Episode 562: Organizational Life Cycles, Part Two

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss creating an ideal team in order to thrive in a COVID/post-COVID world.

Episode 561: Current Cultural, Theological, and Missiological Issues, Part 1

Daniel and Ed discuss cultural, theological, and missiological issues that pastors need to be aware of.

Episode 560: Organizational Life Cycles

Daniel and Todd discuss thee philosophy and framework around life cycles.

Episode 559: Preaching on Church Planting

Daniel and Ed discuss an outline for a sermon series on church planting

Episode 558: The Well Curve

Daniel and Todd discuss what the well curve means for churches in the middle.

Episode 557: Metrics in 2021

Daniel and Ed discuss how to measure success post-COVID-19.

Episode 556: Priorities for the New Year

Daniel and Todd discuss suggested priorities for the new year.

Episode 555: Encouragement for 2021

Daniel and Ed share encouragement for pastors and church leaders as we move out of 2020 and into 2021.

Episode 554: A 2021 Vision for Multiplication

Daniel and Todd discuss how the church should multiply in the midst of a culture continuing to grapple with COVID.

Episode 553: How to Multiply Your Church in a COVID-19 Era

Daniel and Ed discuss church multiplication in a COVID-19 era.

Episode 552: Staffing Strategies During Economic Uncertainty

Daniel and Todd discuss strategies for staffing especially in light of this economic uncertainty.

Episode 551: How to Staff for a New Church Plant in a COVID-19 Era

Daniel and Ed continue to discuss how COVID-19 has affected church planting.

Episode 550: Planning for Christmas Eve with Shutdowns and Uncertainty

Daniel and Todd discuss planning for Christmas Eve in light of uncertainty.

Episode 549: What It Means to Be the Church in a COVID-19 Era, Part 2

Daniel and Ed continue to discuss church leadership during a pandemic.

Episode 548: Day-to-Day Decision Making in the Succession Process

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss succession planning and how to make decisions on a day-to-day basis during the transition.

Episode 547: What It Means to Be the Church in a COVID-19 Era, Part 1

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting and church leadership in the COVID-19 era.

Episode 546: Succession at Every Level

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss how succession impacts every level of leadership.

Episode 545: How to Create a Preaching Calendar

Daniel and Ed discuss planning out a one-year preaching calendar.

Episode 544: The Benefits of an Overlapping Transition

Daniel and Todd discuss intentionality in a transition process.

Episode 543: Thematic, Topical, and Expository Preaching

Daniel and Ed discuss how a preaching calendar can be helpful.

Episode 542: Current Strategy for a Young Church Plant

Daniel and Todd discuss how a young church plant can rebuild after COVID.

Episode 541: The Science vs. Art of Church Planting

Daniel and Ed discuss the difference in science and art in church planting.

Episode 540: Shepherding the Heart of Your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how we shepherd the heart of our church in light of all that is going on.

Episode 539: Addressing Politics in Preaching

Daniel and Ed discuss how to address politics in preaching.

Episode 538: Creating Equippers

Daniel and Todd discuss why it is important to be an equipper who develops equippers.

Episode 537: Brian Sanders on Micro Church Planting

Daniel introduces a conversation with Brian Sanders on micro church planting.

Episode 536: Raising Up Coaches

Daniel and Todd discuss raising up coaches through the leadership pipeline.

Episode 535: Knowing Your Leadership Limits

Daniel and Ed discuss what to do when you feel like you’ve reached the limit of your ability to lead.

Episode 534: Rebuilding Culture After COVID

Daniel and Todd discuss leadership pipeline and rebuilding church culture after COVID.

Episode 533: What Do You Do When You Don’t Have the Vision Anymore?

Daniel and Ed discuss the emotional state of what is going on and where people’s hearts are in light of the current situation.

Episode 532: Staffing for Planting a Church or Campus During COVID-19

Daniel and Todd discuss staffing a new church plant or a new church campus during COVID.

Episode 531: Preparing for Crisis

Daniel and Ed discuss how to be better prepared for the next crisis.

Episode 530: Should I Launch Fully Online?

Daniel and Todd discuss if it is better to launch online or in-person.

Episode 529: Leading During Difficult Political Times

Daniel and Ed continue their discussion on leading as pastors in the midst of these political times.

Episode 528: Challenges Multisite Churches Face During COVID

Daniel and Todd discuss the dilemma that many multisite churches are facing.

Episode 527: Politics and the Church

Daniel and Ed discuss how pastors can lead through the current political circumstances.

Episode 526:The Job of Discipleship

Daniel and Todd discuss the pastor’s job of discipleship.

Episode 525: Is COVID-19 Fundamentally Changing the Soil for the Church?

Daniel and Ed discuss the missiological implications of the potential aversion people would have to large group gatherings.

Episode 524: Scattering and Gathering the Church

Daniel and Todd discuss why scattering the church is as important as gathering the church.

Episode 523: Should I Plant a House Church?

Daniel and Ed discuss house church planting.

Episode 522: Digital Pastor vs. Digital Champion

Daniel and Todd discuss how to make the digital role more permanent.

Episode 521: I’m Planting a Church This Month

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting in current times and in general.

Episode 520: Digital and Physical Ministry

Daniel and Todd discuss how to meet as a church in person and digitally well.

Episode 519: Reopening vs. Relaunching

Daniel and Ed discuss if churches need a relaunching or a reopening mindset.

Episode 518: Leadership Pipeline and Core Competencies

Daniel and Todd discuss leadership pipeline and the core competencies for leaders.

Episode 517: Measuring Church Plant Success

Daniel and Ed discuss how and when to measure church plant success.

Episode 516: Hiring Practices During COVID-19

Daniel and Todd discuss unique dynamics around hiring during COVID-19.

Episode 515: Mandatory Masks for Worship?

Daniel and Ed discuss religious liberty and how that applies during this time.

Episode 514: Firing Someone You Don’t Want to Fire

Daniel and Todd discuss when you have to make the difficult decision to fire someone based on budget, not on performance.

Episode 513: Church Planting in Established Buildings

Daniel and Ed discuss planting a church in an established building.

Episode 512: Success Killers

Daniel and Todd discuss what causes success to be killed and what leaders need to avoid those success killers.

Episode 511: Racial Justice and Unity in the Church

Daniel and Ed discuss racial justice issues and unity in the church.

Episode 510: Books to Read on Change Management

Daniel and Todd discuss books you should be reading as a team.

Episode 509: How Evangelism Practices Have Changed During the Pandemic

Daniel and Ed discuss how evangelism has changed during the pandemic.

Episode 508: Change Management

Daniel and Todd discuss what we can learn about change management to include in our leadership development.

Episode 507: Fundraising and Planting a Church During a Pandemic

Daniel and Ed discuss how to be successful in fundraising and planting a church during this time.

Episode 506: Reopening a Multisite Church

Daniel and Todd discuss reopening a multisite church.

Episode 504: Does a Need Necessitate a Call?

Daniel and Todd discuss if feeling like the community is in need of a biblically-based church necessitates a call to plant a church.

Episode 503: How Church Planting Has Changed

Daniel and Ed discuss how their beliefs about church planting have changed.

Episode 502: Starting New Campuses During COVID

Daniel and Todd discuss starting new campuses during COVID.

Episode 501: Thriving in Leadership

Daniel and Ed discuss what thriving looks like and the importance of spiritual and emotional health.

Episode 500: Leading Ourselves During Crisis [Full Version]

Daniel, Ed, and Todd discuss how to best lead ourselves during this moment in time.

Episode 499: Pre-Launch and MultiSite Video Service Strategy

Daniel and Ed discuss how video services will be a part of pre-launch and multisite strategies in the future.

Episode 498: Assimilating Through Connection During Limitations

Daniel and Todd discuss how to assimilate new members to your church as you work to worship together through limited circumstances.

Episode 497: Rethinking Funding Multiplication and Church Plants

Daniel and Ed discuss new ways of funding church plants.

Episode 496: Redeploying Staff

Daniel and Todd discuss redeploying staff or high level leaders.

Episode 495: Navigating COVID-19 as a Church Plant

Daniel and Ed discuss navigating COVID-19 as a church plant.

Episode 494: Redeploying Your Volunteers

Daniel and Todd discuss redeploying vulnerable population volunteers into different volunteer roles.

Episode 493: Hopes for Church Planting

In Episode 493 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Ed discuss their hopes for the future of church planting. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: How the missional church movement is being influenced by COVID-19 Why waiting on the Lord is important during this time  Shareable Quotes (#NewChurches): “I think more churches are being planted […]

Episode 492: Roles in Churches After Reopening

Daniel and Todd discuss what roles will be in churches when we reopen and how to prepare for those.

Episode 491: Preparing for the Financial Impact of COVID-19

Daniel and Ed discuss preparing for the financial impact of COVID-19 in the short-term and mid-term.

Episode 490: Your Ministry Strategy for COVID-19 – Part 2

Daniel and Todd continue to discuss how to develop a future strategy.

Episode 489: Coronavirus and Church Plants

Daniel and Ed discuss how coronavirus is affecting church plants.

Episode 488: Your Ministry Strategy for COVID-19 – Part 1

Daniel and Todd discuss how to develop a future strategy.

Episode 487: When is the Best Time to Plant a Church?

Daniel and Ed discuss timing for church planting.

Episode 486: Introducing Church Membership

Daniel and Todd discuss how to introduce church membership as part of a church plant.

Episode 485: A Template for Coaching Leaders (with Bob Logan)

Daniel and Bob Logan discuss coaching leaders for ministry and for personal growth.

Episode 484: The Future of Multisite Churches

Daniel and Todd discuss what multisite churches will look like in the future.

Episode 483: Taking the Next Step with COVID-19 (with Bob Logan)

In Episode 483 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Bob Logan discuss best practices to help people take the next step. In This Episode, You’ll Discover: Why you need to make a personal contact to move people into ministries or groups How meeting online could affect taking next steps in the future  Shareable Quotes […]

Episode 482: Leading Through Change

Daniel and  Todd discuss what the next months of church look like in light of the current COVID-19 situation.

Episode 481: Crisis Leadership for Church Plants

Daniel and Bob Logan, author of The Church Planting Journey, discuss crisis leadership for church plants in the midst of COVID-19.

Episode 480: COVID-19 and the Future of Church Planting and Multisite (with Josh Gagnon)

Daniel and Josh Gagnon, lead pastor of Next Level Church, discuss what the future of multisite and church planting will look like post COVID-19.

Episode 479: How the Church Should Respond to the Coronavirus

Ed discusses how as a church we should respond to the coronavirus.

Episode 478: Launching a Downtown Campus

Daniel and Todd discuss launching a campus in downtown.

Episode 477: Vision Highjackers

Daniel and Ed discuss vision highjackers when you are recruiting a launch team.

Episode 476: When Coronavirus Interrupts Your Plans (with Josh Gagnon)

Daniel and Josh Gagnon, lead pastor of Next Level Church, discuss dealing with disappointment when your dreams are crushed by extreme situations.

Episode 475: Current Pitfalls, Landmines, and Blindspots in Church Planting

Daniel and Ed discuss current pitfalls, landmines, and blindspots in church planting.

Episode 474: Clarifying Decision Rights

Daniel and Todd discuss clarifying decision rights within a multisite context.

Episode 473: Discerning a Call

Daniel and Ed discuss the process of discerning a call to church planting.

Episode 472: The Most Common Lie Leaders Believe

Todd interviews Daniel on the most common lie leaders believe and what to do about it.

Episode 471: The Importance of Evangelism

Daniel and Ed discuss why there has been a decline of evangelism.

Episode 470: How the Gig Economy Changes the Way We Lead

Todd interviews Daniel on how the gig economy changes the way we lead.

Episode 469: The Future of Seminary Education

Daniel and Ed discuss the future of seminary education.

Episode 468: What Makes a Great Number Two Leader?

Daniel and Todd discuss what characters and abilities would make a great number two guy in a multisite campus.

Episode 467: Am I Called to Be a Church Planter?

Daniel and Ed discuss discerning a call for church planting.

Episode 466: How to Develop a Plan for Leadership in Your Church for 2020

Daniel and Todd discuss developing plans for leadership in your church.

Episode 465: Church Revitalization

Daniel and Ed discuss how to revitalize a small, older church.

Episode 464: Seven Lies People Face Today

Daniel and Todd discuss the top lies the average person is facing in their lives.

Episode 463: Discussing “You Are What You Do” by Daniel Im

Daniel and Ed discuss Daniel’s new book You Are What You Do.

Episode 462: The Future of Mergers

Daniel and Todd discuss mergers and what that looks like for the future of the church.

Episode 461: 5 Ways We Need to Invest in Church Planting, Part 2

Daniel and Ed continue to discuss five ways we need to invest in church planting.

Episode 460: Emotional Intelligence Resources

Daniel and Todd discuss resources for learning more about emotional intelligence.

Episode 459: 5 Ways We Need to Invest in Church Planting, Part 1

Daniel and Ed discuss five ways we need to invest in church planting.

Episode 458: Church Staffing Considerations

Daniel and Todd discuss what you need to consider about staffing whether you are launching a church plant or a campus.

Episode 457: Church Planting in 2020

Daniel and Ed discuss the 2014 church planting study and how it can affect how churches function in 2020.

Episode 456: How Do We Help Other Leaders Lead Well?

Daniel and Todd discuss how to raise better leaders.

Episode 455: The 70/20/10 Principle

Daniel and Ed discuss how the 70/20/10 principle can be applied to Sunday morning worship services.

Episode 454: The Difference in Multiplying and Reproducing

Daniel and Todd discuss what multiplication looks like.

Episode 453: Maintaining a Church Plant Feel

Daniel and Ed discuss how a church should approach keeping a new church plant feel.

Episode 452: I Want to Plant a Church. How Do I Tell My Pastor?

Daniel and Todd discuss how to approach a conversation with your lead pastor about your interest in church planting.

Episode 451: Planting a Church with a Small Launch Team (or None At All)

Daniel and Ed discuss what it looks like to launch small.

Episode 450: Multisite Directors

Daniel and Todd discuss the role of a multisite director.

Episode 449: Create a Culture of Sending

Daniel and Ed discuss creating a culture that values multiplication and sending.

Episode 448: Effective Ways to Approach Church Growth

Daniel and Todd discuss the most effective ways to grow a church.

Episode 447: Evangelism in a Post-Christian Era

Daniel and Ed discuss tips for evangelism in a post-Christian era.

Episode 446: What is the Best Leader to Team Member Ratio?

Daniel and Todd discuss leader to team member ratios.

Episode 445: Church Planting in Cities

Daniel and Ed discuss a city approach to church planting.

Episode 444: A Church Plant Asked to Become One of Our Campuses

Daniel and Todd discuss how to handle a church plant who is asking to become one of your campuses while also maintaining their autonomy.

Episode 443: Church Planting in Canada

Daniel and Ed discuss the future of church planting in Canada

Episode 442: Best Practices of Streaming

Daniel and Todd discuss the nuts and bolts of streaming and how you measure analytics around it.

Episode 441: Preparing for Preview Services

Daniel and Ed discuss tips for preparing for preview services.

Episode 440: Best Practices for Participating in a Christmas Parade

Daniel and Todd discuss how you can use a Christmas parade as a community outreach opportunity.

Episode 439: Should I Pursue Using a Declining Church’s Building?

Daniel and Ed discuss how a church planter should approach a declining church about a merger.

Episode 438: How Do We Go From Two Services to One and Keep Momentum?

Daniel and Todd discuss if it is possible to move from two services to one and not lose momentum.

Episode 437: When Do We Add a Third Service?

Daniel and Ed discuss moving from two to three services.

Episode 436: Tips for an Outside Candidate Interview

Daniel and Todd discuss discerning if an outside candidate is a fit for your culture.

Episode 435: Using Small Groups for Multiplication

Daniel and Ed discuss the relationship between small groups and multiplication.

Episode 434: Should We Add a Service or a Campus?

In Episode 434 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel and Todd discuss adding campuses instead of services. “Do you know of any larger churches, specifically multisite churches, that decided to move to one service instead of two in order to send people out to plant as a strategic growth plan to plant more churches?” In […]

Episode 433: When Should We Start Men’s and Women’s Ministries?

Daniel and Ed discuss men’s and women’s ministry within a church-planting context.

Episode 432: Factors to Consider When Choosing a Campus Location

Daniel and Todd discuss demographics, budgeting, and staffing considerations for choosing a campus location.

Episode 431: Leveraging Halloween for the Gospel

Daniel and Ed discuss how churches can best use Halloween to reach the lost with the gospel.

Episode 430: Finding Campus Pastors from Outside Your Leadership Pipeline

Daniel and Todd discuss what to do when you leadership pipeline is getting dry, but you still need more campus pastors to fulfill your vision.

Episode 429: Discerning the Lord’s Leading

Daniel and Ed discuss discerning your preferences from the Lord’s leading.

Episode 428: Planning for the Future

Daniel and Todd discuss how planning for the future requires prayer and more.

Episode 427: Collaborative Church Planting

Daniel and Ed, along with Neil Power and John James, discuss collaborative church planting and reaching your city.

Episode 426: Unleashing Change Agents in Your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how creating and communicating a clear vision lays the foundation for change agents in your church.

Episode 425: Transitioning from Traditional to Missional

Daniel and Ed discuss the challenges in transitioning a church from traditional to missional for a serial church planter.

Episode 424: Raising Up and Developing Leaders

Daniel and Todd discuss raising up apprentices and inviting them into your leadership pipeline.

Episode 423: Measuring Discipleship Growth

Daniel and Ed discuss how and why you should be measuring discipleship growth.

Episode 422: Principles of Collaboration

Daniel and Todd, along with Dennae Pierre, discuss reaching a city through collaboration.

Episode 421: Optimal Ratios for Personal Discipleship

Daniel and Ed discuss effective discipleship strategies.

Episode 420: A Dual Approach to Church Multiplication

Daniel and Todd along with Noel Heikkinen discusses what it looks like for a church to approach multiplication through both multisite and church planting.

Episode 419: How do I Pastor Different Political Opinions in the Same Church?

Daniel and Ed discuss pastoring different political opinions in the same church.

Episode 418: Leading Differently

Daniel and Todd along with Abe Cho discuss how to lead differently than the pastor who served before you.

Episode 417: What Should I Do Everyday as a New Church Planter?

Daniel and Ed discuss the day-to-day tasks of a new church planter.

Episode 416: How to Make Your Leadership Pipeline Relational

Daniel and Todd discuss how a leadership pipeline is inherently relational.

Episode 415: Planting a Biblically-Faithful Church

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting a biblically-faithful church.

Episode 414: Reaching Hispanics in Your Community

Daniel and Todd with Justin Burkholder discuss reaching Hispanics in your community.

Episode 413: Growing Small Groups and Overcoming Growth Barriers

Daniel and Ed discuss small group growth strategies and what to do when your facility is a growth barrier.

Episode 412: Increasing Evangelism in Your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how to consider your congregants concerns and increase evangelism in your church.

Episode 411: How Do I Attract and Engage New People?

Daniel and Ed discuss how to attract and retain new members to a church plant.

Episode 410: Pursuing Love Over Fear in a Polarized Culture

Daniel and Todd with Dan White Jr. discuss approaching mission in a polarized culture.

Episode 409: Growing Your Congregation Deeper

Daniel and Ed discuss how to grow your congregation deeper while also growing it wider.

Episode 408: Should a Livestream Service be a Separate Campus?

Daniel and Todd discuss what role online services should play in your multisite strategy.

Episode 407: Hiring Quality Staff

Daniel and Ed discuss best practices in hiring church staff.

Episode 406: Barriers to Creating a Leadership Pipeline

Daniel and Todd discuss the four altars that keep leaders from creating a leadership pipeline and how to overcome those barriers.

Episode 405: Preparing for a Relaunch

Daniel and Ed discuss the process of relaunching a church plant.

Episode 404: Top 5 Things to Have in Place Before Launching a Campus

Daniel and Todd discuss how launching a campus is different than launching a church plant.

Episode 403: What Does Pastoral Care Looks Like as a Church Grows?

Daniel and Ed discuss providing pastoral care as your church plant grows.

Episode 402: Small Donor Fundraising

Daniel and Todd talk to Chris Ridgeway about small donor fundraising as compared to traditional fundraising.

Episode 401: Top 5 Things to Have in Place Before Launching

Daniel and Ed discuss what you need to have in place before you launch a church.

Episode 400: The Best/Worst Thing About Being a Pastor with Ed Stetzer, Todd Adkins, and Daniel Im

Daniel, Ed, and Todd discuss the best/worst thing about being a pastor.

Episode 399: How Can We Emphasize Discipleship During the Pre-Launch Phase?

Daniel and Ed discuss how to emphasize discipleship during the pre-launch phase of a church plant.

Episode 398: Selecting a Multiplication Strategy

Daniel and Todd discuss how churches should decide their multiplication strategy.

Episode 397: Leadership Development for Multiplication

Daniel and Ed talk to Rob Ketterling about developing leaders as campus pastors, church planters, and missionaries.

Episode 396: Outgrowing Your Facility

Daniel and Todd talk to John Muzyka on the topic of outgrowing your facility.

Episode 395: What’s the Best Way to Multiply?

Daniel and Ed discuss the differences in multisite campuses and church plants.

Episode 394: Networks vs. Movements

Daniel and Todd discuss how networks and movements differ.

Episode 393: What Are Good Practices in Contacting First-Time Visitors?

Daniel and Ed discuss follow-up techniques for first-time church guests.

Episode 392: Is Corporate Worship the Best Entry Point Into a New Church?

Daniel and Todd discuss if corporate worship or a mid-size community is the best entry point into a new church.

Episode 391: The Temptations of a Permanent Location

Daniel and Ed discuss temptations that come along with moving into a permanent location.

Episode 390: What Are Some Cost-effective Advertising Practices?

Daniel and Todd discuss low cost and free advertising options for churches.

Episode 389: Children’s Ministry in Different Cultures

Daniel and Ed discuss starting a children’s ministry in different cultural contexts.

Episode 388: How Do I Start a Leadership Pipeline in My Church?

Daniel and Todd discuss the 7S framework and how to start a leadership pipeline.

Episode 387: What Does a Supportive Core Team Member Look Like?

Daniel and Ed discuss how a core group can support the lead pastor of a church plant.

Episode 386: What’s the Best Venue for My Church Plant?

Daniel and Todd discuss things to think about as you are looking for a venue for a church plant or campus.

Episode 385: How Can Couples Prepare for Church Planting?

Daniel and Ed discuss how church planting couples can set their marriage up for success.

Episode 384: What Finances Do I Need to Launch a Campus?

Daniel and Todd discuss how much financial support you need to launch a campus.

Episode 383: A Mega-Church is Moving In…Now What?!

Daniel and Ed discuss what to do when a mega church opens a multi-site near your small church plant.

Episode 382: Should You Use The Enneagram Assessment In Your Church?

Daniel and Todd discuss what role personality assessments can play within your church congregation, leadership, and staff.

Episode 381: How Do I Create a Prospectus?

Daniel and Ed discuss what should be included in a church planting prospectus.

Episode 380: How to Discern If You Are Called to Plant a Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how to discern if you are called to plant a church and the wrongs reasons to church plant.

Episode 379: Best Practices Around Raising Funds for a Future Church Plant

Daniel and Ed discuss how and when to raise funds for a future church plant.

Episode 378: Group Dynamics and Breaking the 200 Barrier

Daniel and Todd discuss the importance of group dynamics, community and auditorium feel, when wanting to break the 200 barrier.

Episode 377: Ways to Guard Yourself From Moral Failure

Daniel and Ed discuss good habits and strategies to safeguard oneself from moral failure.

Episode 376: Church Split to Church Plant

Daniel and Todd discuss what is needed to move from a church split to a healthy, gospel-centered church plant.

Episode 375: Should We Revitalize Old Churches or Plant New Churches?

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting and revitalization in the context of Finland, Europe.

Episode 374: Full-Time versus Part-Time Hires

Daniel and Todd discuss whether it is more beneficial to hire one-full time staff or multiple part-time staff hires.

Episode 373: Planting a Multi-Denominational Church

Daniel and Ed discuss ideas about incorporating more than one denomination in your church plant.

Episode 372: What Role Should My Second Hire Fill?

Daniel and Todd discuss what your second hire should be in a new church plant.

Episode 371: Rural Matters

Daniel and Ed do a live podcast recording at Exponential 2019 in Orlando. On this episode, Daniel and Ed discuss rural multi-site ideas.

Episode 370: How to Reach First Responders In Your Community

Daniel and Todd discuss ideas on how to love, serve, and reach the first responders in our communities.

Episode 369: Social Media and the Rise of Celebrity Pastors

Daniel and Ed do a live recording at Exponential 2019. On this episode, they discuss social media and the rise of celebrity pastors.

Episode 368: Growing Pains

Daniel and Todd discuss how to follow up with new guests well.

Episode 367: When Your Friends Want to Start a Church 40 Yards From Yours

What do you do when a church wants to open their doors 40 yards away from your church?

Episode 366: Best Practices for Church Plant Marketing

Daniel and Todd discuss the best practices for marketing your church plant.

Episode 365: How to Rest After the Launch

Daniel and Ed discuss ways to rest after the launch of a new church plant.

Episode 364: Guidelines for the Pastor’s Side Hustle

Daniel and Todd discuss how to navigate the situation of a pastor self-promoting a book, conference, or speaking engagement.

Episode 363: Creating a Culture of Evangelism in Your Church and in Your Daily Life

Daniel and Shaila Visser (national director of Alpha Canada) discuss how to create a culture of evangelism in your church and in your daily life.

Episode 362: We’ve Got Our Building…Now What?

Daniel and Todd  discuss the “what’s next” after a church plant secures their first permanent location.

Episode 361: Christians and Social Media

In Episode 361 of the NewChurches Q&A Podcast, Daniel interviews Ed about his latest book, Christians in the Age of Outrage.

Episode 360: The Mentality Around Change

Daniel and Todd discuss what should change, what should not change, and what should never change.

Episode 359: Discerning the Next Step in Your 30s and 40s

Daniel and Ed talk about discerning your next steps while you are in your 30s and 40s.

Episode 358: What Leaders Need to Learn

Daniel and Todd discuss how to motivate yourself as a leader and why learning is crucial to a leader’s effectiveness.

Episode 357: You Want to Gift Us Your Church Building?!

Daniel and Ed discuss the pros and cons of accepting the possible gift of a church building.

Episode 356: Does the Vision Stay When the Resources Lack?

Daniel and Todd discuss the pros and cons of merging with another church.

Episode 355: When Small Churches Partner Together

Daniel and Ed discuss the possible benefits of smaller churches partnering together in ministry and sharing of resources.

Episode 354: Location, Location, Location

Daniel and Todd discuss unlikely places to look when searching for a church venue space.

Episode 353: Church Planting in Closed Nations

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting in closed nations.

Episode 352: How to Multiply without Losing Friends

Daniel and Todd discuss how to multiply small groups while still mainting friendships and trust.

Episode 351: Reproducing Churches

Daniel and Ed discuss what it takes for a successful church to reproduce itself.

Episode 350: Choosing a Church Planting Venue in an Already Existing Church

Daniel and Todd discuss the pros and cons of planting a church in an already existing church venue.

Episode 349: Micro-Churches in North America

Daniel and Ed discuss the emergence of micro-churches in North America.

Episode 348: Reaching Your College-Aged Community

Daniel and Todd discuss how to reach the college-aged students in your community.

Episode 347: So You Want to Write a Book

Daniel and Ed discuss their writing processes and share tips about how to start writing a book.

Episode 346: How to Rest During Christmas

Daniel and Todd discuss how to rest during Christmas.

Episode 345: Planting an Internal Multisite

Daniel and Ed discuss how to plant another church within an already existing church.

Episode 344: Training Resources to Develop New Small Group Leaders

Daniel and Todd discuss what training resources you can use to help train new small group leaders.

Episode 343: Church Planting Movements versus Church Multiplication Movements

Daniel and Ed discuss the differences between church planting movements and church multiplication movements.

Episode 342: The Differences Between Preview and Practice Services

Daniel and Todd discuss the differences between prayer, preview, and practice services.

Episode 341: Residencies and Church Planting

Daniel and Ed answer the question about the benefits of doing a residency before church planting.

Episode 340: Are Church Apps Churches?

Daniel and Todd discuss the pros and cons of churches releasing apps and calling them churches

Episode 339: Moving from a Consumeristic to a Missionary Mindset

Daniel and Ed answer the question about how to help shepherd your congregation from a consumeristic to missionary mindset.

Episode 338: Discipleship Pathways and Leadership Pipelines

Learn how discipleship pathways and leadership pipelines are different, complementary, and can be used to develop leaders in your church.

Episode 337: The Importance of Children’s Ministry in Church Plants

Daniel and Ed answer the question about how much focus a new church should dedicate to their children’s ministry.

Episode 336: How to Exegete Your Community

Daniel and Todd answer the question about how to exegete your community.

Episode 335: Church Planting and Christians in the Age of Outrage

Daniel interviews Ed Stetzer about his new book, Christians in the Age of Outrage, in the context of church planting and new churches.  

Episode 334: How to Address the Non-Essential Issues in Your Church

Here’s how to address some of the non-essential church issues that could possibly cause some division in your church.

Episode 333: Can a Non “Type A Personality” Succeed in Church Planting?

Daniel and Ed discuss what type of personality is needed to be a successful church planter.

Episode 332: How to Handle MLMs in your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how to handle and deal with Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs) in the local church. 

Episode 331: When to Use a SWAT (Special, Willing, and Temporary) Team

Learn when a SWAT (special, willing, and temporary) Team should be used and how to ensure that their roles will be filled once they leave.

Episode 330: Systems, Processes and Structures in a Newer Church Plant

Daniel and Todd discuss the systems, processes, and structures of a Leadership Pipeline in the beginnings of a church plant.

Episode 329: When to Add an Additional Worship Service

Daniel and Ed discuss adding a second service and the pros and cons of different worship service times.

Episode 328: Church Planting Pipeline versus Multiplication

Daniel and Todd discuss how to determine whether your church plant goes multisite versus sending out an autonomous church plant.

Episode 327: Clarifying Your Vision and Mission

Daniel and Ed discuss how to continue to make the mission and vision clear to your congregation.

Episode 326: How to Know the Ratio of Leaders to Congregants

Daniel and Todd answer the question about how many leaders to congregants you need in a church of 200 and beyond.

Episode 325: What Items to Purchase when Starting your Church Plant

Daniel and Ed discuss the importance of making wise and practical purchases when starting your church plant.

Episode 324: The Aesthetic and Design of the Worship Space

Points to consider when designing the church’s worship space.

Episode 323: How to Start a Church Plant

Everything you need to know about church planting in twelve minutes.

Episode 322: Spending Time with the Leaders and the Lost

Daniel and Todd discuss ways to balance the time spent with the leaders of the church and also the unchurched.

Episode 321: What To Do The Monday After Your Preview Service

Daniel and Ed discuss what a church plant should do from their first preview service to official hard launch.

Episode 320: Consider These Points when Choosing Leaders for your Church Plant

Important factors to consider when wanting to place new people from other churches into leadership positions at your church plant.

Episode 319: Membership and Church Covenant for Church Plants

Daniel and Ed discuss when and how to introduce membership and a church covenant to your church plant.

Episode 318: Is Multisite a Thing of the Past?

Daniel and Todd discuss how multisite trends are changing.

Episode 317: Multi-Housing Ministry

Daniel and Ed discuss how to cast vision to the larger group gathering when the church’s primary means of gathering is home groups.

Episode 316: Naming Your Church Plant

Daniel and Todd discuss points to consider when choosing a name for your church plant.

Episode 315: Factors in Starting and Growing a Healthy Church Plant

Learn how to determine if your church plant will be successful and some key factors to keep in mind while planting.

Episode 314: Leadership Structure for Churches of 350-500

In this episode, Daniel and Todd discuss shifts in the leadership structure when reaching the 350-500 mark.

Episode 313: Leading a Small Church in a Global Context

Daniel and Ed discuss pastoring a small church in a global setting

Episode 312: Developing Your Launch Team Into Leaders

There’s a difference between leadership placement and leadership development

Episode 311: Advice for Aspiring Church Planters

Are you wired to be a church planter? Daniel and Ed give advice for aspiring church planters.

Episode 310: Elevating College Students

Daniel and Todd discuss opportunities churches have to develop college students and raise up leaders.

Episode 309: We Need Evangelistic Church Plants

Daniel and Ed discuss why evangelism should be the purpose of planting

Episode 308: Planting Where Healthy Churches are Scarce

How do you cast a vision to those have never experienced a healthy church?

Episode 307: Planting from the Diaspora

Daniel and Ed discuss church planting after living in the Diaspora.

Episode 306: Vision & Mission

What are the best ways or practices to implement your vision and actually see your mission achieved?

Episode 305: Multiplication at Every Level

There’s no way you can multiply your church without multiplying disciples.

Episode 304: Multisite vs Church Plants

Daniel and Todd discuss the pros and cons of going multisite versus starting new church plants.

Episode 303: Core Groups vs Launch Teams

The terminology, ‘core group’ and ‘launch team’ fundamentally mean something different.

Episode 302: Starting a Leadership Pipeline in Your Church

Daniel and Todd discuss how to start a leadership pipeline in your church plant.

Episode 301: Launching with Family Members

Daniel and Ed discuss the pros and cons of launching a church plant with family members.

Episode 300: A Glimpse Into the Lives of Ed Stetzer, Todd Adkins, and Daniel Im

Daniel, Ed, and Todd answer questions about their personal life, share some fears they have, and give helpful advice on ministry.

Episode 299: Who to Take With You in a New Church Plant

Daniel and Ed discuss launching a new church plant and assessing who to take with you.

Episode 298: Resourcing Your Core Team

Daniel and Todd discuss developing your core team in preparation for a launch.

Episode 297: The Church Growth Flywheel with Rich Birch

Daniel interviews author and church planter, Rich Birch, about multisite and church growth.  

Episode 296: Moving into a Permanent Facility

Daniel and Todd discuss moving into a permanent location and the benefits of two services.

Episode 295: Failed Church Plants

Daniel and Ed discuss church plant failures and processes to recover.

Episode 294: Interactive Church

Daniel and Todd discuss the pros and cons of interactive church.

Episode 293: Revitalizing vs Restarting a Dying Church

Daniel and Ed discuss the difference between revitalizing and restarting dying churches.

Episode 292: How Leadership Pipeline Relates to Multiplication

What does a leadership pipeline have to do with church multiplication? 

Episode 291: Collaborating with Established Churches

How do you get older churches to collaborate with your new church plant?

Episode 290: Advantages & Disadvantages to Planting in an Old Church

Never look a gift horse in the mouth…Unless it’s a church building, then you always should look.

Episode 289: Introducing Change to Your Church Plant

You can’t be with the ones you love, honey, love the one you’re with.

Episode 288: Worship Music

Musicians are servants that help to enhance people’s worship to the Lord.

Episode 287: Rural Church Planting

What does it look like to plant in a smaller community? 

Episode 286: Tools & Resources We’ve Been Using

Daniel and Todd discuss different tools and resources that they have been using lately. 

Episode 285: How to Help Your Spouse Be Prepared for Planting

How can I help my wife be prepared for church planting?

Episode 284: What We’ve Been Reading & Listening To

Daniel and Todd talk about inspiring books and podcasts they are listening to.

Episode 283: Parachute Planting

Daniel and Ed discuss ministering to the saints while you’re in the early stages of planting your church.

Episode 282: Overcoming the Barrier of Fear

Daniel and Todd discuss when to plant your first church and some of the barriers to multiplication.

Episode 281: Your First Offering

Should you give away your first offering? 

Episode 280: Your Call & God’s Timing

Where should you plant your church? 

Episode 279: Training a Launch Team

Daniel and Ed discuss developing a launch team for a missional attractional church.

Episode 278: One-On-One Meetings

Time is a person’s most valuable resource, so don’t waste it.

Episode 277: Dynamics of Growing Your Church

At what point do you go from meeting in your living room to opening up your church to the public? 

Episode 276: Moving from Addition to Multiplication

Daniel and Todd discuss how to curate a leadership pipeline with limited people and resources.

Episode 275: Leadership vs Discipleship

Discipleship is a long obedience in the same direction.

Episode 274: Maintaining Momentum as a Satellite Campus

Daniel and Todd discuss navigating how to transition from a broadcast campus to a satellite campus and vice versa

Episode 273: Convert Growth & Developing Self-Feeders

Daniel and Ed discuss convert growth and developing a deep and abiding passion for evangelism in your church community.

Episode 272: Shared Services

Daniel and Todd discuss shared spaces for multisite churches.

Episode 271: Merging with a Dying Church

Church mergers are not a good thing or a bad thing, they are a different thing.

Episode 270: Dynamics of Starting a Fourth Site

When starting your fourth campus, your strategy may change, but your vision and values should stay the same. 

Episode 269: Starting a New Church After a Split

If you got pushed out of your last church, and you decided to start another church in the same community, that’s not church planting. That’s a church split.  

Episode 268: Maturing on Mission

Discipleship is all about development as you go.

Episode 267: Engaging in Important Moral Issues

How should you respond to important moral issues happening in culture? 

Episode 266: Full-time vs. Part-time Bivocational

Daniel and Todd debate whether going full-time or part-time bivocational is more beneficial to your church.

Episode 265: Missional Discipleship

In a world that is balkanizing, what does it look like to have a universal mission? 

Episode 264: Contextualizing in an Urban Setting

Contextualization begins with understanding the culture and desperately wanting to reach it with the gospel. 

Episode 263: Bivocational Church Planting

What should your focus be when starting off as a bivocational church planter?

Episode 262: Changing the Dialogue About Bivocational Ministry

Bivocational ministry is not about doing two things poorly. It’s about leveraging all your life into one calling.

Episode 261: Positively Engaging a Community

You can’t really engage a community well unless you deeply love a community and its people.

Episode 260: Small Group Leader Reproduction and Development

The more ownership that exists within campuses, the more effectiveness, drive, and passion you will see emerge.

Episode 259: Building an Online Platform

Daniel and Ed discuss responsibly and effectively using online platforms as a pastor.

Episode 258: Reproducing Shepherds

How do you raise up leaders to bear the load of shepherding in a plant?

Episode 257: Financial Support Options for Church Plants

What are the best financial support options for funding a new church plant?

Episode 256: Direction vs Destination

Every church needs a pipeline and every person needs a pathway.

Episode 255: Tim Keller on The Vanishing Neighbor & Polarization

In cities today, people are dividing more often than uniting and coming together.

Episode 254: Relocating to a Different Venue

Daniel and Todd discuss the best venues for portable churches to experience optimal growth. 

Episode 253: Gentrification & Metropolitanization

In this episode, Tim Keller’s talks about the urban city trends of gentrification & metropolitanization.

Episode 252: Developing a Culture of Service

How do you help drive mission into the DNA of your church?

Episode 251: Reurbanization

Reurbanization calls for an increase of church plants within cities.

Episode 250: Funding Multisite

What does it cost to go multisite? 

Episode 249: When to Start Planting Again

You don’t want to lose the forward momentum of church planting.

Episode 248: Hard Talk in Bivocational Ministry

Hardships are necessary for God to teach you how to live like Him.

Episode 247: Why Bivocational Ministry?

Scott McConnell shares some facts about bivocational ministry and the implications it has on the future of church planting. 

Episode 246: Obstacles and Roadblocks of Replanting

Sometimes you have to let a church die and let something new be birthed.

Episode 245: Time Management for Bivocational Pastors

In this excerpt, Hugh Halter shares some practical life lessons and strategies for managing time when juggling work, church, and family. 

Episode 244: Moving to a New City

How do you make friends when you’re the new kid on the block? 

Episode 243: Finding the Right Venue

What are the best venue options for new church plants? 

Episode 242: Engaging with Visitors and Follow-Up

How do you make visitors feel welcome and like they belong?

Episode 241: Problematic Volunteers

Daniel and Todd discuss the, sometimes painful, task of navigating problematic volunteers. 

Episode 240: Missional Community Through Small Groups

Why do weekly worship services matter?

Episode 239: Metrics for Recruiting Volunteers

Daniel and Todd discuss developing intentional metrics, recruitment, and becoming a multiplying church.

Episode 238: Sermon Preparation

Daniel and Ed discuss message preparation, delivery, and evaluation

Episode 237: Developing a Core Team

People make time for what matters to them.  

Episode 236: Rural Church Planting

What does church growth and breaking barriers look like in a rural context?

Episode 235: Benefits of Being Portable

Why should your next multisite campus be portable?

Episode 234: Rental Fatigue

Life is full of surprises…and so is church planting. 

Episode 233: Planting a Portable Campus

How do you find the best location for a portable church?

Episode 232: Planting with a Multigenerational Approach

How do you encourage age diversity in your new campus? 

Episode 231: Reproducing Services

What systems need to be in place in order to reproduce 5-6 services at one site?

Episode 230: Community Outreach

Is door-to-door and street park evangelism more effective than relational evangelism? 

Episode 229: Campus Relocation

How do you get church members on board with relocating your campus?

Episode 228: What to Look for in a Facility

What kinds of things should you look for in a facility? 

Episode 227: Getting Churches to Partner Financially

You have people, leaders, and a vision. What about finances? 

Episode 226: Building a Lifespan Into a Church

Should church plants have expiration dates? 

Episode 225: Reaching Students as a Church Plant

Learn how to reach Generation Z as a church plant.

Episode 224: Monthly Preview Services

What’s an optimal schedule for preview services? 

Episode 223: Scalability

Scalable structure, scalable systems, and scalable ministry processes.

Episode 222: Ordination & Denominational Traditions

Can you plant a church without being ordained?

Episode 221: Same Church, Different Gatherings

Should you have separate gathering spaces to reach your community in different ways?

Episode 220: Mother-Daughter Church Plants

What does a healthy relationship between a mother-daughter church plant look like?

Episode 219: Passion, Skill, Wisdom

When should you plant a church after seminary? 

Episode 218: Church Revitalization

Learn how to introduce change to your church.

Episode 217: Am I too old to Plant a Church? 

How old is too old to be a church planter? 

Episode 216: Church Planting Assessments

How important are church planting assessments?

Episode 215: Leadership Pipeline (5LQ Special)

Why should you develop a leadership pipeline in your church? 

Episode 214: Person of Peace

How do you become a leader in your community and get people connected?

Episode 213: Spiritual Covering

Why does spiritual accountability matter for a church planter? 

Episode 212: Reaching the Unchurched

What does it look like to plant a church in a non-Christian society?

Episode 211: Leadership Pipeline & Discipleship Pathway

What is the connection between a Leadership Pipeline and a Discipleship Pathway?

Episode 210: Preventing Burnout for Volunteers

How do you prevent burnout for volunteers?

Episode 209: Small Group Training

How often should you meet to train your small group leaders? 

Episode 208: When to Plant Another Church

How do you know when it is time to plant another church? 

Episode 207: Parking, Structure, & Service Times

How do you work through obstacles such as parking and the flow of service when planting a new church? 

Episode 206: Communion

Should communion be open or closed? 

Episode 205: Church Planting in Australia

What can we learn from the Australian church planting scene? 

Episode 204: Long Distance Discipleship

How do you disciple your team from a distance?

Episode 203: Future Themes of Church Planting

What are some future themes to expect in church planting? 

Episode 202: The First 100 Days

What should your focus be in the first 100 days of your new church plant?

Episode 201: Small Groups that Multiply

How do you encourage multiplication amongst your small groups? 

Episode 200: The Future of Church Planting & Multisite

What’s next in church planting and multisite?

Episode 199: Revitalizing Dying Churches

Beauty from ashes–What would it look like if dying churches came together and became one church?

Episode 198: Planting with a Focus

How do you plant with a focus while avoiding exclusivity? 

Episode 197: Unity in Multisite Campuses

How do you cultivate unity as a church when you have multiple campuses?

Episode 196: Deciding Governance

Should deciding church governance be a solo or team effort?

Episode 195: Starting a Midweek Bible Study

You want to start midweek Bible Studies but don’t have enough teachers to teach. What then?

Episode 194: Second Chair Leadership

What makes a good Second Chair Leader? 

Episode 193: Contextualizing Multisite Campuses

What would it look like if every campus and church plant you start has a Kingdom-first mindset? 

Episode 192: Outreach Ideas for Children

What are some creative ways to evangelize to children?

Episode 191: Protecting Church Members from Burnout

How do you protect your church members from getting burnt out?

Episode 190: Relaunching an Existing Church

Is relaunching an existing church plant a good idea?

Episode 189: Leadership & Multiethnic Ministry

How do you keep your congregation unified when there is a language barrier?

Episode 188: Co-Planting

Is two better than one when it comes to church planters?

Episode 187: Finding a Location

What should you look for in a permanent location?

Episode 186: Unhealthy Churches

What defines an unhealthy church and how do you know when it’s time to leave?

Episode 185: Training Your Core Team

How should you train your core team?

Episode 184: Nuts and Bolts of Core Team Training

Pastor Ronnie Parrott dives into the nuts and bolts of core team training.

Episode 183: Membership & Mission

How does membership and mission relate to a core team?

Episode 182: Filter, Prep, Pray

Ronnie Parrott continues his talk on recruiting a launch team.

Episode 181: Recruiting a Launch Team

How do you recruit a solid launch team?

Episode 180: Succession (5LQ Special)

In this 5LQ Special, we talk with Mark Jobe about Succession, Leadership, and Vision.

Episode 179: Challenges of Adding a Location

Daniel and Todd talk about leadership challenges when launching a new location.

Episode 178: Filling the Role of the Campus Pastor

Learn about different tools to utilize when looking for a potential campus pastor.

Episode 177: Getting Organized

Organization is not your strong suit. Do you hire an Administrative Assistant?

Episode 176: Planting Churches in Resistant Areas

What methods and models should a church planter use when planting in a more resistant area?

Episode 175: Timeline, Takeovers, Team

What timeline and tasks should you follow when launching a new campus from a previously existing church?

Episode 174: Scaling a Mega Church Leadership Model

Learn how to transfer leadership development from a mega church model to a new church plant.

Episode 173: Starting a College Church Plant

How do you go about starting a church plant in a college area?

Episode 172: Evaluating Your Church’s Outreach

What ways can you measure the impact your church is making?

Episode 171: Small Churches Going Multisite

At what point should a small church consider becoming a multisite campus?

Episode 170: Raising Funds Post Launch

Your church has already launched, but you’re still in need of funds. What now?

Episode 169: Campus Pastor Competencies

Learn what competencies campus pastors need to be successful in their role.

Episode 168: Leaving Their Church To Come To Yours?

Someone is wanting to leave their church and join your church plant. What now?

Episode 167: The Senior Leader and Church Multiplication

How does the role of a leader evolve as a church grows?

Episode 166: Maintaining Momentum After Launching

What do you do when the excitement of launch Sunday is done?

Episode 165: Language Barriers in Multiethnic Ministry

Minister to every tribe and tongue by overcoming language barriers.

Episode 164: Prayer and Vision Meetings

Faithfully integrate prayer into the lifeblood of your new church.

Episode 163: The Sunday Leadership of the Campus Pastor

A campus pastor isn’t just an emcee. Learn best practices to maximize his position.

Episode 162: Relationship with “the Mothership”

Your sending church is a vital relationship. Here’s how to honor it without overstaying your welcome before launch.

Episode 161: Launching a First Satellite Campus

Hear what you should consider before launching your first satellite campus.

Episode 160: Organizing Your Church Plant’s Legal Framework

Learn what you have to do to get off the ground legally as a new church.

Episode 159: Sending a Launch Team from an Established Church

There’s enormous benefit to sending an established team out of a local church.

Episode 158: Starting Small Groups in Your Church Plant

Small groups are a crucial part of church life. But when should you start them?

Episode 157: Payroll, Budgeting and Financial “Rezourzes”

Finances are a significant part of church planting. Discover tools to maximize your time and your resources.

Episode 156: Church Podcasting Best Practices

Leverage podcasting for your church for maximum impact.

Episode 155: Staying “One Church in Multiple Locations”

What keeps a multisite campus a part of the broader church community culture?

Episode 154: Upcoming Trends in Church Planting

Hear our forecast for the incoming church planting weather system.

Episode 153: Developing the Campus Pastor Position

The Campus Pastor is a rapidly growing role in the local church. Here’s what Campus Pastoring is all about.

Episode 152: Writing a Church Plant Master Plan

Draft a master plan for your church plant to craft vision for the long haul.

Episode 151: Chris Phillips Talks About His Church Planting Journey

Discerning the call to plant can be difficult. Hear one pastor’s journey.

Episode 150: Building a Launch Team While Bivocational

Consider these factors when recruiting a core team while working bivocationally.

Episode 149: Planning Your Preaching in Planting

The first year of church planting is crucial. What should you be preaching about?

Episode 148: Inhibitors to DNA Clarity in Multisite Churches

Disseminate DNA across all campuses to enhance the unity of your church.

Episode 147: Communicating Effectively in Campus Ministry

Cultivate communication best practices that honor God.

Episode 146: Cultivating the Inner Life in Ministry

Hear from Michael Kelsey on the inner cultivation of a pastor.

Episode 145: Best Practices for Campus Pastors

Learn what sets apart the best campus pastors in the multisite world.

Episode 144: Discerning the Call to Campus Pastor

Do you think you may feel a calling to campus pastor? We’re here to help.

Episode 143: Rural Church Planting and Multisite Trends

Looking to go multisite in a rural context? We’re here to help.

Episode 142: How Old is Too Old to Plant a Church?

Is there a cap on how old someone can be to plant their first church?

Episode 141: Planting a Monocultural Church

Is there a right time and place to plant a monocultural church?

Episode 140: Qualities of a Campus Pastor

Identify the right campus pastor when expanding your church.

Episode 138: Balancing Development and Pastoral Care

How should a planter balance between his role as a pastor and as a developer?

Episode 137: Raising Funds for an Organic Church Plant

Raising the funds you need for the type of church you have.

Episode 136: Cell Groups and Church Multiplication

Utilize small groups to multiply disciples in your church.

Episode 135: Are Early Church Leadership Structures for Today?

How should we apply the Ephesians 4 “APEST” model in our churches today?

Episode 134: Buying or Building Leaders

Should you hire someone from outside your church or raise up a leader for a position?

Episode 133: Planting with Multiple Class Differences

Learn how your church can be a unifying force in the struggle between classes.

Episode 132: When it’s Time to Remove a Leader

Learn how to handle the difficulties of needing to remove someone from leadership.

Episode 131: Staffing the Right People in the Right Positions

Hire the right person(s) the first time. We can help you learn how.

Episode 130: Building Vibrant Guest Service Teams

No one person shoulders the entire burden alone.

Episode 129: Pastoring the Difficult Guest Services Dilemmas

Worship differences aren’t worship deficiencies.

Episode 128: The Church Culture Killer You Need

You have to confront the “we’re friendly” myth.

Episode 127: Giftings-Based Service in the Local Church

Your gifts are not meant to build you up.

Episode 126: Creating a Gospel-Centered Hospitality Culture

Guest Services have to be the front door to the gospel.

Episode 125: Getting People to Give to the Vision

Learn how to raise money through inspiration instead of guilt.

Episode 124: Effective Children’s Ministry in Church Planting

Doing Children’s Ministry on a shoestring budget? We’re here to help.

Episode 123: Planting in a Bilingual Context

Do bilingual ministry in a multi-ethnic context.

Episode 122: How to Pastor the Pastors

Discover the best ways to develop and do life alongside your lead team.

Episode 121: Working Alongside Established Churches

Inspire others toward the work of church multiplication.

Episode 120: Power Dynamics in Multi-Ethnic Churches

Are necessary leadership competencies universal regardless of ethnicity?

Episode 119: Best Practices in Bivocational Ministry

The kind of jobs church planters generally go to are the kind of jobs they don’t need.

Episode 118: Resources for Church Planters

Get equipped with the best church planting resources from outside of the church planting world.

Episode 117: Setup Teams and Portable Church

Reduce burnout among volunteers in portable church.

Episode 116: The Spiritual Health and Growth of the Church Planter

Discover why your spiritual health may be one of the most important factors in the lifeblood of your church.

Episode 115: Mapping and Engaging a City Context

Uncover and become intimately familiar with the heartbeat of your city.

Episode 114: Churches and Midweek Programs

Midweek services and programs can be great. But can there be too much of a good thing?

Episode 113: Cultivating an Ethnically Diverse Church

Learn how to build a multi-ethnic church from day one.

Episode 112: After School Programs and The Church

Is there value in a church plant getting involved in after school programs for children?

Episode 111: Church Response to Natural Disaster

We should be known as those who rushed to the aid, not who were too busy to care.

Episode 110: Developing the Volunteers in Your Church

Your best volunteers are likely sitting in your church on Sundays.

Episode 109: Responding to the Cultural Challenges of Our Day

Feel what it’s like to be a part of the minority culture.

Episode 108: Developing Rapport With New Media

Learn how to leverage social media for the sake of the gospel.

Episode 107: How to Break Through the 35 Growth Barrier

Stuck in your church’s growth? Ed and Daniel discuss what may be holding you back.

Episode 106: Multisite Churches Within Denominations

Todd and Daniel talk about managing a multisite church under the umbrella of a larger denomination or network.

Episode 105: Hiring Right For the First Time

Ed and Daniel talk about staffing for growing churches looking to make their first hiring decision.

Episode 104: Should a Church Plant Switch to Saturday Services?

Are Sunday services a must? Find out what Todd and Daniel have to say.

Episode 103: Developing a Multigenerational Church

Learn how to build a church that reaches every generation for Christ.

Episode 102: Maximizing Community Events and Engagement

Learn what it takes to do community events and engagement well.

Episode 101: Developing a Multiplication Culture in Your Church

Cultivate a culture of multiplication in your church utilizing these principles.

Episode 100: Social Gatherings for Church Engagement with the Community

Ed, Daniel, and Todd answer your 100th podcast question.

Episode 99: How Far You Should Plant Away From Your Mother Church

Ed and Daniel talk vision for multiplication out of mother churches.

Episode 98: Hiring Your First Staff Position

Todd and Daniel talk through how to decide who to hire for your first employee.

Episode 97: Dealing with Discouragement in Church Planting

Ed and Daniel talk about discouragement in planting a church.

Episode 96: Leadership Models in Multisite Churches

Learn the leadership details you need to make multisite church work.

Episode 95: Best Practices for Church Plant Fundraising

Fundraising can be one of the toughest parts about planting a church. Hear from Ed and Daniel on how to do it right.

Episode 94: Choosing Between Saturday and Sunday Night Services

Learn how to make your evening services the best they can be.

Episode 93: The 5 Myths of the Missional Church

JR Woodward talks about what the Missional Church is and is not.

Episode 92: Bivocational Ministry

Get right perspective on bivocational ministry with theologian and church planter David Fitch.

Episode 91: Money and Mission

Hear today from Pastor Aaron Graham on funding the mission.

Episode 90: A Multi Congregational Approach to Reaching a City

Hear from multiplication expert Jon Tyson on reaching your city.

Episode 89: Don’t Just Plant a Church, Start a Movement

Hear from missiologist Alan Hirsch on starting church planting movements.

Episode 88: Choosing the Right Education for Church Planting

Combine a quality biblical education with practical experience.

Episode 87: Planting and Evangelizing with Other Religions in Mind

Hear from Ed and Daniel as they talk about reaching people of other faiths.

Episode 86: Critical Mass and Launching a New Campus

So you’re at critical mass in your services? Here are some things to consider before launching a new campus.

Episode 85: Gaining Commitment in Your Core Team

Strengthen your core team with clear and compelling vision.

Episode 84: The Skill Every Church Planter Must Have

Not an expert at everything in your church? You’re probably not alone.

Episode 83: Doctrinal Demarcations in Church Planting

We all possess beliefs. What are the necessary beliefs to share when starting a church?

Episode 82: Discipleship for New Believers

Discover how to disciple new believers God’s way.

Episode 81: Developing and Being Developed

Maximize your effectiveness by spending your time on the right things.

Episode 80: Creating Clear Next Steps for Guests

Don’t let people fall through the cracks. Learn best practices in retaining first time guests.

Episode 79: Developing a Culture of Generosity in Your Church

Uncover the best practices in talking about financial stewardship and developing a generous culture.

Episode 78: Releasing Responsibility for High Capacity Development

Learn why releasing responsibility develops your leaders and how to do it well.

Episode 77: Engaging the Millennial Generation

Learn what is important and maybe what’s not so important in reaching the millennial generation.

Episode 76: Finding the Right Sized Launch Team

Consider these factors when setting goals for building your launch team.

Episode 75: Leading Your Church Plant on the Road To Multiplication

How to transition your church from a church plant to a multiplying church.

Episode 74: Portable or Permanent? That is the Question

Best practices on choosing between a portable or permanent location.

Episode 73: Is it Necessary to Have Service on Sundays?

Are you thinking of holding an alternative service time? Consider these important factors before deciding.

Episode 72: Creating Relationships with Other Churches in Your City

Develop great relationships with churches already in the city you’re planting in.

Episode 71: Avoiding Distraction and Burnout

Keeping the main thing in front of you and not fizzing out in the process.

Episode 70: Autonomy and Centralization Issues for Multisite Churches

Decision rights, celebrating the right thing, and how campuses can become autonomous.

Episode 69: Leaving Your Current Church with Blessing

Learn the in’s and out’s of leaving your existing church in a healthy fashion.

Episode 68: Marriage and The Weight of Leadership

Learn more about marriage, pastoral leadership, and certain issues that might come up along the way.

Episode 67: Choosing the Right Place and Time to Plant a Church

Learn how to choose the right time and context for your church plant.

Episode 66: Productivity Hacks for Leadership and Ministry

Learn tips, tools, and personal hacks for leadership, social media, and ministry.

Episode 65: Self-Sufficiency, Survivability, and Financial Expectations

Learn more about self-sufficiency, survivability, and the financial expectations for a new church.

Episode 64: Debt, Finances, and Pastoral Leadership

What are the implications of having debt and planting a church? Learn about the nuts and bolts.

Episode 63: Does the House Church Model Work in the West?

Learn about the missiological implications of house churches, simple churches, and organic churches.

Episode 62: Dumping, Delegating, or Developing

Moving from warm bodies to weekly volunteers for the launch of your church. Learn about leadership development.

Episode 61: Revitalization vs Planting vs Multisite

Are you a revitalizer, a planter, or a campus pastor? Learn about the differences.

Episode 60: Multisite, Multiplication, and Rural Implications

Vision, finances, direction, leadership, and other elements that are important for a multisite strategy.

Episode 59: Preaching Tips, Series Ideas, and Launch Day

Learn more about preaching, using sermon series’, and what’s unique about preaching on your launch day.

Episode 58: Preaching, Campuses, and The Pastor’s Presence

Preaching pastors, teaching pastors, campus pastors, senior pastors, and presence.

Episode 57: The Issue with Conflict

What happens when you don’t deal with conflict head on? What if you let it fester on your team?

Episode 56: Where Should You Plant?

Distance, direction, proximity, and more. Learn a rubric to help you determine where you should plant.

Episode 55: Unconventional Service Times

What happens when people don’t want to give up their Sunday mornings? Learn how to reach them with your church.

Episode 54: Ed Stetzer and Critical Knowledge

Learn about The 5 Things Every Church Planter Needs to Know from Ed Stetzer.

Episode 53: Ed Stetzer and 30 Years of Planting

Learn about The Secrets I’ve Learning From 30 Years of Church Planting from Ed Stetzer.

Episode 52: Derwin Gray and Multi-Ethnic Planting

Learn about Planting and Leading a Multi-Ethnic Church from Derwin Gray, who is the Founding and Lead Pastor of Transformation Church.

Episode 51: Shawn Lovejoy and Core Groups

Learn about Developing Your Core Group from Shawn Lovejoy, who is the Directional Leader of CourageToLead.com.

Episode 50: Jeff Vanderstelt and Missional Living

Learn about Missional Living as a Church Planter from Jeff Vanderstelt from Soma, who is now the Lead Teaching Pastor at Doxa Church.

Episode 49: Marketplace Jobs and Bivocational Ministry

Learn about the subtle dynamics, the advantages, and the disadvantages to bivocational church planting.

Episode 48: Partnerships, City Impact, and the Core

Building relationships, developing a core, and launching to impact your city.

Episode 47: Parachute Church Planting

Avoiding pitfalls, increasing survivability, and moving to another city to plant.

Episode 46: Home Groups, Community, and Campuses

How do you structure home groups and community life for your church? What about for multisite churches?

Episode 45: Raising Funds For Your Church

Raising funds, launching well, and growing your church to sustainability with outside money.

Episode 44: Targeting Specific Groups for Planting

How do you reach out to specific target groups? Who is God calling you to specifically minister to?

Episode 43: Leaders, Development, and Networks

Raising up leaders, creating and starting a network, and leveraging technology to train your leaders.

Episode 42: Should You Start a Second Service?

What’s the minimum viable product threshold for starting a second service? Learn about the process and what to do with your volunteers.

Episode 41: Recruiting Leaders and Motivating Them

What are the ways to grow the commitment and motivation level on your core team?

Episode 40: Does Formal Ministry Experience Matter?

Learn about the way competencies, ministry experience, and leadership development affects church planting.

Episode 39: What Prevents Multiplication?

What are the factors that prevent multiplication? Fear, failure, scarcity, relationships, bad math, and a lack of vision.

Episode 38: Best Practices for Children’s Ministry

Learn best practices for children’s ministry, how to choose the right curriculum, and the levels of biblical learning for children.

Episode 37: Transitioning in Ministry

Learn about the obstacles and benefits of transitioning from student ministry into church planting.

Episode 36: Best Practices for Video Teaching

Learn strategies and techniques for video teaching, stage setup, and broadcasting for your church.

Episode 35: Reverse Engineering Your Launch

Reverse engineering your launch process, strategies for roll-out, and developing your leaders.

Episode 34: Determining the Right Metrics for Success

What does success looks like for church plants and multisite churches? Learn about scorecards, accountability, and metrics for your church.

Episode 33: Relocating for Church Planting and Ministry

Is relocation necessary for church planting? Why do so many people do it?

Episode 32: Alternatives to Small Groups

Learn the dynamics of leading change and how to get to the root of an issue in small groups.

Episode 31: Keys To Training Leaders and Church Planters

Methods, models, markers, and milestones. Learn different ways to train your leaders and future church planters.

Episode 30: Daughter Churches, Governance, and Decisions

Learn about the nuts and bolts related to planting a daughter church or campus.

Episode 29: Preparing to Plant a Church

Are you considering planting a church? Learn what you can do now to get started.

Episode 28: Portable Location or Permanent Facility?

Renting, leasing, or owning. How does this affect your church plant or campus?

Episode 27: Making an Impact on your Community

Learn how to build relationships, develop your reputation, and increase your impact on your community.

Episode 26: Ways to Create a Culture of Team

Should you use competition to develop your team? Or is there a better way to increase productivity and teamwork?

Episode 25: Developing a Leadership Team

Volunteers, part-time, or full-time staff? What does the ideal leadership team look like in a church plant?

Episode 24: Central Services and Budgeting Tips

What does a multisite church budget look like? How do central services come into play?

Episode 23: How to Break Through the 125 Growth Barrier

What do you need to know and how should you allocate your time to break through the 125 barrier?

Episode 22: How to Sustain and Thrive in Ministry over the Long Haul

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Learn tools and ideas to develop a rhythm and rule of life for your ministry.

Episode 21: The Nuts and Bolts of Small Groups

Learn how to structure your small groups and ensure that mission isn’t relegated to an afterthought.

Episode 20: Missional Living, Models, and Discipleship

Learn how to better integrate mission into the everyday rhythms of your church.

Episode 19: Emotionally and Spiritually Healthy Church Planters

Learn tips and tricks to stay emotionally and spiritually healthy as a church planter and pastor.

Episode 18: Celebrity Pastors, Video Preaching, and Leadership Development

Video venue campuses need to have a solid leadership development process.

Episode 17: The Future of Bivocational Church Planting

What’s on the horizon for bivocational church planting?

Episode 16: Engaging Multiple Cultures

Learn about different strategies, methods, and ideas to engage the multiple cultures in your city.

Episode 15: The Worst Time to Plant a Church

Is there ever a bad time to plant a new church?

Episode 14: Small Town vs Big City Church Planting and Multisite

What’s unique about church planting and multisite in smaller towns?

Episode 13: Becoming a Multiplying Church

Are you going to be strategic or opportunistic in multiplying your church?

Episode 12: Increasing Your Public Presence

Learn some surefire ways to increase the public presence of your church.

Episode 11: Growth Barriers in Church Planting

Learn how to breakthrough the 35, 75, 125, and 200 barriers in church planting.

Episode 10: Contextualization for Church Multiplication

Where should you plant or start a campus? Learn insights about contextualization and leadership.

Episode 9: Bivocational and Missional Church Planting

Learn about bivocational ministry, reaching the lost, and sustainability.

Episode 8: Being Banished to the Kids Table

Learn how words build worlds. Language matters for your vision and your church.

Episode 7: Launch Teams and Vision Hijackers

Learn about the nuts and bolts of launch teams, as well as the importance of vision, and the danger of vision hijackers.

Episode 6: Dealing with the Mothership

Learn about the common issues that arise in multisite churches.

Episode 5: Growing From The Outside In

What methods or events do you find most effective for evangelism in a post-Christian context?

Episode 4: Your Church’s Social Media Strategy

How to develop a social media strategy for your church, and what’s the difference between centralization and decentralization?

Episode 3: Fundraising That Works

Learn about raising support, developing partners, and finding funding for your church plant.

Episode 2: Church Planting, Multisite, and Hybrids

What’s the difference between church planting, multisite, and hybrid models?

Episode 1: Pitfalls, Landmines, and Blind Spots in Church Planting

What are the most common pitfalls, landlines, and blind spots in church planting?

Episode 0: Introducing the New Churches Q&A Podcast

What is the NewChurches.com Q&A Podcast? How does it work? How do I submit a question?