Bivocational ministry is not about doing two things poorly. It's about leveraging all of life into one calling.

Do you have full-time responsibilities at your church, but only a fraction of the time to complete them? If so, then this course is for you.


Bivocational ministry can be time-consuming and burdensome, but it's worth it. It's worth it because the kingdom of God is worth it. Serving in a bivocational role may not be for everyone, but it may be the best thing for you and the mission of your church.


The Bivocational Ministry course will help you make the most of your calling, even when it is not your full-time job. Learn how to leverage your life for the mission of God no matter how you get your paycheck.


These 14 modules are designed to help you:

  • Lead effectively with a limited amount of time and money

  • Prepare a sermon quickly, without sacrificing biblical faithfulness

  • Launch a church using a bivocational strategy

  • Find a job, manage money, and freelance as a bivocational pastor

  • Wrestle through the joys and pain of bivocational ministry 


This course includes 14 enhanced modules, 5+ hours of HD video, and 25+ handouts. And it's all yours to keep and revisit for as long as you need it.

The first three modules are free. If you like what you see, then you'll love the additional depth, insight, and templates in the remaining three modules. You won’t find this exclusive course anywhere else, so don't miss this essential training so that you can launch well.

Learn from leaders serving bivocationally!

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Multiple Jobs, One Calling

If you are wondering whether bivocational ministry is right for you. If your budget doesn't allow a full-time position. If you're choosing bivocational as an intentional strategy. If you're wanting to learn how to better manage your time and money as a bivocational pastor. If you want to learn about the effectiveness of bivocational ministry from research. Then this course is for you.

We've gathered together a well-rounded mix of practitioners and thinkers as our faculty, with Hugh Halter leading the way. He is one of the foremost practitioners in the bivocational space. So dig into this highly practical and actionable course, and learn how to lead well, regardless of the amount of time you have.


Module 1: Why I Ended Up Bivocational

Hugh Halter shares his personal journey of 20+ years in bivocational ministry.

Module 2: Debunking Myths and Rethinking Calling

Hugh Halter examines common bivocational myths and how God calls His people to serve in ministry.

Module 3: Bivocational Ministry and the Future of the Church

Hugh Halter discusses how bivocational ministry opens doors and opportunities for God’s people in an ever-changing world.

Module 4: Bivocational Ministry Research

Scott McConnell examines research and statistics about pastors serving in bivocational ministry.

Module 5: Freelancing, Money, and Finding a Job

Hugh Halter discusses how to find a job that fits you as you serve in bivocational ministry.

Module 6: Time Management

Hugh Halter examines how to balance family, work, and leading a church as a bivocational pastor.

Module 7: How to Prepare a Sermon in 15 Minutes

Hugh Halter provides tips to help you prepare a sermon without sacrificing faithfulness to Scripture.

Module 8: Leading a Team and Missionary Community

Hugh Halter discusses how knowing your strengths helps you establish a team to serve alongside you in bivocational ministry.

Module 9: Systems and Pathways

Hugh Halter discusses the sodalic and modalic arms of the church and the implications of these models for bivocational ministry.

Module 10: A Launch Strategy for Bivocational Planters

Hugh Halter examines how to start from scratch in launching a church as a bivocational pastor or church planter.

Module 11: Education and Ongoing Development in Bivocational Ministry

Daniel Im discusses the importance of lifelong learning as a bivocational pastor.

Module 12: Bivocational Ministry as an Evangelism Opportunity

Ed Stetzer examines how employment outside a church leads to more evangelistic opportunities for bivocational pastors.

Module 13: The Unique Bivocational Challenges and Advantages of a Rural Setting

Joel Seymour discusses how to serve and impact rural and small towns as a bivocational pastor.

Module 14: Hard Talk in Bivocational Ministry

Hugh Halter examines the differences in survival and sustainability in bivocational ministry.


James Pavlic

Bivocational Pastor in Mesopotamia, OH

"For many years, bivocational ministry has been thought of as a necessity and not a strategy or calling. The NewChurches Bivo course is essential for those thinking about going bivo. It gives a compelling vision and strategy, along with practical helps on how to actually do it."

Aaron Shamp

Lead Pastor of Redeemer City Church in Lafayette, LA

"This new course helped me to see the missional impact that bivocational ministry can provide my church. I'm confident that the practical wisdom offered in it will benefit pastors and planters in any context."

Jon Wiebe

Church Planter of CityLife Church in Abbotsford, BC, Canada

"As a Bivocational church planter, this course was exactly what I needed.  One of the biggest challenges I face on a weekly basis is time management.  I loved how practical Hugh Halter gets when talking about sermon development and managing time."

Bud Houston

Church Planter at The Edge Church in Dallas, TX

"An outstanding investment for the Bi-vocational planter. This course couldn’t be more at the heart of what I and other bi-vocational planters need to hear. It is packed with practical information that both prepares you and propels you into effective Kingdom work. As a bi-vocational planter, I must manage both my time and finances well. This course is a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends in your life, ministry, and ultimately the Kingdom. I highly suggest this course!"

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Bivocational Ministry is Nothing New

Ministry is demanding in and of itself. Then add on top of that another job in order to support your family and fund your ministry, and you have the life of a bivocational pastor.

This idea is nothing new though, since it goes all the way back to the Apostle Paul. As we continue to look toward the future of the church, who knows? Perhaps the idea of a full-time, paid pastor may become the exception rather than the norm.

However, it's important to remember that bivocational ministry is not about doing two things poorly. It's about intentionally connecting different aspects of life into one. It's about leveraging all of life into one calling.

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