How to Determine Your Audience [Training Video]

Darrel Girardier discusses the importance of knowing who is in your church for effective communication and planning. 

Developing Young Leaders [Training Video]

H.B. Charles, Jr. discusses how to develop staff and young leaders in the church.

The 5 Phases an Abuse Survivor Faces [Training Video]

Brad Hambrick explains the phases an abuse survivor faces and how the church should respond.

5 Considerations for Performance Reviews [Training Video]

Mark Satterfield discusses how to give performance reviews that change the culture and make you a better leader.

Preparing an Annual Budget [Training Video]

Mark Satterfield gives an overview of the annual budgeting process.

Attack Problems, Not People [Training Video]

Leading Rapid Change [Training Video]

Todd Adkins discusses leading change in an ever-changing world.

Responding to Crisis [Training Video]

Todd Adkins explains how to respond to situations in the church that are volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous.

Leading Your Church Toward Normal [Training Video]

Todd Adkins discusses how to lead your church toward normal with this complete COVID-19 guide.

Adapting Volunteer Roles in Your Church [Training Video]

Todd Adkins discusses how volunteer roles in your church may need to be adapted as a result of COVID-19.

6 Essential Identities of a Senior Ministry Leader [Training Video]

Mark Satterfield explains six areas in which ministry leaders can grow their leadership.

The Pastor’s Spiritual Health [Training Video]

H.B. Charles discusses why the pastor’s spiritual health is vitally important.

The One Constant in Leadership [Training Video]

Carey Nieuwhof discusses why change and being able to embrace change are important.

Your Role as a Pastoral Counselor [Training Video]

Brad Hambrick discusses the transition from pastoral care to formal counseling

10 Steps to Effective Easter Preparation [Training Video]

In this training video, Ron Edmondson discusses preparing for Easter weekend and reaching unchurched people.

Interviewing and the Hiring process [Training Video]

Mark Satterfield explains the process to use when hiring for any position in your church.

The Pastor’s Godliness [Training Video]

H. B. Charles Jr. discusses why it is important for pastors to live out what they teach.

You Are Not the Body of Christ [Training Video]

Carey Nieuwhof discusses how to get to a place where you are doing a better job of multiplying your leadership.

Strategy Brings Vision to Life [Training Video]

Jason Young explains how strategy supports vision and brings it to fruition.

How to Make Room for Inconvenience [Training Video]

Steven Ackley discusses planning for the unpredictable that comes along with doing ministry in the context of relationships.

Building Out a Communications Calendar [Training Video]

Darrel Girardier discusses how to build a communications calendar that fits into your church’s mission.

Family Ministry: An Intentional Partnership [Training Video]

Steven Ackley discusses how what happens in the church and what happens in the home affect each other.

Elder-Pastor Relationships, Part 2 [Video Training}

This Ministry Grid video is part 2 of a series on elder-pastor relationships with Bob Russell. Read part 1 here. 

Elder-Pastor Relationships, Part 1 [Training Video]

In this Ministry Grid training video, Bob Russell discusses how to have healthy elder-pastor relationships and how you can take your leadership culture to a higher level. 

Developing Partnerships with Other Churches, Ministries, and Organizations [Training Video]

The relationships you build can be incredibly valuable for your church and its impact on your community.  

Responding to Allegations of Abuse Against a Minor at Church [Training Video]

The first step in responding to sexual abuse allegations is to have a response plan.

Would You Volunteer for You? [Training Video]

In this training video, Carey Nieuwhof discusses motivating high capacity leaders.

Becoming a Multiplying Church [Training Video]

In this training video, Shawn Lovejoy discusses what it means to become more of a multiplying church.

Christ-Centered Exposition with Tony Merida [Training Video]

To do life changing preaching we need to keep Christ central in our preaching — not just mention the name of Jesus.

The True Purpose of Prayer with [Training Video]

Paul Tripp discusses the model Jesus gave us for prayer and how to apply it to our prayer lives.

Mitigating Change in Your Church [Video Training]

Every organization and every leader will face change, so it is important to learn how to manage those changes well.

Danny Franks and Building a Guest Services Team [Video Training]

In this video, Danny helps us think through how to lead an effective and intentional hospitality ministry in our churches.

Greg Surratt and The ARC [Video Training]

Greg Surratt shares how the ARC started with a massive dream in the face of a sobering reality.

Discipleship Metrics in Student Ministry [Video Training]

Daniel Im discusses how churches measure discipleship and the attributes that are consistently seen in mature disciples.

Recruiting and Developing Volunteers With the End in Mind [Video Training]

In this training video, John Murchison discusses how Jesus recruited and developed his followers and how we can do the same with our volunteers.

Firing with Grace with William Vanderbloemen [Video Training]

In this training video, William Vanderbloemen discusses the difficult and complex, but sometimes necessary, task of firing someone on your church staff. 

Church Staff Meetings with Craig Webb [Video Training]

In this Ministry Grid training video, Craig Webb shares six ways to enhance your church’s staff meetings. 

Starting Well [Video Training]

In this Ministry Grid training video, Todd MicMichen shares how to embed a culture of generosity in your church.

5 Reasons Creative People Leave [Video Training]

In this Ministry Grid training video, Stephen Brewster shares five reasons we lose creative people in organizations. 

Aligning Ministries to Multiply Impact [Video Training]

Jay Strother shares his guidance on aligning ministries to multiply impact.

Creating Vision Statements for Children’s Ministry [Video Training]

Bill Keel shares guidance on creating vision statements for children’s ministry. 

Equipping Yourself and Your Team

Learn some helpful ways to equip your children’s ministry team.

Navigating Social Media and the Church [Video Training]

Chris Martin discusses three questions church leaders must ask themselves to navigate social media and the church.

5 Truths that Must Guide Your Church’s Social Media Strategy

Social media is a strong platform to reach people in this day and age.

Your Church’s Social Media Strategy [Video Training]

Chris Martin walks through digital communication training and how to serve others, and ultimately God, through the use of social media.

The Culture: Idolatrous but Intrigued [Video Training]

In this video training, Trevin Wax teaches how to share the gospel effectively in an idolatrous culture.

The Gospel Calls Us to Action [Video Training]

In this training video, Trevin Wax, General Editor of The Gospel Project, teaches about living on mission.

God Will Allow More Than You Can Bear: Dispelling the Myth [Video Training]

The promise that God won’t give you more than you can bear is a lie that is based on truth—as many lies are. But its origins are certainly true.

Time Management [Video Training]

In this training video Hugh Halter talks about managing time in a bivocational context.

Building a Leadership Development Culture [Video Training]

In this video training, Mac Lake shares the importance of a leadership development culture.

Effective Vision Casting [Video Training]

In this video training, Derwin Gray discusses the importance of having an effective vision for your church.

Your Ministry is Not Your Identity [Video Training]

In this video training, Paul Tripp talks about ministry idolatry and how our identity ultimately must be in Christ.

10 Ways Leading a Church is More Difficult than Leading a Business [Video Training]

Bob Russell shares how leading a church is more difficult than overseeing a business in 10 ways.

Missional Community with Todd Engstrom [Video Training]

Todd Engstrom defines missional community and explains why it is essential for gospel movement to occur.

The Need for Missions with Micah Fries [Video Training]

Micah Fries speaks about helping your church understand the need to reach the nations.

The Bible as a Whole with Jonathan Akin [Video Training]

In this Ministry Grid training video, Jonathan Akin, Director of Young Leader Engagement at NAMB, discusses the importance of understanding the Bible as one big storyline about Jesus.

Contextualization with Dhati Lewis [Video Training]

In this training video, Dhati Lewis, Lead Pastor of Blueprint Church and Author of the New Book, Among Wolves talks contextualization.

Ministry Strategy with Eric Geiger [Video Training]

In this Ministry Grid training video, Eric Geiger, Vice President of Lifeway Christian Resources, talks ministry strategy.

Leadership Baggage with Sam Rainer [Video Training]

Past success can be one of the biggest, most dangerous, & dirtiest pieces of baggage leaders can take w/them to their next assignment.

Financial Accountability with Dan Busby [Video Training]

In this Ministry Grid training video, Dan Busby, President of the ECFA, provides information on clergy and housing allowances, and more.

Engaging in the Mission of God: Philip Nation [Video Training]

In this training video, Philip Nation, Pastor of FBC Bradenton, discusses how to lead believers to engage in the mission of God.

Soul Care – Derwin Gray [Video Training]

Soul care isn’t only for the individual’s sanctification, but also for the participation of God’s mission.

Contextualizing Mission – Will Mancini [Video Training]

Being on different pages hurts the overall effectiveness and advancement of mission.

Prayer in an Urban Context: Ellis Prince [Video Training]

Ellis Prince discusses prayer in an urban context.

Creating a Budget: Brian Dodridge [Video Training]

Hear from Brian Dodridge on budgeting best practices for your church.

Transformational Discipleship: Eric Geiger (with Michael Kelley and Philip Nation)

In this Ministry Grid training video, Eric Geiger, Michael Kelley and Philip Nation sit down to discuss discipleship.

Organizational Planning and Leadership – Jim Baker [Video Training]

Hear from Pastor Jim Baker on best practices for quality strategic planning for your church and how to raise up strong volunteers

Creating a Discipleship Coaching Culture in Your Church – Dino Senesi [Video Training]

Learn the value of creating a coaching discipleship culture from Church Planting Coaching Director, Dino Senesi.

Recruiting a High Level Team – William Vanderbloemen [Video Training]

Learn how to recruit a high-level team by expert executive search consultant for churches, William Vanderbloemen.

Helpful Tips on Sermon Preparation and Delivery – Mike Minter [Video Training]

Watch a 60 minute course on four steps to preparing a sermon with Mike Minter.

Developing Your Leadership Pathway – Mac Lake [Video Training]

Learn from Mac Lake, the Visionary Architect of The Multiply Group, on the importance of intentionality in developing leaders.

How to Become a Multiplying Church – Mike McDaniel [Video Training]

Learn from Mike McDaniel, Pastor of Church Planting at The Summit Church, on how to become a multiplying church.

Trends in Multisite Churches – Geoff Surratt [Video Training]

Learn from Geoff Surratt, Pastor of Church Planting at Southeast Christian Church in Denver, CO, about the current trends in multisite.

Why Do Most Start-Ups Fail? – Greg Surratt [Video Training]

Learn from Greg Surratt, the founding pastor of Seacoast and President of ARC on start-ups.

Engaging a City with a Church Planting Network – Bob Roberts, Jr. [Video Training]

Learn from Dr. Bob Roberts as he explains a unique church planting strategy to engage your city with the gospel.