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Did you miss out on the multiethnic church conference or want to re-live your experience? Watch the event on demand, featuring talks from Mark DeYmaz, Michael Emerson, Dr. John M. Perkins, Matt Chandler, Bob Roberts, Dhati Lewis, Noemi Chavez, Soong-Chan Rah, Gail Song Bantum, Wilfredo "Choco" de Jesus, Miles McPherson, Kathy Kang, Oneya Okuwobi, Ed Stetzer, Daniel Im and others.


This digital access pass from Mosaix's 3rd National Multiethnic Church Conference will inform you about the landscape of the multiethnic church, and also encourage and equip you to address the following issues:

  • Overcoming racial divides
  • Multiethnic church planting and development
  • Justice as intrinsic to the gospel
  • Disruptive community engagement and transformation
  • Advancing the Gospel in an increasingly diverse and cynical society


This digital access pass includes all of the main session talks, as well as the main stage roundtable discussions. And it's all yours to keep and revisit for as long as you need it.


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Learn from 50+ Speakers

Did you miss out on the multiethnic church conference or want to re-live your experience? Watch the event on demand, featuring talks from Mark DeYmaz, Michael Emerson, Dr. John M. Perkins, Matt Chandler, Bob Roberts, Dhati Lewis, Soong-Chan Rah, Wilfredo "Choco" de Jesus, Miles McPherson, Kathy Kang, Ed Stetzer, Daniel Im and others.

This digital access pass is your guide to deepening your understanding of multiethnic ministry, learning from current research and the experiences of others, and charting out a path to implement best practices in your church.


Module 1: A Growing Witness - Pre-Conference Plenary

Learn how the multiethnic church movement is advancing from Efrem Smith

Module 2: A Disruptive Witness - Plenary 1

Learn from Mark DeYmaz, Naeem Fazal, David Choi, Ines Velasquez McBryde, Soong-Chan Rah, and Efrem Smith

Module 3: Overcoming Racial Divides Conversation

Learn from Leroy Barber, Michael Emerson, Natasha Robinson, and Daniel Rodriguez

Module 4: Building Healthy Multiethnic Churches

Learn from Matt Chandler, Stephanie Hand, Alex Mandes, Bob Roberts, and John Teter

Module 5: A Biblical Witness - Plenary 2

Learn from Gail Song Bantum, Daniel Rodriguez, Joel Muddamalle, David Anderson, and Matt Chandler

Module 6: A Compelling Witness - Plenary 3

Learn from Brian Warth, Daniel Im, Noemi Chavez, Miles McPherson, and Choco De Jesus

Module 7: A Just Witness - Plenary 4

Learn from Nesan Kistan, Dhati Lewis, Kathy Khang, Michael Emerson, and Dr. John M. Perkins

Module 8: Justice as Intrinsic to the Gospel Conversation

Learn from David Bailey, Jason Janz, and Kathy Khang

Module 9: Disruptive Community Engagement Conversation

Learn from Tommy “Urban D.” Kyllonen, Dhati Lewis, Gideon Tsang and Michelle Warren

Module 10: A Credible Witness - Plenary 5

Learn from Gideon Tsang, Paul Metzger, Oneya Okuwobi, Ed Stetzer, and Albert Tate


Dr. Yucan Chiu

Director, Pastor of The Ethnos Network

The following testimonials from the 2013 Mosaix Multiethnic Church Conference will give you a flavor for this year's conference:

"I was able to bring a leadership team of nine people to the Mosaix 2013 conference. It was a definitive moment as we all saw, together, God’s vision for us. The vision and practical skills the leaders bring to the table can be game changers for your church, wherever you are on the multiethnic journey."

Dana Baker

Pastor, Social Justice and Multicultural Ministry at Grace Chapel in Lexington, Wilmington, Watertown, & East Lexington, Massachusetts

"I found Mosaix Global Network over a decade ago at an Ethnic America Network conference in Atlanta, just as we were launching our multicultural church initiative to transform our monoethnic church into a place where people from all cultures would not only be welcomed, but shape who we were becoming. In the years since at regional conferences, two national conferences and through important relational connections that have grown from those conference touch points, we have been equipped and encouraged for our church's amazing multicultural journey."

Matt McGue

Pastor/Church Planter of One Church in Jackson, MS

"Mosaix 2013 was hands down the best demonstration of heaven on earth I've ever seen, as pastors and faith leaders from every ethnicity gathered together in unity. From the dynamic speakers to the practical breakout workshops, I went back to Mississippi better prepared to plant, with intentionality, a healthy multiethnic, gospel centered, community engaged, and transformative church."

Corey Sanders

Founder and lead pastor of The Movement Church in Homestead, FL

"My time at the 2013 Mosaic Conference proved to be an essential component to my development as a lead planter for an intentionally multiethnic church plant. It greatly impacted my directional decisions as a leader and equipped me for the task of sharing the gospel cross-culturally. I would recommend this conference for any pastor or team called to start a new work."

Oneya Okuwobi

Director, Cultural Inclusion at Peoples Church in Cincinnati, OH

"The atmosphere at Mosaix 2013 was electric; the unity among people from every background was palpable as God's Spirit spoke to our hearts about the church He desires. Our team was able to encourage others beginning their journey towards church like heaven, even as were energized, and left ready for our next step in building the multiethnic Church."

Ray Chang

President of the Ambassador Network and Lead Pastor at Ambassador Church in Los Angeles, CA

"If there was one conference that was going to challenge you for the future reality, it was the Mosaix 2013 Conference. No where did you see what the church could look like than at a gathering like this. If you want to see and be a part of the future, you have to be at Mosaix!"

Dr. Alejandro (Alex) Mandes

Director of Immigrant Mission/All People for the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

"The Mosaix conference is the only one that intentionally focuses on healthy multiethnic church planting. Here it is not a segment ministry…it is the whole enchilada! Warning America…get this right (multiethnic ministry) or we have little hope holding the center of the Gospel’s lamp from expediting its march South and East! The fields are red, yellow, black and white for harvest! Open your eyes and see it!"

Chris Beard

Lead Pastor at in Cincinnati

"Mosaix national conferences provide stellar theology and praxis for obeying His call to lead the church like heaven on earth."

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We Are At Odds With One Another

Never in my lifetime have the people of this country been so at odds with one another. Sure there have been challenges, obstacles, and disagreements in the past. But they were usually limited to one or two issues at a time. Today, however, no matter where you turn, people are bowed up, choosing sides, and vilifying those that disagree with them on matters of race, class, culture, gender, religion, politics, and even on whether to stand, sit, or kneel during the playing of our national anthem. Thanks to social media, the battles are not only ongoing but also perpetually fueled by one new video, hashtag, or meme in support of one opinion or another.

Could it be for such a time as this that God has brought us here:

  • To a place of passion and understanding?
  • To disrupt the status quo?
  • To repurpose the church to redeem the community?

Indeed, this should be the local church’s finest hour--our finest hour.

By establishing healthy multiethnic and economically diverse communities of Christ-centered faith, we can both learn from and lead others to navigate the rough seas of division. 

So what are you waiting for? Purchase this digital access pass and take your next steps.

- Mark DeYmaz
President of Mosaix