If you’re on your computer, click that and begin recording your question right away. If you’re on a phone or a tablet, then go to www.speakpipe.com/NewChurches to download the app and record your message. When you’re recording, introduce yourself and your context in about 15 seconds, and then record your question for 30 seconds. We look forward to answering your questions!