Staffing a New Multisite Campus

Figure out what the community truly needs as your campus grows.  

Staffing a New Multisite Campus

Figure out what the community truly needs as your campus grows.  

Simplifying Ministry Processes

Here are three common responses when it comes to giving away ministry responsibilities. 

Multisite Churches After COVID-19

Many churches are making contingency plans around their multisite campuses and plans for after COVID-19. 

What I Learned as Multisite Campus Pastor

10 Learnings of a Multi-Site Mega-Church Campus Pastor.. In Twitter form.

Choosing a MultiSite Launch Model

One Church, Multiple Locations… what does that really mean?

What’s Happening in Church Multiplication Strategy?

Your church should consider its strengths and the strengths of its leaders as it weighs church multiplication options.

Factors in Selecting a New Facility For Your Church

Whether you are looking to lease a space or buy property, there a few key factors to assess before deciding what is best for your church.

Choosing Between Multisite and a Church Plant

The decision to go multisite vs. church plant doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition; it can instead be a both/and decision.

Fundraising With Small Donors

Most church planters don’t get excited when they hear the term small donor fundraising.

Creating a Network of Multiplying Churches

What does it look like to launch a network of churches?

Launching a Student Ministry at a New Campus or a Church Plant

The ins and outs of launching a new student ministry.

The Distinctions of Networked, Family, and Multisite Churches

Drew Hyun explains the differences between a networked church, a family of churches, and a multisite church in terms of structure.

How to Use Social Media in Your Church

Social media can be used to disseminate gospel messages, engage people, and notify the community that churches exist.

6 Dirty Secrets about Multisite Churches That (Almost) No-one is Talking About

If your church is growing faster than the community you’re currently in, we need your church to multiply what is happening there.

Movement and the Early Church [Part 2]

We need to re-learn what it means to live as an interdependent community of faith.

Six Knacks of Bivocational Ministry

To live a good life in bivocational ministry, you must have an aptitude in six key areas.

How to Create a Solid Communication Framework in a Multisite Model

If you are going to plant a grape vineyard, don’t plant apple seeds.

12 Steps of a Multisite Launch Timeline

Ethan Welch shares 12 steps to help your new campus launch well.

What to Reproduce in a Multisite Church

These four questions will help you decide what to reproduce at your new campus.

Unreasonable Churches with Rich Birch [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, I discuss multisite practices with Rich Birch, author of Unreasonable Churches.

Could Becoming a Multisite Church Work?

Geoff Surratt gives three crucial questions you need to ask when thinking about becoming a multisite church.

Taco Tongues

To what degree can your church culture tolerate variation among the multisite campuses?

Developing Campus Pastors as a Multisite Church

Geoff Surratt gives ten ways you can invest in and develop your campus pastors.

Funding the Vision of Becoming a Multisite Church

Launching a multisite church is the goal of many churches. How do you plan to fund your multisite church?

Week Delay: Sending Video Teaching to Multisite Campuses

Stephen Smith talks about his experience with sending video teaching to multisite campuses.

Leadership and the Campus Pastor

Multisite church multiplication requires an answer to three overriding questions: Where to plant? Who to plant? How to plant?

1,000 Churches: How Past Movements Did It—And How Your Church Can, Too

In this new book, 1,000 Churches, Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im outline a path to move from addition to reproduction for your church.

Campus Pastor Competencies

Learn about the specific competencies that campus pastors need to be successful in their role.

Leading Up – Part 1

Leading up is the art of leading and influencing one who is over you.

Campus Staff Relationships

The role of campus pastor is very unique, and comes with a unique set of challenges.

Campus Pastor Skill #4: How to Lead Up

Campus pastors who never lead up will always hit a ceiling in their development.

Campus Pastor Skill #3: How to Lead Down

Leadership is more than just leading downwards.

Roadblocks and Pathways to Communication for Multisite Churches

What is true in a marriage is just as true with friends, family, and especially within a work environment. Churches are no exception.

Campus Pastor Skill #2: How to Lead Across

Campus pastors don’t need to learn how to lead laterally, but the best ones know how to.

Campus Pastor Skill #1: How to Close a Service

As a regular and ongoing rhythm, the campus pastor needs to close out the service.

DNA Alignment and Other Unity Issues for Multisite Churches

The whole idea and concept of “one church in multiple locations” sounds really good but can get painfully messy.

Successfully Contextualizing in a Multisite Church

The multisite model would do well to take some pointers from Costco.

Finding Facilities for Multisite Campuses

If you are preparing to launch, get the vision of your multisite strategy in the hearts of your people.

Multiplication Today, Movements Tomorrow Book

In this book, Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im explore the practices, barriers, and ecosystem required for church multiplication and movements.

What The Church Can Learn From Jerry Jones

Does football have anything to do with the church? Especially when it comes to your building?

Multisite Hack: These Keep Teams Connected

Stephen Smith gives the indispensable tech hacks for making multi-site work.

Curating Your Multisite Library

Having the right tools at hand for church multiplication cannot be overstated.

The “Miracle” of Recruiting a High-Level Team

A high-level team is like a freight train—when it gets going, it’s tough to stop.

Recruiting a High Level Team – William Vanderbloemen [Video Training]

Learn how to recruit a high-level team by expert executive search consultant for churches, William Vanderbloemen.

Launching Large

Start small, and chances are your church will remain small.

3 Ways to Master Leadership

Learn three ways that you can master leadership with Brad Lomenick, the former leader and director of Catalyst for 12 years.

If Your Church Accomplishes Its Vision…

Every decision influences the vision whether to enhance or destabilize it.

Three Essential Questions to Developing Leaders

Learn how to use residencies and internships to develop leaders in your church.

A Scalable Residency Model with Kadi Cole [Behind-The-Scenes]

Learn about Christ Fellowship’s leadership development pathway and how they use it to train residents through their school of ministry.

Preaching Templates, Tips, and Tools [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download a curated list of 25 templates, tips, and tools for preaching and teaching in your church.

Heaven’s Kitchen: Similarities between Preachers and Chefs

Learn about the five things that preachers and chefs have in common from Matt Chandler.

“The Long Game”: The question multisite churches must answer immediately

The entire concept is to produce healthy cooperating churches that multiply.

All on the Same Page: Preaching Teams

Learn how to prepare a sermon as a team, from a church that’s being doing it for over a decade.

Team Preaching with Mark Jobe [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at New Life Community Church? Learn about their preaching team model.

Sample Job Descriptions for All Church Leaders [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download the full list of 47 editable job descriptions for the different volunteer and staff roles in your church.

Church Marketing Templates and Guides [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download marketing guides and templates to help you launch your church or campus, and grow it.

How to Build Your Campus Launch Template

One of the biggest benefits to being multisite is that you can begin to build systems that allow you to launch new churches.

Multisite in Rural Locations

Starting a campus in rural areas isn’t like starting one in the suburbs or cities. In many ways, it’s more difficult—especially relationally, financially, and contextually.

Trends in Multisite Churches – Geoff Surratt [Video Training]

Learn from Geoff Surratt, Pastor of Church Planting at Southeast Christian Church in Denver, CO, about the current trends in multisite.

“The X Factor-Shared Services”: How Multisiters Can Get This Right

This facet of a comprehensive multisite strategy cannot be over emphasized. A clear plan for shared services is a key component of multisite multiplication.

Residencies, 12Stone, and Launching 5 Campuses on One Day [Behind-The-Scenes]

12Stone is one of the leading churches today with a leadership residency program and they launched 5 campuses on one day.

A Pipeline for a Leadership Residency Program

For churches, pipelines are used to plant churches, launch campuses, multiply disciples, and to develop leaders.

5 Steps to Developing Multiplying Leaders

Church multiplication begins with the small seed of leadership development. Learn 5 steps to developing multiplication oriented leaders.

What Are Some Best Practices for Preaching on Video?

There are many sins that one can be guilty of when it comes to communicating through multisite.

“Mess-Communication”: Multisite Multipliers Keep Teams Talking

Vision takes cultivation. Dreams need occasional and, at times, constant stirring.

The Multisite Trifecta: 3 Essential Questions of Multisite Multiplication

I’ll bet you can remember exactly where you were when somebody on your staff team popped the question: “When do you think we should go multisite?”

Why Multisite Campuses Fail

When a multisite campus fails, there always needs to be an autopsy.

Campus Pastors NEED to Take Risks and Raise Funds

As the number of multisite churches continue to increase, so will the demand for campus pastors.

10 Signs You Shouldn’t Be a Campus Pastor

The Campus Pastor role is arguably the hottest job on the market, yet it is one of the most complex and challenging ones to fill.