Helping Your Church Become Missional and Then Multiply

What does it look like to join God in transforming your neighborhood and yourself? Being a missional church that is rooted in your local community, and multiplies to other communities requires a unique set of skills, knowledge and understanding.

Missional Church Multiplication will help you grow in missional intelligence. This course will prepare you to live into God’s mission in everyday kinds of ways: from discipleship, to being formed for mission, to multiplying missional communities and churches across your city.  Explore the different modules and then start the journey of learning today.


These 18 modules are designed to help you:

  • Develop a missional/incarnational approach to ministry
  • Develop missional leaders within your church
  • Multiply the mission, not just numbers
  • Plant and lead a missional church


This course includes 18 enhanced modules, 7 hours of HD video, and 60+ handouts. And it's all yours to keep and revisit for as long as you need it.

The first three modules are free. If you like what you see, then you'll love the additional depth and insight in the remaining 15 modules. You won’t find this collection of wisdom, knowledge, and advice from these teachers anywhere else so don't miss this opportunity to learn from real practitioners and thought leaders in the multiplication community. 


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  • 18 enhanced modules taught by real practitioners and thought leaders
  • 7 hours of HD video
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If you want to transition your church to become missional. If you want to learn an incarnational approach to ministry. If you want to develop missional leaders in your church. If you want to plant a missional church. This course is for you.

Missional Church Multiplication is your guide to establishing a deep gospel-focused mission that permeates every plan and strategy your church takes. This course features 18 exclusive modules with stellar materials from the thought leaders on these topics.


Module 1: The 5 Myths of the Missional Church - JR Woodward

What are the five prevailing myths of the missional church? Learn them in order to avoid them.

Module 2: Latest Trends in The Missional-Incarnational Movement – JR Woodward

The missional-incarnational movement is shifting constantly. Learn the latest trends and grow as a leader.

Module 3: Why the Missional Church Needs to Stop Planting Churches – JR Woodward

Stop planting churches, and begin moving to planting the gospel, making disciples, and being movemental.

Module 4: Don't Just Plant a Church, Start a Movement – Alan Hirsch

Jesus designed the church to be a movement, and that’s still true today. Learn how to start a movement in your city.

Module 5: Blue Collar Pentecost: The Life of the Spirit in the Mundane – A.J. Swoboda

What does it look like to embrace the Spirit in everyday life? Learn how to live the life of the Spirit for everyday mission.

Module 6: Bivocational Ministry – David Fitch

Bivocationalism takes you from being above people to being among people. Learn how to think differently about bivocational ministry.

Module 7: Moving Discipleship from the Peripheral to the Center – Dan White Jr.

Discipleship is about direction, not about attainment. Learn how to apply different learning experiences to your discipleship process.

Module 8: Multi-Cultural Practices for the Church – David Bailey

Learn how to apply the four multi-cultural practices of discipleship, worship, fellowship, and witness to your church.

Module 9: Missional Preaching - David Fitch

How do you preach in a way that proclaims the Gospel? Learn how to help your congregation understand that God is at work in their world.

Module 10: A Multi-Congregational Approach to Reaching a City – Jon Tyson

Hear the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding a multi-congregational approach to ministry.

Module 11: Multiplying Mid-Sized Groups – Daniel Im

Learn ten insights that will help you start, multiply, and sustain a mid-size group movement in your church.

Module 12: The Missional Potential of the Five-fold and Polycentric Leadership – JR Woodard

Learn about polycentric leadership, and how to apply it to your leadership team and your church.

Module 13: Money and Mission – Aaron Graham

What’s the difference between focusing on money versus mission. Learn how to raise support, and cultivate next level givers.

Module 14: Working for the Common Good in Your Neighborhood – Tim Soerens

Discern how God is at work in your city, and join him there. Learn how to "Start with Why” in the mission and life of your church.

Module 15: Formation and Mission: Being Formed for Mission – Gideon Tsang

How do you lead your community towards transformation? It starts with you. Learn what it means to be formed for mission.

Module 16: Incarnational Practices – Deb Hirsch

Do you know how to navigate incarnational practices in your neighborhood? Learn about the 6 Ps for incarnational ministry.

Module 17: Why Side Stepping Pain is Bad Leadership – A.J. Swoboda

Learn how to embrace the totality of Jesus’ experience. This starts with walking through your pain, rather than around it.

Module 18: Shaping (or Training) Disciples for Movement – JR Woodward

Learn four critical factors in forming and developing missional leaders for movement.


Shaun Wissmann

Church planter of Via Vite in San Bernardino, CA

“Like me, you might be asking, “What does missional and multiplication look like in my context?” I think you would be hard-pressed to find anything more helpful than the Missional Church Multiplication course. Starting from the roots, these seasoned practitioners walked me through deep understanding to practical and contextual application. I am so grateful that they helped me reimagine what it means to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my city. I feel encouraged, equipped, and inspired!!!”

Matt Yi

Church Planter of Church of the Beloved, DC Metro in Centreville, VA.

“Want to re-imagine church? This course single-handedly changed my understanding of being missional! It helped me to understand how God at His core is a missional God and how this truth can be embodied through the life of a community. One of the greatest benefits of this course is how JR Woodward and the other speakers are not just theologians discussing concepts and ideas, but they are also practitioners who offer practical initiatives and strategies. This is an impactful course for churches who are looking to become a multiplying missional church. For a church planter like myself, it has been an essential resource at the ground level and I would highly recommend these modules to other church planters!”

Michael Pumphrey

Church Planter of Awaken Church, Virginia Beach, VA

“As the culture around us is continually changing we “the Church” need to stop trying to create all the same people with all the same thinking. The teachings within these modules were helpful to reimagine who “the Church” is called to be while enlarging our imagination for God’s people. Until this takes place within our churches we will not reach the lost and broken world around us effectively. The practitioners through this course have enlarged my imagination for God’s Church. I believe the same will be true for you!”

Chris Morton

Community Developer at Austin Mustard Seed, Owner Morton Wordsmith

“It’s easy for me to feel stuck in the day-to-day struggles and unavoidable minutia of planting a church. This course is just the kick I needed to start dreaming again. It provides a big vision, like Jon Tyson’s approach to networking congregations. It is also provides tangible steps, like Aaron Graham’s reminders about stewarding finances. Each presenter is a practitioner who has learned these lessons the hard way. Watch it now!”

Matthew Mitchell

Church Planter, New City Church, Chesapeake, VA

“Do you long to see those who are far off from Christ be brought near to him through the witness of the church? Do you long to teach your people what Jesus meant when he said, “As the Father has sent me, in the same way I am sending you?” Have you sensed that your role as a pastor is not that of a ‘rock star CEO' but rather one who equips God’s people to enter into Jesus' mission? If so, then you need this course. If you learn half as much from these practitioners as I have, it will be more than worth your time.”

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If for any reason you don’t benefit from Missional Church Multiplication, then we insist that you get 100% of your money back. It’s simple: Purchase the course and see for yourself. If the modules, videos, and handouts don’t help you in your ministry, then I’ll refund you 100% within 30 days of purchase. Just send me an email at newchurches@lifeway.com, tell us why you were unsatisfied (so we can improve!), and we will promptly refund your money.


Don't Just Plant Churches

Alan Hirsch, one of the most well-known thought leaders in the missional space says in module four of this course,

Don’t plant the church. Plant the gospel in a way that makes sense to a generation. And out of that, the church will emerge.

If programs saved people, we would have already reaped a harvest. Unfortunately, they don't, and that's why this course matters. This course will help you learn how to lead and pastor in a way that makes sense to this generation, so that you can better plant the gospel and see healthy missional churches emerge.

Above all else, we want to help you root every step of your church in the mission of God's kingdom.

  • If you want to learn a missional/incarnational approach to ministry, this course will address the inner and outer steps that you need to take for maximum impact
  • If you want to develop missional leaders in your church, this course will give you new frameworks for development
  • If you want to plant a missional church, this course is for you

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