Hard Places and Hard Times from CPLF [Ready-to-Use-Resources]

Leading Rapid Change with Your Staff or Ministry Team [Ready-to-Use-Resources]

Leading Rapid Change [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

This month we are helping you lead rapid change.

Church Planting Strategies from CPLF [Ready-to-Use-Resources]

9 Exercises to Lead Your Church Toward a New Normal [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

This month, we are helping you realign, restructure, and reopen your church.

New and Adapted Role Profiles [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

This month, we are focusing on creating role profiles for every leader, volunteer, and ministry director at your church.

The Pastor as Counselor [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

This month, we are focusing on pastoral counseling.

Meeting Templates [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Capacity Building from CPLF [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Ministry Checklists [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

This month, we’re focusing on ministry processes.

Church Communications Strategy [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

This month, we’re focusing on church communications.

Planting Hispanic Churches Talks from CPLF [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

This month we are focusing on Hispanic church planting research.

Sexual Abuse Prevention [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

This month, we’re focusing on resources surrounding preventing sexual abuse in your church.

Multiplying Churches [Ready-to-Use Resources]

This month, we’re focusing on multiplying churches.

FREE Book Coming Your Way [Ready-to-Use Resources]

A FREE book is coming your way!

Prayer [Ready-to-Use Resources]

Being an effective and Godly leader hinges on spending time with God and in prayer. 

Leading Change in Your Church [Ready-to-Use Resources]

Feel like your church is stuck in the past and is unwilling to change? Then Blueprint Coaching is for you!

Outreach [Ready-to-Use Resources]

This month, we’re focusing on Outreach. Here are 10 resources  from the Jason Daye Outreach Course.

Guest Services: Engage Your Guests and Train Your Team [Ready-to-Use Resources]

As the pastor, you understand the need to engage with new guests from the moment they arrive. How do you train others to live this need out too?

Updated Sample Church Planting Prospectus [Ready-to-Use Resources]

More church planting prospectus’!

Building a Healthy Student Ministry [Ready-to-Use Resources]

This month, we’re focusing on building a healthy student ministry for a church plant or multisite church.

Volunteer Training [Ready-To-Use Resources]

This month, we wanted to give you a downloadable version of the Pipeline: Creating and Curating a Recruiting Culture handbook. 

Meeting Templates [Ready-To-Use Resources]

This month’s ready-to-use resources are geared to help you optimize your meeting culture.

Lifeway Generosity [Ready-To-Use Resources]

This month, we’re focusing on raising finances, fundraising, and cultivating a culture of generosity at your church. 

Worship [Ready-To-Use Resources]

This month, we’re focusing on the relationship between the pastor and the worship leader.

Kids Ministry [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Check out these Ready-To-Use-Resources geared to help you in Kids Ministry.

Digital Communication [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Learn how to build an online presence through podcasts, blogs, Facebook, and other popular social media platforms.

Audits For Your Leadership Team [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Get access to audits and a discussion guide to help your leadership team.

Gospel, Culture, and Mission [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

This month, we’ve partnered with The Gospel Project to introduce you to their family of Christ-centered resources.

Restarting & Replanting [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

These resources are geared towards launching a restart or replant.

Bivocational Ministry [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

These resources are about leveraging all of life through bivocational ministry.

Multiplying Churches [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

These resources are designed to help you multiply and become a sending church. 

Leadership Resources [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

These resources are geared to help you get organized and strategically set goals that will optimize your time and elevate your ministry.

Missional Resources [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Download these resources to help you create a missional church within your community.

Evangelism Research [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

More than half of Americans who don’t go to church identify as Christians. Why is that?

CSB Bible [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Check out this month’s free resource courtesy of B&H Publishing

Urban Discipleship [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Check out the special surprise we have for this month’s resources on urban planting.

Ministry Strategy [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Don’t miss this month’s free resource on ministry strategy.

Rural Church Planting Talks from CPLF

Download resources and talks from this year’s CPLF gathering on rural church planting

Contextualization and Demographics [Ready-to-use-Resources]

Download everything you need to exegete your missional context.

Annotated Church Planting Bibliography

Plus members, download a curated annotated bibliography of 90+ church planting books today!

Leadership Pipeline [Ready-to-Use-Resources]

Download this month’s Ready-To-Use-Resources full of Leadership Pipeline resources.

Church Finance and Budgets [Ready-to-Use-Resources]

Download a ton of church financial resources in this month’s Ready-To-Use-Resources

Discipleship Docs [Ready-to-use-Resources]

Download this set of discipleship tools designed to help you raise fully-devoted followers of Jesus.

Organizational Development [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Download a package of tools designed to help you and your church succeed.

Coaching Templates, Tips, and Tools [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download a package of templates, tips, and tools focused on the process of coaching.

Preaching Templates, Tips, and Tools [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download a curated list of 25 templates, tips, and tools for preaching and teaching in your church.

Sample Job Descriptions for All Church Leaders [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download the full list of 47 editable job descriptions for the different volunteer and staff roles in your church.

There’s No Church Planting Movement in the West [WHITE PAPER]

Download this exclusive white paper written by Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im that explains why there’s no church planting movement in the West.

Church Marketing Templates and Guides [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download marketing guides and templates to help you launch your church or campus, and grow it.

Sample Church Planting Prospectus [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download 19 sample church planting prospectus’ and proposals. This includes one fully editable photoshop file for your use.

Sample Job Descriptions for Senior Church Leaders [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Create a free account to download a sampler of 10 editable job descriptions for the senior roles in your church.