Getting Past Inertia: Three Simple Tips for Sharing Our Faith

The message of Christ’s love and redemptive work on the cross was meant to be shared and it’s our job to testify to its power.

Small Town Churches with Donnie Griggs [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, I discuss rural church ministry with Donnie Griggs.

We Need Small Town Churches

Pastoring a small town church is like doing ministry in a fishbowl.

Reacquainting Ourselves with Rural Small Towns

Although there’s not been much mission strategy in rural small town areas, we must reacquaint ourselves with such areas to be effective.

Remembering the Back Seat Passenger

While urban church planting enjoys riding “shotgun,” we must not forget about rural church planting.

Small Town Mission with Aaron Morrow [Behind-The-Scenes]

There is still great need for planters in rural areas and small towns.

Small Towns Are Unique [Part 2]

It’s often said that newspapers in small towns don’t report the news, they confirm the news.

Small Towns Are Unique [Part 1]

Significant differences exist between small towns and larger cities when it comes to being on mission.

Rural Church Planting and Coaching Church Planters: November CPLF Gathering

If you’re a church planting leader in your denomination, you should join us for this gathering.