Guest Services

Engage Guests and Train Your Team

Let's be honest: Every time a guest doesn't return to your church, it cuts you. It cuts you deep. After this happens, you probably wonder what went wrong. Upon their arrival, most people will decide within 7-10 minutes whether or not they will return to your church. In order to stop the "one and done" trend with visitors, you need to engage and connect with them starting the moment they arrive.


The Guest Services Course will help you close the back door to your church. Do you have visitors who come once and never return? Do you have enough trained volunteers to welcome guests when they walk in the door? This course can help you turn those guests into committed members while simultaneously encouraging your current members to get involved.


This course will prepare your volunteers and team members to greet, interact and follow up with guests while building a church wide culture of hospitality. If you have an angry volunteer, this course can teach you how to diffuse and fix the situation. Explore the different modules and then start the journey of learning today.


These 12 modules are designed to help you:

  • Ensure that newcomers have the opportunity to become committed members

  • Develop an understanding of how to solve difficult situations

  • Be able to spot first time guests easily

  • Close the back door


This course includes 12 enhanced modules, 3.5 hours of HD video, and 60+ handouts. And it's all yours to keep and revisit for as long as you need it.

The first three modules are free. If you like what you see, then you'll love the additional depth and insight in the remaining 9 modules. You won’t find this collection of wisdom, knowledge, and advice from anywhere else so don't miss this opportunity to learn from a real practitioner and thought leader in the guest services community.  

Learn from Real Church Experience and Examples!

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  • 12 enhanced modules taught by a real practitioner and thought leader
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Close Your Back Door

If you want your church's first time guests to transition into committed members. If you want to learn how to deal with difficult situations and troubleshoot problems that you will encounter in guest services. If you want to develop guest services leaders in your church. If you want to close the back door of your church and see your church grow and thrive. This course is for you. 

Guest Services is your guide to establishing a guest services team who will help your church move towards the mission of making disciples.  This course features 12 exclusive modules with exceptional material from a well known thought leader on these topics. 


Module 1: The Vision and Values of Guest Services

Examine how showing hospitality to guests paves the way for gospel transformation and learn the "why" of guest services teams.

Module 2: Why Do I Serve?

Learn how God gifts all believers within the church to serve and how service should thrive from a person's passions, not guilt.

Module 3: Where Should I Serve?

Are your volunteers' skills being used as effectively as possible? Learn how to discern where they should serve in your ministry.

Module 4: First Time Guest Team

Does your first time guest team make a good impression? Learn what steps they can take to improve through this module.

Module 5: Parking Team

How important is a parking team? Watch this module to find out how crucial is it to not only have one, but have an effective one.

Module 6: Entry Team

Is your church's entry team fulfilling their intended role? Learn practical ways they can contribute to the mission of your church.

Module 7: Seating Team

Does your seating team know how to be effective? Learn some steps they can take each week to maximize your church's potential.

Module 8: Difficult Situations and Special Considerations for Guest Services Teams

Learn ways to deal with the most common difficult situations in guest services through this module.

Module 9: Guest Services Team Leader

As you lead your guest services team, discover new ways to better shepherd, disciple, and grow your team.

Module 10: Troubleshooting Volunteer and Guest Services Team Issues

This module provides practical steps to deal with common issues related to volunteers and team members.

Module 11: Overseeing Guest Services Teams - Communicating Vision and Culture

Learn how to better cast of vision, build a culture of hospitality, and offer guest services during special events.

Module 12: Building Your Guest Services Team

Learn ways to build your guest services team through structure, roles and ratios, leadership development, and more.


Todd Korpi

Church Planter of The Cathedral, Flint, MI

"This Guest Services Course works in detail through every aspect of church hospitality culture that you can think of--and probably some you haven't thought of. Guest services is such a critical component in the lifeblood of a vibrant and healthy church which makes this course is a must have resource. I highly recommend it."

Taylor Shilling

Clemson University student and volunteer at Roebuck Baptist Church in Spartanburg, SC

"This course changed the way that I look at guest services. It really puts into perspective how important it is to connect with each and every guest. As I was working through it, I appreciated the specific situational help and suggestions for improvement. It contains need-to-know information for EVERY church!"

Jon Wiebe

Church Planter of CityLife Church in Abbotsford, BC, Canada

"Guest Services is one of the most important areas to get right as a church, whether you are a new church plant or an established church. This course not only sets a foundation for the importance of guest services, it moves right into practical application. There were multiple action steps I could take right away to help improve our Guest Services area as we prepare for launch. This is a must watch course!"

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Guest Services Matter

A church's guest services area is vital to its growth. Without guests, there would be no new members. Without new members, there would be no new volunteers. Without volunteers, there would be no one to greet the guests! If you want to see your church grow and thrive, this course will help you close the back door and turn your guest services into an integral and contributing part of that process.

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