Business Leadership and the Church

Business tools aren’t the key to having a healthy church, but they can help the church remove unnecessary obstacles to fulfilling her mission.

The Art and Science of Change

Leading change in any organization is both an art and a science and requires us to be agile leaders.

How to Develop Staff and Young Leaders

H.B. Charles, Jr. discusses how to develop staff and young leaders in the church.

Weather Patterns and Leading Change

In this ever-changing world, churches have been forced to assess how we do ministry.

The Phases an Abuse Survivor Faces

Brad Hambrick explains the phases an abuse survivor faces and how the church should respond.

Becoming an Agile Leader

Using this tool over and over again will ensure your ministry stays on track. 

Performance Reviews that Change Culture

Here are five things to consider when it comes to performance reviews that really change the culture of those that report to you.

Leadership Development in Your Church

Development is for everybody, no matter where they are in the pipeline.

Do You Have a Crew to Lead Change?

If you have more stowaways, pirates, and passengers than you do crew members, assess your vision to be sure it’s clear and compelling.

Myth: God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Bear

The promise that God won’t give you more than you can bear is a lie that is based on truth.

How to Attack Problems

If you don’t turn to God with your frustration in people, you are going to turn on those people.

Common Things That Kill the Success of Leaders

When we look at people that have been taken out of leadership positions, this is a common cause.

The 7 Steps of Agile Leadership

Leading change in any organization is both an art and a science and requires us to be agile leaders.

Deconstructing the Lies We Believe

What the world says about you is not your identity, but instead your identity is found in Christ. 

When You Have to Fire Someone You Don’t Want to Fire

When it relates to the church context, if giving decreases or as ministry changes, you may be forced to fire staff members that you don’t want to fire.

Growing in Emotional Intelligence

By knowing where you struggle, you can build in frameworks to help you be more aware of those moments.

How to Lead Rapid Change

Leading change in any organization is both an art and a science, and it requires us to be agile in our leadership.

3 Things We’ve Learned About Rest From Staying Home

The fact that we are so tired, even in the midst of doing nothing but being at home, also shows us at least a few things about true rest.

Responding to Change

We want to lead through this season well because we want to give our people courage, clarity, and a pathway forward. 

Thriving in Leadership

Leading in the church makes pastors prone to serving in crisis.

Moving to “We Can”

As church leaders, we must keep our teams optimistic, flexible, and focused on essential ministry.

Growing as a Senior Leader

There are six areas that you want to grow in as a senior leader.

A Healthy Team Ratio

What is the best ratio of leader to team member for any of these roles up and down the leadership pipeline?

Preparing for an Interview

Mark Satterfield explains the process to use when hiring for any position in your church.

Discerning If an Outside Candidate is a Good Fit

Contemplate how to best select someone who fits your church’s vision and culture.

On Mission in the Age of Outrage

Who knew that technology would empower some of our worst attributes instead of our best?

Four Reasons Why You Need to Plan a Sabbatical

Here’s why we planned this Sabbatical approach from the start

Live Out What You Teach

H. B. Charles Jr. discusses why it is important for pastors to live out what they teach.

Ministering in the Context of Abuse

Is your church prepared to care for individuals who have experienced various forms of abuse?

How to Make Your Leadership Pipeline Relational

A leadership pipeline that works is inherently relational.

Learn How to Multiply Yourself

You have to know how to multiply yourself to overcome growth barriers.

Three Ways for the Church to Seek Peace

The church in North America has finally realized they are no longer in Kansas but in the land of OZ (or biblically speaking, in Babylon).

Make Gospel-Centered Resolutions

Work as we might to love him more and follow him better, we never want to lose the fact that it is God working in us.

A New Year’s Resolution Worth Repeating

There is one thing you need this year as much as you did last.

Finding Your Identity in Christ – Not Your Ministry

My identity has too often been tied to the successes or failures of the ministries that I lead—and too frequently in unhealthy ways.

How Christmas Informs the Person and Character of God

Christmas is a time to celebrate the fulfillment of longings.

Living Out A “Just In Case” Christmas

Though we are celebrating the rest that only comes through Christ, it’s one of the busiest times of the year.

Leaders Need Grace Too

There is no one in ministry, no matter how significant their leadership or responsibilities, that is a grace graduate.

40 Discipleship Lessons I’ve Learned

Discipleship is the key to movemental thinking when it comes to churches that plant churches.

Leading to Break the Barrier

Many pastors, church planters, and church leaders often wonder what missteps often prevent churches from successfully breaking the 200 barrier.

6 Ways To Combat Self Doubt

Self doubt is one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome in leadership.

Two Methods for Leading Others Well

As someone who’s had the privilege of watching many leaders grow over time, it’s been helpful to think through the support process.

Lead Like Barnabas

The most influential leader in the first century church might surprise many modern Christians.

Pastors, People, and Personality Tests

Personality typing can be an effective tool for leaders to help them know how to interact with a person.

Six Ways to Use a Digital Training Platform

Every church has unique training and development needs. But regardless of your context, every volunteer and leader needs to be trained and developed.

Do Young Adults Need Mentors?

For anyone about to make the jump from youth to adulthood, it can be hard trying to pave a path towards success.

Leaders Are Called to be Shepherds

Leaders in the church, whether they’re elders or pastors, are called to be shepherds.

Defining Roles to Build a Stronger Team

If the church is going to be a healthy, growing body, there ought to be harmony at the core.

When You Worry About Waste

I have felt some anxiety about my ability to scrape every last ounce of value out of something in order to avoid waste.

Becoming the Pastor of a Well-Established Church

When you’re put in a position of endless unknowns and you don’t feel like you’re capable of fulfilling the role on your own, you’re forced to rely on God every moment of every day.

Discerning God’s Will in Your 30s and 40s

While ministering during your 20s is usually more full of passion than experience, being in the 30s and 40s decades of life is an interesting time.


There are at least 10 things we can learn about leadership.

Be Resilient in Ministry Trenches

Ministry is tough. There is resistance every step of the way. We have to press through setbacks of every variety.

Change and The Church

When it comes to church planting or ministry, being seen as irrelevant can be a cause for concern.

Five Ways to Be a More Effective Leader

I want to share with you five ways I think all of us can be more effective and Christ-honoring as we begin our leadership service this year.

Listening Is an A.R.T.

Do you come prepared to the weekend corporate gatherings to listen and receive a word from your Father?

What I Wished I’d Known About Forgiveness

I never thought I had an issue with forgiveness. I mean, in my sheltered life, I’ve never been abused or victimized.

Fundraising With Small Donors

Most church planters don’t get excited when they hear the term small donor fundraising.

5 Keys for Motivating Leaders

What do you need to do to create a culture that attracts high capacity leaders?

When You’re Tired of Leading Change

Continue to focus on the change, and keep turning over every rock until there is no longer any trace of the status quo.

When Interruptions Point You To The Cross

Stop fighting the interruptions in your life. While they might seem unplanned, perhaps God is trying to get your attention…

Don’t Miss The Sunday AFTER Easter

Easter is this weekend, but pastors, are you ready for next weekend yet? You should be.

The Olympics and Church Leadership

What do olympic athletes have to do with the leadership in the church?

Claim Christ in Every Sermon

To do life changing preaching we need to keep Christ central in our preaching — not just mention the name of Jesus.

Three Ways People Respond to Change in Your Church

When leading change in your church, you must communicate for buy-in. People are carriers of the vision, not paper.

The 15 Minute Sermon Prep

Hugh Halter talks about how to reduce your preparation time for a sermon to 15 minutes.

Preaching is an A.R.T.

Church leader, have you ever stopped to consider that preaching (or teaching) is an art?

The Three Systems Folders You Need

Most of us need better systems. Period. Don’t throw your hand up. Don’t throw n the towel. Just get better at your systems!

Can Multi-Level Marketing and the Local Church Co-Exist?

Do Multi-Level Marketing businesses have a place within the local church?

Prayer in Church Planting

Adam Mabry discusses the importance of prayer in church planting and practical tips for making it a priority for your staff and congregation.

Church Leaders Must Lead Change

Leading change in any organization is both an art and a science.

The Purpose of Prayer

Paul Tripp discusses the model Jesus gave us for prayer and how to apply it to our prayer lives.

Bringing O.R.D.E.R. to Chaos

Don’t manage chaos … O.R.D.E.R. it!

Non-Negotiables for an Effective Children’s Ministry

Here are three non-negotiables to consider when you are building an effective children’s ministry.

Points to Consider When Planning Your Annual Outreach Calendar

One of the most effective ways of being intentional about reaching our communities with the hope of Jesus is to develop an annual outreach calendar.

How to Inspire Change in Your Church

Every organization and every leader will face change, so it is important to learn how to manage those changes well.

Top Posts in 2018

Here is a list of our top 10 posts of the year.

The Imperfect Pastor

Pastor’s wives see the pastor when he’s worn out. Others see him when he’s slightly shinier. We need to be understanding of that.

The Importance of Outreach and Evangelism

If a pastor wants his people to be evangelizing, he must not just teach them about it, but must also lead them through personal experience.

The Difficulty in Finding Mentors as Non-Denominationalism Grows

Pastors outside of denominations need to find ways to connect with community and mentors.

Evangelism and Being on Mission for Jesus

Evangelism. What is it really? Is it finding lost people and introducing them to Jesus? Yes. But it is also more than that.

The Gospel Changes the ‘Try Harder’ Mentality

Our own strength is insufficient to carry us to places of greater faith.

Unusual Roads to Stress Relief

What are you holding onto? Or maybe the real question is, what’s holding onto you?

How Christmas Lets the World Know that Hope has Come!

Today, we celebrate the coming of our Savior and King. The wait for redemption is finally over.

How Do You Approach Discipleship with Others?

When was the last time you reflected on the way that you personally disciple others?

He Who Began a Good Work

The penny souvenir machine serves as a great example of what Paul tells the church at Philippi.

The Reason Behind Your Decisions

Have you ever thought through the WHY behind your decisions?

How to Welcome Guests Well

Learn how to welcome your guests well and the next best steps to help them continue to feel welcomed and informed.

Creating Community Over the Christmas Holidays

The one thing that stays constant throughout the holiday season is our need for community.

Important Guest Services Principles

Every church has a different setup and different needs, but here are the elements that every guest services area should include.  

Three Ways to Assimilate Guests at Your Church

Here are three practical tips to assimilate guests into the church and get them plugged into ministries and groups within the church.

Interview with Ed Stetzer About Christians in the Age of Outrage

Ed Stetzer talks about his new book, Christians in the Age of Outrage

A Community of Spotters

While connecting to the throne of God was the means of Israel’s victory, a community of spotters was the mode of victory.

Mobilizing People for Mission [Part 4]

We need to help people join the dots of conviction and connection. It’s joining the dots that we’re looking at now as we think about competence.

Start Well to Do Well as a Church Leadership Team

Team formation is an often-neglected dynamic in leadership teams. Here are some must do’s in order to advance team formation and pave the way toward a high functioning team.

How a Commitment to Discipleship Multiplies Your Church

Discipleship needs to be for everyone in the congregation: from the newcomer to the long-time member.

Mobilizing People for Mission [Part 3]

Being mission minded isn’t something you tack onto the week; it is a lifestyle change.

How Do You Train Volunteers?

Research shows that 3 in 4 churches do not train their volunteers and leaders. Our goal is to change this stat by making training accessible.

How to Get People to Join Small Groups

We must be intentional in how we lead our congregations in order to shape a culture of small-group involvement.

Preparing for Momentum

Momentum is often a mystery. But can we prepare for it? You bet we can.

Mobilizing People for Mission [Part 2]

We need to build in ourselves, and those around us, a deep conviction around the gospel.

Ways to Measure Discipleship

Daniel Im discusses how churches measure discipleship and the attributes that are consistently seen in mature disciples.

Moving Beyond the 125 Person Growth Barrier

There are several barriers that can stagnate growth for a new church. Find out how to push past the barrier of stagnate growth.

A Shift Toward Strategic Student Ministry

How do we do something meaningful with students that moves them through the discipleship process & equips them to be lifelong followers of Jesus?

Mobilizing People for Mission [Part 1]

Most people are not evangelists. Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be a hindrance to evangelism and mission.

How to Create a Culture of Service in Your Church

To serve effectively, we need to have a deep conviction for the “why.”

Singles are A Vital Part of Our Churches [Part 2]

Ed Stetzer shares three ways we can integrate singles fully into the life of our churches.

A Formalized Leadership Process 

Léonce Crump shares about The Renovation Leadership Institute, an instructive model that also utilizes cohort learning.

Five Characteristics of Structure for Church Multiplication

For many churches, the reason why people fail to stay isn’t a ministry issue; it’s a structural issue.

Singles are A Vital Part of Our Churches [Part 1]

Let’s all face it: Singles make up half of our churches, so we best learn to treat all people—married or single—equally.

Pastors Who Freelance

The trend in church staffing is toward hiring developers, rather than doers.

How to “Be Strong and Courageous” Today

We are to be courageous as we give ourselves completely to God’s work. What exactly is God’s work? 

Recruiting and Developing Volunteers With the End in Mind [Video Training]

In this training video, John Murchison discusses how Jesus recruited and developed his followers and how we can do the same with our volunteers.

Recruiting Volunteers With the End in Mind

Here are three things to keep in mind as you recruit volunteers for your ministry.

Barriers To Multiplication [Part 2]

What would it take for you to overcome barriers and move your church towards multiplication?

How to Fire Your Best Friend

You don’t want to risk losing your friend, but you know that for the health of the church and the staff it is time to let him go.

Tips to Create a Missional Culture, Part 2

Dave Jensen shares six more points that have helped his team create a greater missional culture within their congregation.

Making the Most Out of Church Staff Meetings

Meetings can be a great tool to touch base with your team, collaborate, and share ideas.

Church Staff Meetings with Craig Webb [Video Training]

In this Ministry Grid training video, Craig Webb shares six ways to enhance your church’s staff meetings. 

Building a Culture of Discipleship

Are you happy with your existing vision, strategy, and values, or do you need to revisit them?

Five Steps of Leadership Pipeline Development for Multiplication Catalysts

Todd Adkins gives five steps for developing a leadership pipeline.

Finding Christ in College

If students become Christ-followers in college, they tend to follow Jesus to the end of the journey.

How to Avoid Church Stagnation

Making sure your church is a loving, welcoming environment that genuinely seeks to share the gospel is a great way to address stagnation.

Three Things Successfully Multiplying Churches Do

Possessing a clear strategy of investing holistically into church planting is connected to churches multiplying within their first five years of existence.

How “Stretch” Assignments can Improve Your Leadership

Leaders use “stretch” assignments to challenge individuals on their team.

Tips to Create a Missional Culture, Part 1

Dave Jensen shares 5 Steps to a Missional Culture.

Building a Culture of Generosity from Day One

Without a clear vision, building a culture of generosity in your church plant is destined for trouble and likely failure.

Raising Non-Traditional Leaders to be Church Planters and Pastors

We should remember that it is God (not boards or faculties) who raises up leaders.

When the Mighty Fall

Although we’re all sinful and broken, seeing the mighty fall is painful, heart wrenching, and incredibly sobering.

Moving from Survival to Stability to Sustainability

The first stage of church growth is simply moving from surviving every week to having financial stability.

Creating a Culture of Evangelistic Accountability

For pastors, avoiding the topic of evangelism cannot become the default choice.

Leadership Development Leads to Multiplication

Want to Multiply Your Church? Focus on Leadership Development.

Why the Church Needs Volunteers

To all volunteers, thank you for the ways you serve Christ and his church.

How to Empower People in Ministry

Here are five practical ways to enlist help and empower others instead of doing it all yourself.

Normalize Bible Reading in Your Life and Leadership

The more you read your Bible, the more likely you are going to grow in all aspects of spiritual maturity.

Why We Lose Great Creative People

Sometimes losing people is a natural progression of growth.

Creating a Culture of Evangelistic Accountability

Let us, as his followers, go out with willing hearts to proclaim the gospel as we make disciples for Christ.

Breathe in the Busyness

Seek rest and satisfaction in the one who can restore your soul, renew your life, lead you along the right path, grant you wisdom, and help you make the right decisions.

The Relationship Between the Worship Pastor and the Lead Pastor

You can’t lead your church in worship if you aren’t first leading your family.

Assimilation in Ministry

For those in church leadership, the issue of assimilation typically comes with questions of effectiveness and strategy.

Helping Experienced Musicians Become Worship Leaders 

Keith Getty helps us understand the relationship between senior pastors and worship leaders.

Mind of a Developer

IT people are in your church and ministry for a reason.

What Kind of Church Leader Are You?

In order to grow and multiply your church, you have to start with yourself.

How to Align Ministries to Multiply Impact

We need to be teaching younger generations the truths that will last.

The Leadership Solution

Who you are matters more than what you do. This is an absolute truism.

Guardrails for a Disciple Making Culture

You can plant a church and not make disciples. But if you make disciples, you will plant churches that will plant churches.

Trends of Kids Ministry

Ministry leaders have captured the vision that kids understand the gospel in a profound way with urgency.

When You Crave Revenge

We can leave divine retribution in His hands; it’s not our job.

Beating Bitterness

While most of us already know that bitterness is a sin, what many of us don’t know is how to effectively deal with it in a gospel way.

Framework for Kids Ministry

When developing a kids ministry, you have to start with the right philosophy.

Getting Past Inertia: Three Simple Tips for Sharing Our Faith

The message of Christ’s love and redemptive work on the cross was meant to be shared and it’s our job to testify to its power.

The Distinctions of Networked, Family, and Multisite Churches

Drew Hyun explains the differences between a networked church, a family of churches, and a multisite church in terms of structure.

To Grow, Rest, or Die? The Olympics, Farming, and Church Leadership

As church leaders and pastors, we are so obsessed with growth that we don’t realize that growth without rest is a short-term solution.

How to Use Social Media in Your Church

Social media can be used to disseminate gospel messages, engage people, and notify the community that churches exist.

Why and How Multicultural Leadership Strengthens You, Your Team, and the Faith

Having diverse leadership gives us the opportunity to experience more of what we will experience in eternity.

Three Questions to Ask When Using Social Media

When used efficiently and effectively, social media can be a powerful tool for the church.

3 Ways Pastors and Church Leaders Undermine Themselves on Social Media

Church leaders need to be in social media spaces.

5 Truths that Must Guide Your Church’s Social Media Strategy

Social media is a strong platform to reach people in this day and age.

3 Questions Pastors Must Ask

Having been around a lot of pastors at our various confabs across the world, I’ve noticed something unhealthy.

How To Pick Your Heroes

Make sure you aren’t so enamored with your hero’s super abilities that you overlook their character, their heart, and their motivations.

Leadership Priorities: Five Thoughts on How We Can Lead Better

Leadership, at its most basic level, involves the leading of people.

How 1 Hour of Equipping Can Give You Weeks of Easy Leadership Development

Devote an hour this week to equipping your potential leaders in their next step.

How to Be Busy but in Balance

Ed Stetzer shares some helpful tips on how he seeks to steward his time well.

Imago Dei: Image of God

We must ask ourselves if we truly believe in the Imago Dei. Do we believe that God has created a planet full of people who reflect Him?

A Lifetime of Leadership Lessons

The body of Christ is not an illustration or a theological construct. It’s a reality.

Lies Pastors Believe

When you deny your need for community, you are denying your humanity.

Three Differences Between a Campus Pastor and an Associate Pastor

Sam Yoon shares three things that make being the #1 guy different from being the #2 guy. 

We Will Never Grow Faster Than Our Ability To…

An organization will never grow faster than its ability to make decisions. 

Effectively Proclaiming the Gospel to an Idolatrous Culture

Affirm the good, rebuke the bad, and proclaim the truth.

5 Things Leaders Need to Give Up

Leadership is about motivating and encouraging and organizing your team to reach new goals.

Campus Leadership Development

The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development.

A Spirit Empowered Evangelist

Is there such thing as “chance encounters” for believers?

Gospel Saturated Culture with Brian Dembowczyk [Behind-The-Scenes]

As leaders, teachers, and preachers, it starts with us. Are we preaching the gospel faithfully?

Gospel Saturated Culture

If we take out how the gospel transforms our identity, affections, and what we value, we fall into moralism and legalism.

The Three Things Every Campus Pastor Needs to Do

To be effective in ministry, you need to do these three things well.

Three Antidotes to Pastoral Perfectionism

Mark Dance suggests three antidotes to escape the paralysis of perfectionism.

God Will Allow More Than You Can Bear: Dispelling the Myth

God has not promised that trials will not overwhelm us. The opposite appears to be true in Scripture.

Pastors, Here’s a Novel Idea: Invite Newcomers to Lunch

Meals are great ways to get to know people and extend hospitality.

Five Ways to Fight Discouragement When You Want to Quit

Here are five ways that can help you deal with the inevitable discouragement that comes with being a planter.

4 Ways to Find Launch Members

To plant a church you need a solid launch team. Get the best practices from Daniel Im on growing your launch team.

Christians Don’t Exercise, They Train

When it comes to making disciples that can plant churches exercise isn’t enough.

Don’t Be Too Easily Offended

 If Jesus can look over our offenses that tower past the clouds, surely we can overlook the faults of others.

7 Principles to Lead as Jesus Led

We can draw inspiration from the ways that Jesus led.

Leadership Is Not About You

Leadership means hard work and service.

Building a Leadership Development Culture [Video Training]

In this video training, Mac Lake shares the importance of a leadership development culture.

Building a Leadership Development Culture

When you focus on a culture of leadership development, you are creating an abundant harvest of reproducing leaders.

3 Ways Tesla Affects Your Church Metrics

What do you think would happen if you reimagined your church’s dashboard?

Can Leadership Be Learned?

Is leadership something we’re born with, or is it something we learn?

5 Steps to Producing a Multiplying Culture in your Church

The first step to producing a multiplying culture in your church is to make a move.

5 Steps to Producing a Multiplying Culture in your Church [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, Shawn Lovejoy shares how to create a multiplying culture in your church.

Creating Succession at Every Level of Your Leadership Pipeline

Succession is not about replacement. Succession is about reproduction.

The Importance of Being Relational

Of all the hats you wear, this one is the most important.

Becoming a Sending Church

Being a sending church is not just about planting churches. It’s about going into the cities and nations, and making disciples.

6 Mistakes I Made as a Church Planter

Mark Dance shares the mistakes he made as a church planter to equip you not to repeat them.

The Pressure of the Pastorate

Shawn Lovejoy speaks to the difficulties of pastoring and the need for relationships.

The Sin and Dangers of Criticism

Ask yourself these probing questions if you struggle with a critical spirit.

Breaking Barriers

The health of your church, the people that comprise your attendance—that is where progress should be sought.

How Do We Get at Effective Outreach?

Ed Stetzer gives 3 shifts to be more effective at outreach in an increasingly skeptical, secular, and pluralistic culture.

Developing a Healthy Church

How can church leaders keep the church in a dynamic phase of commitment and growth?

Developing a Healthy Church [Video Training]

In this Ministry Grid training video, Bob Russell shares how to develop a healthy church.

5 Tips for Dealing with Stress in Ministry

Dustin Neeley shares five helpful tips when dealing with stress in ministry.

Discipleship From a Systems Perspective

Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im talk about discipleship from a systems perspective based on Daniel’s new book, No Silver Bullets.

Unreasonable Churches with Rich Birch [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, I discuss multisite practices with Rich Birch, author of Unreasonable Churches.

The Importance of Multiplying Yourself

Micah Fries shares three elements of multiplication within church development.

Your Ministry is Not Your Identity

When we put our identity in our ministries and not in Christ, we ultimately lose ourselves and harm those we serve.

An Interview: From Marine Wife to Minister’s Wife

Kelli O’Day shares what it was like to go from a major’s wife to a minister’s wife.

Leadership Practices We Don’t Talk About Enough

Shawn Lovejoy shares some not-so-commonly listed leadership practices

My Top 5 Church Planting Lessons

Shawn Lovejoy shares helpful and encouraging advice about leading in ministry.

A (Brief) Biblical Theology of Disagreement

The Bible shows us three categories of disagreement: sin, folly, and preference. The Bible also gives us right and different responses to each category.

The Life-Giving Spirit

Every inhalation of breath is from God, therefore every exhalation of breath should be for God.

Disruption: Rethinking Your Approach [Part 2]

Disruptive innovation challenges theories, incubates original ideas, and establishes new products not dependent on current values or realities.

Disruption: Rethinking Your Approach [Part 1]

Disrupters can both see and sense what lies ahead, around the corner, long before others have even arrived at the intersection of present and future.

The Bible as a Whole

Jonathan Akin discusses the importance of understanding the Bible as one big storyline about Jesus.

1,000 Churches: How Past Movements Did It—And How Your Church Can, Too

In this new book, 1,000 Churches, Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im outline a path to move from addition to reproduction for your church.

Transitioning from One Bible Translation to Another

Bible translations are like churches; while there are many to choose from, they have similarities and differences.

Leading Up – Part 1

Leading up is the art of leading and influencing one who is over you.

Living Among Wolves

Many of us look at Christianity as a pursuit for protection. But it is really a fight against isolation.

Trifeca of the Talk

Preaching great ideas is about more than sharing data. It’s about making disciples.

Are You Focused on Ministry Management? or Multiplication?

Multiplication is the real key to Kingdom and church growth.

A “MVP” Church

Eric Geiger talks ministry strategy to enhance discipleship.

Unexpected Grace

God might not call you to write a book about your suffering, but He will call you to steward your suffering well.

Strategizing to Win

Churches that have strategies typically do better than those that don’t.

Re-Embracing a Theology of Suffering

Whether you’re at the height of fruitfulness or in the dark days of questioning, know that all have their place.

Leaders and their Baggage

If not careful leaders can bring their preferential baggage to their next assignment & pass it off as ministry philosophy.

Leadership Baggage with Sam Rainer [Video Training]

Past success can be one of the biggest, most dangerous, & dirtiest pieces of baggage leaders can take w/them to their next assignment.

Campus Pastor Skill #1: How to Close a Service

As a regular and ongoing rhythm, the campus pastor needs to close out the service.

How to Leave Your Church Without Hurting It

Those of us who have the privilege of serving on a church staff will eventually leave our ministry posts.

Playing by the Rules: Complying with the IRS

Hear from Dan Busby on proper financial Accountability in your church.

Redeeming the Money Talk

Todd McMichen talks about developing a generosity culture in your church.

Relating to Staff as a Wife on Staff

There’s often a high sense of unity and the camaraderie that comes when you’re fellow workers in the Gospel

Are you Coaching? Well?

No one in ministry is looking at their journal thinking “I’ve got too much spare time and too few people to invest in…

Four Consistent Conversations We Must Have With Ourselves

Self assessment, self awareness, and daily repentance are all necessary to become what God wants us to become.

Don’t Just Stand There Gazing, Engage

Philip Nation discusses at least two ways believers and churches can stop standing and gazing and start engaging in the mission of God.

Back to the Church

The best preaching happens in the context of a local church. Preaching week after week to the same people is what God designed preaching for.

Understanding Before Being Understood

Ed and Daniel chat with Dhati Lewis on contextualization and mission.

Relating to Staff as a Wife on Staff

I’m not just anyone else. I am married to the senior minister and that means, in people’s thinking, I am a version of him.

Annotated Church Planting Bibliography

Plus members, download a curated annotated bibliography of 90+ church planting books today!

4 Types of People to Mobilize

God has equipped every believer to serve in and through the church in some way.

Shifting Church Growth Paradigms

Soul care is the new church growth strategy for the 21st Century

Are We On the Same Page?

Ministries move in the opposite directions of each other when they function more as silos.

The 3 Levels of Culture

What you as leaders model, teach, pay attention to and measure establishes culture.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

Learn the commitments and challenges for a multi-ethnic church.

Being A Wife On Staff

Being involved in the work of ministry will probably mean your husband will now also become your employer, and that can be weird.

Press In or Push Away

If we’re ever going to grow as leaders it’s going to mean pressing into those situations which we’d rather avoid.

Clear and Concise Vision Casting

Adding specificity to vision magnifies a church’s filter for making decisions.

Adding Specificity to Vision with Keith Taylor [Behind-The-Scenes]

Crafting a specific vision gives people something tangible to reach for.

What To Do When Your Wife is More Competent Than You

We always feel the need to appear as though we know what we are doing and have it all together. Don’t believe this lie.

Multiplication Today, Movements Tomorrow Book

In this book, Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im explore the practices, barriers, and ecosystem required for church multiplication and movements.

Noisy Gongs and Clanging Cymbals

Today, the typical local church is not disruptive: rather, it has been disrupted.

The Activeness of Prayer

Prayer helps to solidify and sustain our calling to the city God is leading.

Being The Wife Of A Husband In Ministry

The wife of a ministry husband will often find herself navigating a complex set of relationships as they seek to serve in Gospel work together.

Behaviors of a Flourishing Culture

Learn the four behavioral patterns Jesus exhibited to establish a flourishing culture.

Don’t Miss This Year’s Coaching Summit!

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Your Church Doesn’t Need You

Hear Annie and Colby’s journey ministering in Iceland while pastoring in Virginia.

Creating a Healthy Organizational Culture

What you’re spending your time on might not align with your priorities.

Bivocationalism and Church Ministry

Hugh Halter sits down and talks bi-vocational ministry.

Don’t Be the Bottleneck

Moving your church to it’s next season may not involve you letting go of some of the things you’re currently doing.

Justice and Church Planting: August CPLF Gathering

Ed talks about an upcoming church planting event you are not going to want to miss.


There’s one thing every church planter needs: the bravery of God’s Spirit.

Organic and Intentional Discipleship

Hear one of the greatest discipleship experts sit down and talk with us about raising fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Strengths + Opportunities = Strategies

Effective strategy development flows from the intersection of people’s strengths.

Discipleship Docs [Ready-to-use-Resources]

Download this set of discipleship tools designed to help you raise fully-devoted followers of Jesus.

Planning for Maximum Effectiveness

Discover the three planning buckets you need to maximize your effectiveness as a church.

Organizational Planning and Leadership – Jim Baker [Video Training]

Hear from Pastor Jim Baker on best practices for quality strategic planning for your church and how to raise up strong volunteers

Cultivating the Organization People Want to Serve In

The more visible and accessible the mission and vision is, the more rhythmic the organizational becomes.

When it comes to building your core team, what advice you would give on recruiting people from churches other than your sending church?

See how Mark Dance answered this question during Office Hours for Plus Members.


When you are looking to build your team, start by asking who is FAT.

The Importance of Assessments

70-90% of churches are plateaued or declining. Find out what it takes to rise above the norm!

Church Assessments and Leadership with Greg Wiens [Behind-The-Scenes]

Discover the importance of assessing your church and your leadership in the health and growth of your church. Learn from church assessment expert Greg Wiens.

Organizational Development [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Download a package of tools designed to help you and your church succeed.

Coaching to Satisfy Heart Hunger

Learn how coaching affects discipleship and three heart hungers that coaches need to be aware of.

Creating a Discipleship Coaching Culture in Your Church – Dino Senesi [Video Training]

Learn the value of creating a coaching discipleship culture from Church Planting Coaching Director, Dino Senesi.

Asian Culture is not Mono-Culture

It is important to understand the Asian demographic movement is not a single culture.

Why Having a Coach Matters

3 Questions Answered on Searching for a Coach

Building Your Launch Team

God does not use a lone individual to start a church.

The Mother’s Day Gift I didn’t Ask For

Today was Mother’s Day and I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck.

Coaching Templates, Tips, and Tools [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download a package of templates, tips, and tools focused on the process of coaching.

The “Miracle” of Recruiting a High-Level Team

A high-level team is like a freight train—when it gets going, it’s tough to stop.

Recruiting a High Level Team – William Vanderbloemen [Video Training]

Learn how to recruit a high-level team by expert executive search consultant for churches, William Vanderbloemen.

3 Ways to Master Leadership

Learn three ways that you can master leadership with Brad Lomenick, the former leader and director of Catalyst for 12 years.

If Your Church Accomplishes Its Vision…

Every decision influences the vision whether to enhance or destabilize it.

Three Essential Questions to Developing Leaders

Learn how to use residencies and internships to develop leaders in your church.

A Scalable Residency Model with Kadi Cole [Behind-The-Scenes]

Learn about Christ Fellowship’s leadership development pathway and how they use it to train residents through their school of ministry.

Trend #2 for the Future of Church Planting: Bivocational Ministry

Instead of looking down on pastors for being bivocational, we should lift them up as our heroes.

Preaching Templates, Tips, and Tools [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download a curated list of 25 templates, tips, and tools for preaching and teaching in your church.

Heaven’s Kitchen: Similarities between Preachers and Chefs

Learn about the five things that preachers and chefs have in common from Matt Chandler.

All on the Same Page: Preaching Teams

Learn how to prepare a sermon as a team, from a church that’s being doing it for over a decade.

Team Preaching with Mark Jobe [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at New Life Community Church? Learn about their preaching team model.

Sample Job Descriptions for All Church Leaders [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download the full list of 47 editable job descriptions for the different volunteer and staff roles in your church.

Be Intentional About Leadership Development

One of the reasons why churches haven’t mastered leadership development is because they are not intentional in doing so.

Developing Your Leadership Pathway – Mac Lake [Video Training]

Learn from Mac Lake, the Visionary Architect of The Multiply Group, on the importance of intentionality in developing leaders.

Scaling Leadership Development: Taking Leaders from Here to There

Learn three principles for moving leaders from one level to the next with the hopes they become disciple-making & leader-reproducing leaders.

Reaching Every Nation with the Gospel

Churches, denominations, and networks should have a strategy to reach every nation. Does your church have one?

A Church Planting Process and Strategy with Every Nation [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at Every Nation? Learn about their church planting strategy and process.

How to Build Your Campus Launch Template

One of the biggest benefits to being multisite is that you can begin to build systems that allow you to launch new churches.

When Someone You’ve Invested In Leaves The Church

It is painful when those you love and have labored with leave, even if they leave in the best possible way.

Level 5 Churches Need Level 5 Leaders

In order to multiply disciples & churches, Level 5 leaders make missional complexities simple & applicable.

Church Planting in Theological Education

Many schools are beginning to recognize that many of their students are not interested in the traditional pastoral route.

Timeless Principles for Church Multiplication

Learn how to create a culture of multiplication and develop leaders. Discover insights to help you move towards multiplying your church.

40 Lessons in Discipleship

Christian discipleship is about helping people follow Jesus.

Leadership, Prophecy, and Criticism

Today, God is looking for people who will answer the call to become his prophets.

Residencies, 12Stone, and Launching 5 Campuses on One Day [Behind-The-Scenes]

12Stone is one of the leading churches today with a leadership residency program and they launched 5 campuses on one day.

A Pipeline for a Leadership Residency Program

For churches, pipelines are used to plant churches, launch campuses, multiply disciples, and to develop leaders.

Who Do You Hang Out With?

All leaders lead. Good leaders develop. Great leaders deploy.

5 Steps to Developing Multiplying Leaders

Church multiplication begins with the small seed of leadership development. Learn 5 steps to developing multiplication oriented leaders.

Multiplication Is Impossible Without Intentionality

Far too often, we are experiencing church planting by addition, and not by multiplication.

How Should the Finances of a New Church be Budgeted and Allocated?

Determining finances is a tough question. Ultimately you want two dominant questions to guide your thinking.

3 Marks of a Healthy Church Residency Program

How many churches would you like to see planted in the next five years? Ten years? 30 years? In your lifetime?

Effort, Power, and Trusting the Lord

Without God’s power, our efforts are useless.

Fail Proofing Church Planting Start-Ups

Learn the values that will help you fail-proof the start-up of your church plant.

Why Do Most Start-Ups Fail? – Greg Surratt [Video Training]

Learn from Greg Surratt, the founding pastor of Seacoast and President of ARC on start-ups.

Multiply, NAMB and Mac Lake [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at Multiply and NAMB? Learn leadership development and insights into their church planting process.

Preparing Church Planters to Swim with Sharks

The good news is that church planters don’t have to swim with real sharks, but they do plant in a world filled with cultural sharks.

Sample Job Descriptions for Senior Church Leaders [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Create a free account to download a sampler of 10 editable job descriptions for the senior roles in your church.

“Mess-Communication”: Multisite Multipliers Keep Teams Talking

Vision takes cultivation. Dreams need occasional and, at times, constant stirring.

3 Ways to Raise Up More Church Planters

We need to be actively engaged in raising up more leaders for the huge harvest field.

Mobilizing From the Sidelines to the Game – The NewThing Network

In order to move people from the sidelines to the game, churches need to create a culture of mobilization.

The NewThing Network and Patrick O’Connell [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at The NewThing Network? How do they structure their residency program?

How Should We Measure Success?

Numbers, dollars, and buildings say something, but not everything.

From Generalist to Specialist: What to Do When You’re Doing it All

There is no getting around it: you will be a generalist for a time long enough that will feel uncomfortable and difficult for you.

First Things First: Multiplying the Mission

If there was only one thing that you could do in your life, what would it be?

Involving Large Church Pastors in Multiplication

Uniting small and large churches around the mission of the denomination is important.

4 Tips to Casting a Compelling Vision

Casting vision is about painting such a compelling picture of the future that others are willing to follow you on the journey.

How Do I Know if God Wants Me to Plant a Church?

Discerning the call of God to plant a church can be tough.

10 Reasons Systems Matter for Church Planting

There are no perfect models, and there is no silver bullet. Many models are useful though.