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Do you have what it takes to be a campus pastor? How does this role differ from a church planter? Or from a senior pastor?


Look no further. Here you'll find a research-based and practitioner-tested scope and sequence to develop campus pastors. This course was birthed out of the first doctoral dissertation written on the role of the campus pastor by one of our faculty members, Chris Kouba. Based on his research, and the collective multisite and campus pastor experience of the rest of the faculty, we designed a course to develop future campus pastors–and train existing ones–for your multisite church.


So whether you're looking for your first campus pastor, or trying to figure out how to unite and grow your campus pastor team, Essential Campus Pastoring will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and training to to train campus pastors that get your DNA.


These 18 modules are designed to help you:

  • Understand the unique role of a campus pastor
  • Navigate the tension between what can be standardized versus contextualized
  • How to lead up, down, and across
  • Know what to do when you disagree with the "main" campus
  • Communicate effectively as a campus pastor


This course includes 18 enhanced modules, 8 hours of HD video, and 80+ handouts. And it's all yours to keep and revisit for as long as you need it.


The first three modules are free. So if you like what you see, then you'll love the additional depth and insight in the remaining 15 modules. You won’t find a comprehensive, research-based, and practitioner-tested course on the role of the campus pastor anywhere else. So don't miss out! Start today for free.

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Research-Based and Practitioner-Tested

If you're wondering whether or not the campus pastor role is for you. If you're trying to figure out how to line up with other campuses. If you're getting ready to launch a campus. If you're revitalizing an existing church into a campus. If you're wondering how to relate with the senior pastor and other staff. This course is for you.

This course will provide you with 18 exclusive modules consisting of the knowledge and foresight to start with momentum and finish with execution.


Module 1: Overview of the Campus Pastor Position - Chris Kouba

Learn about the multisite movement and the unique challenges and opportunites that come with the campus pastor role.

Module 2: The Why Behind the What - Michael Kelsey

Learn the biblical “why” behind multisite in order to establish a firm foundation for multisite and campus pastoring.

Module 3: Are You a Campus Pastor? - Daniel Im

Are you cut out to be a campus pastor? Work through this framework to help you make a decision.

Module 4: Internal Life of the Campus Pastor - Michael Kelsey

What are the enemies of the inner life? Don’t let sin short circuit your tenure as a campus pastor.

Module 5: Effective Communication as a Campus Pastor - Chris Kouba

Relationships matter. So learn the core communication skills required for every campus pastor.

Module 6: Contextualizing For Your Campus - Chris Kouba

Learn how to think, pray, lead, and live contextually so that you can discern what should be unique for your campus context.

Module 7: Unity Between The Campuses - Chris Kouba

Avoid DNA confusion and learn how to move towards clarity and unity between all campuses.

Module 8: Conflict Management with Central and Other Campuses - Michael Kelsey

Conflict is inevitable, so learn how to process through it for the sake of your church and the kingdom.

Module 9: Staffing Strategies - Obe Arellano

Staffing is tough. Qualifications, culture, fit, and size are all important factors to consider. Learn strategies to staff your campus.

Module 10: Recruiting a Launch Team - Ronnie Parrott

Learn 10 steps to recruiting a launch or core team for your campus. Who needs to be a part of it? What are you inviting them into?

Module 11: Developing Your Core Team - Ronnie Parrott

Core teams are not just for church plants. Learn how to develop a team that will help you lead your campus.

Module 12: Leading Up From the Second Chair - Chris Kouba

As the campus pastor, you are the leader, but not “the” leader. So learn how to lead up so that you can lead with integrity and success.

Module 13: Leading Across and Down From the Second Chair - Daniel Im

Learn how to lead your peers, those you have dotted relationships with, and those you are directly responsible for managing.

Module 14: Practical Leadership as a Campus Pastor - Chris Kouba

Learn the practical nuts and bolts of leadership that are unique to the campus pastor role.

Module 15: Leadership Development for Your Campus - Chris Kouba

Develop a system for lay leadership development, as well as staff leadership development for your campus.

Module 16: Revitalizing a Church into a Campus - Ronnie Parrott

How do you adopt an existing church and revitalize them into one of your campuses?

Module 17: Your First 90 Days - Todd Adkins

What should your first 90 days look like as a campus pastor? Learn what needs to be put in place so that you can thrive and succeed.

Module 18: After Your First Year - Obe Arellano

Learn from the past by celebrating your wins and addressing your failures. Then plan for the future and develop your strategy.


Kevin Nguyen, PhD

Campus Pastor at Saddleback Church, Irvine campus

"Finally, we have a comprehensive tool to help develop our future campus pastors. I only wish I had this years earlier when I arrived to Saddleback Church."

Stephen Smith

Gathering Pastor at Houston’s First Baptist Church, in Houston, TX

"The campus pastoring course is a gas pedal for churches and individuals who want embrace to church multiplication through multisiting. Prepare yourself for an education!"

Neil Truong

Campus Pastor at Beulah Alliance Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"It is extremely rare to find such effective, informative, and directive resources as this video brings to the yet untapped potential of multisite, particularly with campus pastors. If your church is thinking of moving the mission of God to multiplication then this is a must see."

Len Taylor

Mt Juliet Campus Pastor at The Fellowship in Nashville, TN

"Talking to churches who have one campus doesn’t help much if you have two or more campuses in your church. When you have multiple staff and multiple planning meetings, it gets really hard quickly to be one church in several locations. A multisite church wants to share efficiencies and resources, not just a logo. Essential Campus Pastoring is a fantastic way for you to gain insight into the fast paced world of multisite churches. I strongly encourage all leadership to use this resource as a means for praying through the how, thinking with others, and implementing a structure when considering multisite."

Malcolm Marshall

Campus Pastor at the Sienna Campus of Houston’s First Baptist Church, in Houston, TX

"If you’re seeking a healthy framework to better understand the variables tied to the multisite church model, you’d be doing yourself a tremendous favor by investing some time in this resource."

Victor Ko

Lead Planter at mosaicHouse Church in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Essential Campus Pastoring is a must use resource for any church that is already doing and/or considering the multisite concept! We are taking full advantage of its wealth of principles and practices as we just kicked off our second site."

Stafford Greer

Campus Pastor at Prairie Alliance Church, in Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada

"Accelerate your church's multisite strategy with this course! Nowhere have I found such a rich library of practical, thoughtful and immediately applicable content on the vital role of campus pastor. A must-have for any church thinking of or doing multisite!"

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Competencies Matter

Don't worry! This course transcends whatever model of multisite you're using.

This is because, throughout this course, we focus on the core competencies required for a successful campus pastor. So it doesn't matter whether or not your campus pastor preaches live or facilitates a video message, or if you're more centralized than decentralized, this course will apply to your context.


  • If you're wondering whether or not the campus pastor role is for you, this course will help you discern your next steps
  • If you're trying to figure out how to line up with other campuses, this course will help you understand the tension and nuances of DNA, alignment, and contextualization
  • If you're getting ready to launch a campus, this course will help you train up your next campus pastor, so that they can launch well
  • If you're revitalizing an existing church into a campus, this course will help you outline your strategy
  • Lastly, as a campus pastor, if you're wondering how to relate with the senior pastor and other staff better, then this course is for you

So what are you waiting for? Purchase the course today and you’ll get immediate access to all of the materials.