Determining Your Audience

You need to know your audience so you know how to plan and strategize to effectively reach your audience. 

Build a Great Guest Services Team

The overriding principle in forming a guest service team is this: structure your team for future success.

Succeeding in Church Planting

Most church planters are not successful because they lead the opposite of Jesus.

Should I Plant a House Church?

There is a context for nimble, small, and rapidly reproducing churches right now.

The Church Is Not the Building

A building or lease space is a tool that can add value to your ministry, but a facility that does not align with your clarity or capacity can cripple your ministry.

Developing Leadership and Outreach in a Church

Cory Ball discusses creative ways to develop leadership and outreach in a church congregation.

What Should Church Metrics Be in 2021?

Should we still be measuring the things we used to measure?

Five Ways to Know Your Community

Every church serves in a unique context, so you must know the community around you.

A New Year’s Resolution Worth Repeating

If you’re a Christian, there is one resolution you should indeed repeat over and over again.

3 Reasons to Be Thankful God Does Not Make Resolutions

There are apparently some strong opinions out there about whether it’s right or not to make New Year’s Resolutions.

Gospel-Centered Resolutions

The cultivation of our love for God isn’t something we can nurture all on our own.

Resolve to Trust God

This year, resolve to try hard, but to try hard at the right thing.

What Christmas Tells Us About God

He came in humility, through the most unexpected yet beautiful of means, to draw the lowliest and most undeserving among us to himself.

A “Just In Case” Christmas

Though we are celebrating the rest that only comes through Christ, it’s one of the busiest times of the year.

Six Mistakes as a Church Planter

Here are the six mistakes I regret the most.

The Benefits of Church Planting Residencies

Caleb Smith discusses church planting residencies.

Dealing with Stress in Ministry

Here are five helpful tips when dealing with stress in ministry.

How Church Plants Can Create Quality Online Services

For a church with under 100 people on a shoestring budget this was the perfect choice.

Is It Time to Add a Third Service?

Without hurting the existing two services, what factors should you consider when a third service is needed?

How Vision Hijackers Affect Your Launch Team

Vision highjacking usually comes during a time when the church is at a pause or during a little struggle.

Is Your Church a Country Club?, Part 2

Viewing the church or behaving as if the church is a country club distorts both the identity and the mission of the church. 

Is Your Church a Country Club?, Part 1

I think for many Christians it’s easy to confuse country club membership with church membership.

How Do I Discern a Call to Church Planting?

Discerning a call to church planting is a process.

Innovation During COVID

Doug Paul discusses innovation in churches during COVID.

How to Develop a Budget

Budgeting and fundraising are often two of the most daunting things that church planters face.

How to Work Full-Time and Plant a Church

Andy Williamson discusses pastoring a church plant while holding a full-time day job.

Applying the 70/20/10 Learning Principle to Church

According to this principle, the primary way we learn is by doing and interaction, not by listening. 

How Politics Are Polarizing the Church

Every pastor, church planter, and campus pastor has a dilemma of how much to talk about politics.

6 Ways Pastors Struggle

Pretending pastors don’t struggle is a recipe for disaster.

3 Groups of People in Your Church When It Comes to Change

As you introduce change and adapt ministries, three groups of people will likely emerge.

Cast Vision Effectively

Vision is an incredible gift that God has given us to clearly see the world.

What Are Micro Churches?

Today, this idea of planting many small churches is called micro church.

How Do You Measure Church Plant Success?

Timing for how to measure church plant success can be tricky.

What Are Your Motivations for Church Planting?

When it comes to motivation in church planting, we should be operating out of a sense calling that comes from the inside, but is also affirmed by the outside.

What Is Bivocational Ministry?

If you are able to multitask, enjoy doing different things, intentional about how you plan your schedule, and communicate well with your spouse, then you will likely love bivocational ministry.

Hiring Practices During a Pandemic

During this season of COVID, there are unique circumstances that should be considered when it comes to hiring practices.

3 Keys to Raising Women Leaders in the Church

We need to proactively plan to raise up women leaders, to call out their gifts, and to give them an opportunity.

Annual Budget Preparation

One of the things that is really important as you begin to work through the budget is to make sure you know what the expectations are.

What is Most Essential in Your Church Right Now?

We must remember that being agile in our leadership is both an art and a science.

Keeping the Main Thing the Main Thing

For those of us who know Christ, this is the time to be resolute in our devotion to him above all else.

Trends in Digital Church Planting

There is more to church than the one hour on Sunday.

Parachute Church Planting

When church planting in a different culture, it’s important to understand that the place you are going has a completely different culture than where you are coming from.

Find the Evangelism Style That Excites You

How can we create momentum for evangelism that will cause believers to engage?

Ensure Ongoing Ministry Alignment

As a church leader, you can’t leave “good enough” alone in ministry.

The Pivot in Our Mission

New opportunities are opening up before us and, church, let’s pursue them together.

Building Vision and Culture

Our goal as leaders should be to cast vision that people can find their place in.

Help for Emerging From the Quarantine

We are hungry for these things, and because we are, it might be just the right time for us to read a Book like Ecclesiastes.

Why Have an Outdoor Service?

Vineyard Church of Central Illinois plans for at least a month of outdoor services.

Churches Taking Responsibility

More churches by far are following the model of Calvary Chapel in both caring for their community and honoring those in authority.

A Two-Step Plan to Prepare for the Future

You must have a plan in place to keep your church running and growing in a healthy posture.

Simplifying Ministry Processes

Here are three common responses when it comes to giving away ministry responsibilities. 

A New Normal

Returning to normal after such a historic moment would be nothing short of missing one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime.

How to Respond to Crisis

We want to lead through this season well because we want to give our people courage, clarity, and a pathway forward.

Auditing Ministry and Volunteer Roles

To have a good understanding of your church overall, you must audit every ministry area and all volunteer roles.

How Church Planting Has Changed

Some things in church planting have stayed the same over the last 30 years, but some things have changed.

How Do You Respond to Constraints in Ministry?

When you face constraints in ministry, are you a victim, neutralizer, or transformer? 

Reopening a New Church Plant Post-COVID-19

The first week the church reopened for worship services, they learned several things they did well and things they would need to improve on.

Creating a Contingency Plan

The purpose of contingency planning is to ensure continuity of church and ministry operations or financial stability.

Using Connection to Assimilate New Members

As you begin to look forward to meeting together in person again, but often in limited circumstances, how can you best assimilate these new members into your church?

More Than the Weekend Experience

Customer-centric Sunday experiences have weakened the church — Coronavirus is pushing us to a better way.

Considerations for Reopening Your Church

There’s a beautiful constraint that we find our churches and ministries in at this time.

Redeploying Staff or High-Level Leaders During COVID-19

Right now you have to identify and categorize what needs to be realigned in your church.

How Do We Handle Funerals During a Pandemic?

The coronavirus is affecting our ability to celebrate the lives of beloved members of our church and community who have passed away as well as mourn with those who are grieving.

New and Adapted Volunteer Roles

In the wake of COVID-19, we have a tremendous opportunity in our churches to build an army of volunteers and leaders, not just an audience.

How Does Coronavirus Affect Church Plants?

What should those church plants do in light of the coronavirus? This is the time to seize the opportunity. 

Prayer During a Pandemic – Part Three

I observed how prayer is our response in times of difficulty.

Church Planting During a Pandemic

This is a crucial time for church planters.

Develop a COVID-19 Strategy

It is time for us to settle into that and create a short-term strategy for the next three months.

One Step Before Looking Ahead

We have a tremendous opportunity to build an army, not just an audience, in the wake of COVID-19, but it will not be easy.

Leadership in a Multicultural Church

You don’t have a choice to who and where God calls you.

Preparing for the Financial Impact of COVID

What will church look like, and how do we need to adjust our financial structure for the future?

The Unmet Emotional Needs of Pastors

The pressures of unrealistic expectations, feelings of isolation, and lack of encouragement point to just a few of many pastors’ unmet emotional needs.

Adapting in a Rapidly Changing Time

You can’t look for a bandage. You need to find a way to use this time to make it better than it was before. 

Prayer During a Pandemic – Part Two

Praying in difficult times.

How to Help People Take Next Steps During COVID-19

Today, it’s hard to imagine planning for after COVID-19, but it’s important to consider church life and helping our people take their next steps.

9 Considerations for Reopening Your Church

Some of the greatest moments in church history have been when the boldness of the gospel meets severe constraints. 

Prayer During a Pandemic – Part One

A global pandemic calls God’s church to prayer.

Creating a Community Prayer Ministry

Dave Clayton discusses staring a community wide prayer ministry.

25 Post-COVID-19 Church Volunteer Opportunities

In wake of COVID-19, we have a tremendous opportunity to build an army of volunteers and leaders in our churches, not just an audience of spectators. 

Intersecting Worship Ministry and Church Planting

Greg Armstrong discusses how a worship ministry can be an outreach of a church plant.

Crisis Leadership for Church Plants

As much as COVID-19 has seemingly stopped the world, there are a lot of churches that just opened, or are soon to open, that are trying to figure out what next steps to take.

Rethinking Post-Coronavirus Ministry

Here are four things each church should consider as they think about the people they’ll be serving—both those who’ve been around for a while and newcomers. 

The Importance of a Pastor’s Spiritual Health

If you are going to be faithful in ministry, you must guard your heart and pursue spiritual health. 

COVID-19 and the Future of Church Planting and Multisite

We don’t know what the church is going to look like when this is all said and done, but we do know that it will be different.

The Most Urgent Things Your Church Should Be Doing Right Now

These things, and others, should be already on your mind and in your plans. If it is not, get them going now.

Leading Change

The reality is this: if you are a leader, then you are going to be leading change.

Preparing to Gather Again

While we continue in this new normal, we must look ahead and prepare for how things will be different when we are able to gather.

Staying Positive During Quarantine

During a season of extended quarantine, it’s hard not to grow irritable, anxious, discouraged, and weary.

Spiritual Conversations in a Time of Crisis

It is critical for us to be able to converse about the gospel while people are in a posture of humility.

What Do We Do Now That We Can’t Meet?

May this be a time where the uncertainty and discomfort of this season make us catalysts for creative and effective means to reach others.

Rent Relief and a Plan for the Future

If you need to seek relief on a lease payment or a mortgage payment, here are a few steps to take.

Tips for Church Planting Amidst the COVID-19 Reality

What the reality of being a church plant during COVID-19 looks like.

When Coronavirus Interrupts Your Plans

COVID-19 is affecting everyone in the world. And it is changing the landscape for the church.

How to be a Good Friend During the COVID Crisis

The focus of this article is how to be a good friend when someone you care about is experiencing a situational or emotional crisis.

Spiritual Disciplines in Uncertain Times

Spiritual disciplines matter all the time, but we need to be reminded of that in tumultuous times.

Assessing COVID Anxiety

Knowing how to respond to our COVID-related anxieties requires accurately assessing the type of anxiety we are experiencing.

Pastoral Counseling vs. Professional Counseling

As we think about the pastor as counselor, we want everything we do as pastors to result in the spiritual development and personal flourishing of the people under our care.

Forced Out: Ministry without Buildings

We are in the midst of a real experience that is showing all of us that the church is the people and not a building.

Initial Reflections on Online Gatherings

These will be the key questions we’ll need to start asking to help our church make the most of the opportunities afforded to us.

Current Trends in Student Ministry

The biggest and most successful student ministries in the country are all trying to figure out one thing.

Saving Funds for a Facility

Today’s economy requires churches to have specific funds set aside for ministry and facilities.

Tips for Evangelism in a Post-Christian Era

In every generation, people have defeater beliefs. The question is, how do you deconstruct them?

Raising Financial Support: Tips for Getting to 100%

Nick Brzozowski, Charley Dever, and Brady Gray discuss raising financial support as church planter.

How Evangelism and Discipleship Go Together

When we think of the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20, we often assume the focus is on evangelism. But Jesus commissions us to “make disciples.”

How to Respond to the Coronavirus Pandemic in Your Church

If you haven’t thought about it already, now is the time to consider responding to a pandemic at your church.

How to Prepare for Easter

Easter is one of the most important times of the year in the life of the church.

Measuring Discipleship

The most biblical way to measure discipleship growth is measuring it against the biblical teaching.

Redeeming Rural

My prayer is that the church will not neglect its responsibility to take the gospel into the rural areas of the world.

Defining Evangelism

I think evangelism at its simplest is the telling of the gospel. But I think evangelism includes not just the telling.

How Do You Create a Culture of Sending

Often church plants start with a lot of missional energy that gets lost over time.

Funding Future Facilities

Today’s economy requires churches to have specific funds set aside for ministry and facilities.

The Biggest Challenges in Churches

No matter what your challenges are, you can overcome them by continuing to run the ball and create a culture that engages your members. 

To Breakout, We Must Breakdown

I would propose that the first step to breakout is to have leaders who breakdown. 

Three Phases of Churches Planting Churches

We’ve moved beyond just the idea of planting churches to actually doing it.

How to Attract and Engage New People

When launching a church plant, one of your first concerns may be how to attract people to come to your church.

The Need for a Residency Program

We talk with Tyler Powell, the director of church planting at The Village Church in Dallas, Texas.

How Do You Plan to Make Disciples?

Chris Hruska discusses how his church’s discipleship model led to rapid growth and multiplication.

6 Marks of the Church and Why They Matter

I think we need to ask ourselves: What are the things that undergird the church itself?

5 Lessons Learned as a Church Planter

As encouraging as those stories are, it’s equally as important to hear about the mistakes that people made in their church planting so that we can learn from them.

What is Coaching?

The point of coaching is to come together and ask questions and help make decisions.

Three Steps to a Clear Vision

As it relates to your church’s vision, there are three distinct and vital steps to go through, before you declare your church’s birthday and throw a big launch party for it.

The Plastic Pastor’s Wife

I had only been married and in ministry for a total of four weeks when our senior pastor told us we were going to our first ministry conference.

A Church Plant Who Plants Churches

David Sorn was a youth pastor for 5 years when he felt the call to plant a church.

Advent for Church Planters

Reflecting on a year as it comes to a close can be filled with both joy and sadness.

Pastoral Care as Your Church Plants Grow

How can you prepare your congregation for pastoral care that doesn’t always come directly from the pastor? 

What Church Planting Looks Like

Church planting looks a lot like merging onto the highway via an on-ramp.

The Necessity of Strategy With Vision

Strategy is the framework that makes the vision thrive.

6 Mistakes I Regret the Most

These are not the only mistakes I made in the ten years I pastored that church, but they are the ones I regret the most.

Creating a Culture of Multiplication

We are made to grow one another for the sake of God’s kingdom.

Discipleship as a Church Planting Model

The Bible is the only cross-cultural book ever written, and it can work anywhere.

Best Practices for Hiring New Staff

Whatever your situation, consider the best ways to add quality staff to your team.

The Great Opportunity in Rural Church Planting

God broke Jon’s heart for the rural landscape at a larger level.

Getting Involved in Church Planting

It was through these experiences where I learned important lessons about what it means to plant churches in healthy ways

The Number One Killer Of Church Planters, Part 2

We continue this discussion with Israel’s leaders and today’s pastors and church planters. 

Funding Future Facilities

From the beginning of your church plant, I encourage planters and their leaders to set aside funds for future facilities.

Planting With the Intention of Multiplying

If I’m a new church, should I plant another church? Should I wait and let my own church develop?

Planning for Inconvenience

Ministry cannot happen without relationships. Relationships cannot happen without people. And people are often unpredictable. 

The Number One Killer of Church Planters, Part 1

While there are dozens of leaders in the scriptures who fall, there is nearly universally only one reason they fall: pride.

Reaching First Responders in Your Community

When wanting to show the love of Christ to police officers and other first responders, is there a more effective way than just showing up with donuts?

The Importance of a Communications Calendar

A communications calendar helps you organize your priority messages.

Why Churches Avoid Planting

Churches typically avoid planting because of four main things.

Top Ten Factors to Consider When Looking for a Leased Facility

Before you shop for space or start calling on signs, we advise the church to get an understanding of your space needs and your budget.

Starting a Movement

There are a lot of things that make movements work.

Knowing the Ratio of Leaders to Congregants for Your Church

As the church grows, the demands grow. Thus, the need to raise up other leaders grows as well.

Christianity is a Mobile Faith

The gospel has been moving and spreading for centuries.

Starting a New Business and a Church Plant

This model works for Victory Church and VKS and is a model from which other churches can learn.

My Top Six Mistakes as a Church Planter

Sometimes our failures help us—and others—to grow, which is why I wrote this post for you. 

Cost-Effective Advertising Strategies for Churches

Launching a church plant is expensive, but there are always ways to cut costs.

Challenges in Urban Church Planting

When it comes to planting a church in an urban setting, there are a few unique challenges.

Not a Competition

Pretending an “Annie vs. Church Work” competition exists puts unnecessary pressure on him.

Creating Entry Points for Guests

Visiting a new church, especially if you are unchurched or have been out of the church for many years, can be very intimidating.

Shaping Your Worship Culture

As the pastor, if you do not have a heart for worship, it will be reflected in your church culture.

Five Shifts Toward a Church Planting Movement

Here are five shifts for networks and denominations if we are to see church planting movement dynamics happen again in North America. 

¿Cristianos enojados plantando una iglesia?

Porque un equipo plantador es un grupo de personas comprometidas, junto al equipo pastoral, a vivir la misión de hacer discípulos en el contexto donde se anhela plantar la iglesia.

Creating a Network to Reach Your City

What happens when your vision for church planting expands from that of just your church to your entire city?

10 Things to Know When Buying a Property for Your Church

After growing in a lease space for a season, many churches look for a permanent home that they will own.

Your Volunteers Are Busy. Now What?

Often gathering everyone in the same room at the same time to train them may seem impossible.

Why Church Planters Should Practice Favoritism

This form of favoritism is living out God’s clear pecking order for our lives and ministry.

Steps to Move From a Church Split to a Healthy Church Plant

Regardless of the reasons behind a church split, it is always painful and it is always messy.

Training for Every Ministry in Your Church

As a church planter, you may struggle with training and equipping volunteers in every ministry.

Collaborating to Further God’s Mission

In this New Churches training video, Dennae Pierre, the executive director of the Surge Network, shares her experience with the Surge network and working with churches in Arizona.

5 Characteristics of a Church Revitalizer

Church revitalizers must have a unique set of skills that are necessary for them to be successful in their roles.

Preparing to Plant a Church While in Seminary

You know you want to gain more knowledge as you prepare for that, but you aren’t sure where to start.

Eight Types of Church Planting Churches

We aggregated the characteristics and categorized them into eight different models to provide a rich understanding of how some churches are planting churches.

Make Your Worship Service Better

For the pastor and the church, I can’t overemphasize the importance of a great Sunday service.

Overcoming Polarization in the Church

We need to get beyond our polarization and actually sit down to have table fellowship with the lost. 

The Benefits of a SWAT (Special, Willing, and Temporary) Team

Is it okay for your team to serve in a neighborhood in which they don’t actually live?

Collaborating With Organizations in Your Community

The relationships you build can be incredibly valuable for your church and its impact on your community.  

The Best/Worst Things About Being a Pastor

Here are three things that are both the best and worst thing about being a pastor.

Reaching Hispanics With the Gospel

A big problem that church planters find in Hispanic cultures is confusion of identity within the church.

Responding to Abuse Is Not Easy but Necessary

Knowledge does not make hard things easy. But knowledge can make confusing things clearer.

Four Gathering Principles for Church Planting

I have written about what sociologists call “gathering principles.” The three main ways sociologists say people gather themselves is instructive for church planters.

Four Dangers Church Planters Need Protection From

Here are four dangers that I navigated in my experience as a church planter.

How Do Church Planters Minister in the Context of Abuse?

As you plant a church or see church growth through multiplication, are you prepared to care for individuals who have experienced various forms of abuse?

Proposals for Church Planting Systems, Part 2

Innovation isn’t always necessary, but with North America changing as fast as it is, church planting organizations have a responsibility to try.

Factors in Selecting a New Facility For Your Church

Whether you are looking to lease a space or buy property, there a few key factors to assess before deciding what is best for your church.

The Journey From Newcomer to Member

While it is important to help your newcomers feel welcome, it is very important to help your visitors know the next step to take when deciding if they want to keep coming back.

A Start-Up Church Plant

People in the faith community are often nervous about putting business language on the process of creating a new faith community.

Choosing Between Multisite and a Church Plant

The decision to go multisite vs. church plant doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition; it can instead be a both/and decision.

Proposals for Church Planting Systems, Part 1

We would like to offer two proposals to help you intentionally move toward multiplication. In this article, we’ll examine the first proposal.

Attracting a New Generation of Church Planters

Millennials are changing the way we start churches, and we must consider what else will need to change as Gen Z begins to plant.

Four Financial Support Options for Church Plants

Launching a church plant comes with many challenges. A primary challenge for any is raising financial support.

Cultivate a Culture of Evangelism [Part 2]

Church planting has been hailed as a vital evangelistic methodology.

Fundraising With Small Donors

Most church planters don’t get excited when they hear the term small donor fundraising.

Nail Down Your Core Values

What do you value? What are your core values? Do you know? More importantly, does everyone else know? Should our core values change over time?

How to Multiply Your Groups and Keep Your Friends Too

We are creatures of habit and do not enjoy change, especially when it involves people you are about. However, we also understand the need for multiplication and discipleship of our congregation. Is it possible to combine the two without having to split up groups, and ultimately, friendships?

Church: Place or People?

How do you define the word, church? And why is the definition important?

Best Practices to Develop Church Planting Churches[Part 4]

We’ll look at how network events and funding is a part of developing church planting churches.

The Mission of Multiplication

How do we build a ministry around a mission of multiplication?

Church Multiplication Q&A With Ed Stetzer

Ed Stetzer answers your questions specifically about church multiplication. 

3 Practical Steps to Ensure Your Church Launches Well

Here are a few steps that you can take to ensure your church plant launches well.

Three Temptations in Church Planting After Reaching Sustainability

Drew Hyun shares three temptations that he’s continually battling since they’ve become sustainable.

Creating a Network of Multiplying Churches

What does it look like to launch a network of churches?

Learning to Lead Well as a Church Planting Leader

Organization, initiative, patience, and passion. These skills are especially required for a church planting leader.

How to Balance Your Time with Leaders and the Lost

Practical demands increase as the church plant grows, so how does a pastor balance spending time with leaders and the lost?

Cultivate a Culture of Evangelism [Part 1]

Have faith that the God who raises the dead can infuse an ailing, dead, stagnant, or dysfunctional church with new life and missional potency.

“Ask-Me-Anything” with Ed Stetzer

Ready for an “Ask-Me-Anything” with Ed Stetzer?

Four Blind Spots in Church Planting

Church planters are driven, passionate individuals. Here are blind spots that church planters often face.

How to Prepare Your Sermon for Launch Day

Here are three things to help you deliver a successful first sermon as you launch your church plant.

Best Practices to Develop Church Planting Churches [Part 3]

Here is part 3 of organizations intentionally building into their church planting systems an emphasis on developing church planting churches.

The Three Foundations of Prayer

Petition is an important part of prayer, but it shouldn’t be the only way we pray.

The Cost of Doing Ministry

Pastors are so accustomed to spending and losing money that it’s called an “investment” in people, but it is a slippery slope.

Incorporating Future Leaders into your Church Plant

Here are four points to consider when you incorporate future leaders into your church plant.

A Lesson for Church Planters from the British Bulldog

Keep preaching the gospel and use words because they are necessary.

We Are Exiles

The reality is, Christians are interlopers. We are strangers and foreigners.

Why is Change So Difficult?

Change is hard is because it involves people. Most of the time we focus our efforts on the people that are not open to change. This is a mistake.

Best Practices to Develop Church Planting Churches [Part 2]

Here are 8 ways that organizations are intentionally building into their church planting systems an emphasis on developing church planting churches.

The Three Greats of the Jesus Mission

Jesus gave us three commandments. We must obey them all if we are going to see movement.

Best Practices to Develop Church Planting Churches [Part 1]

Eight ways that organizations are building into their church planting systems on developing church planting churches.

Five Steps to Become a Multiplying Church

Although God promises to bring in the harvest, He calls for the workers to go out into the fields.

Creating a Missional Minded Church

What are the best ways for churches to reach out to their communities and get individual church members missionally involved?

How to Maximize Community Events and Engagement

How can our church foster a larger community identity within our neighborhood?

Church Planting and the Informal Business Economy

Those with a heart and calling for leading a movement must realize that one of the necessary runners is a high commitment to decentralization.

Three Characteristics of Church Planting Systems

3 findings describe where North American organizations are in adjusting their systems to equip churches to become church planting churches.

Leaving a Legacy that Lasts

Be involved in the multi-generational, globally-scoped, kingdom-expanding work of planting churches and sending missionaries.

Nine Systems Within a Church Planting System

Here are nine basic systems that make up a typical Church Planting System in a North American church planting network.

What’s a Healthy 20-Mile March Percentage Growth Goal?

What does a healthy 20-mile march percentage growth goal for Sunday attendance, small groups, and volunteers serving look like?

The Dream and Reality of Planting Multiple Churches

Greg Surratt shares how the ARC started with a massive dream in the face of a sobering reality.

The New Normal in Church Planting

Churches are planting churches and often, subsequently, their own networks. This is becoming the new normal in church planting.

Will the Multisite Model Stand the Test of Time?

While the multisite model continues to grow, the way it looks is changing.

Discussing Church Planting on a Secular Podcast

When AJ Smith received an email asking if he would be interested in appearing on the podcast StartUp to discuss church plants, he said yes.

Church Planting on the Cheap

Small church budget changes toward financial stability.

How to Build a Thriving Student Ministry

What do students truly need in a student ministry?

Lessons Learned in Bi-Vocational Rural Pastoring

Lessons learned while choosing the bi-vocational route in a rural church planting context.

Five Steps to Become a Multiplying Church

Here are five basic steps that churches could take that would help make multiplication movements a higher priority.

Recruiting Your Church Planting Team

One key to a successful church plant is to recruit a good launch team. Here are 4 tips for recruiting launch team members for a church plant.

Best Practices in Church Planting Systems

Download our new eBook to learn how to plant church planting churches.

Multiplying Churches Like 7-Elevens

Intentionality—the deliberate, purposeful, and strategic thinking about something—is the oxygen of multiplication.

From Volunteer to Church Planter

Learn how to get started when God gives you what seems like an unattainable vision.

What if Everyone Leaves Your Church…to Plant More Churches?

When you send people out to plant, others will show up and step into leadership roles.

Barriers To Multiplication [Part 2]

What would it take for you to overcome barriers and move your church towards multiplication?

How to Fire Your Best Friend

You don’t want to risk losing your friend, but you know that for the health of the church and the staff it is time to let him go.

Barriers To Multiplication [Part 1]

Is something stopping you from starting a new church plant?

Tips to Create a Missional Culture, Part 2

Dave Jensen shares six more points that have helped his team create a greater missional culture within their congregation.

Refuel with God’s Grace and Joy Throughout the Journey of Church Multiplication

The journey of mission, and thus of movemental Christianity and multiplication, is like that of a life-long roller coaster.

Finding Christ in College

If students become Christ-followers in college, they tend to follow Jesus to the end of the journey.

How to Avoid Church Stagnation

Making sure your church is a loving, welcoming environment that genuinely seeks to share the gospel is a great way to address stagnation.

Burying and Resurrecting a Church Plant

These two church planters had a mutual vision of a multiethnic church that embodied racial reconciliation and racial justice.

Two Church Planting Startup Models

As long as the Kingdom of God is being built, we can be thankful for diversity in approaches.

Tips to Create a Missional Culture, Part 1

Dave Jensen shares 5 Steps to a Missional Culture.

Raising Non-Traditional Leaders to be Church Planters and Pastors

We should remember that it is God (not boards or faculties) who raises up leaders.

Moving from Survival to Stability to Sustainability

The first stage of church growth is simply moving from surviving every week to having financial stability.

Creating a Culture of Evangelistic Accountability

For pastors, avoiding the topic of evangelism cannot become the default choice.

Why We Lose Great Creative People

Sometimes losing people is a natural progression of growth.

Creating a Culture of Evangelistic Accountability

Let us, as his followers, go out with willing hearts to proclaim the gospel as we make disciples for Christ.

The Relationship Between the Worship Pastor and the Lead Pastor

You can’t lead your church in worship if you aren’t first leading your family.

Mind of a Developer

IT people are in your church and ministry for a reason.

Work Hard, Rest Well

Do not sacrifice your family on the altar of ministry.

From a Bus Garage to a Horse Barn, Real Life is Reaching Thousands

When God is at work, believe that he can do it anywhere.

Pushing into Places of Conflict for the Good of the Kingdom

When conflicts arise leaders frequently skirt around the necessity of dealing directly with each other.

Equipping Yourself and Your Team

Learn some helpful ways to equip your children’s ministry team.

Guardrails for a Disciple Making Culture

You can plant a church and not make disciples. But if you make disciples, you will plant churches that will plant churches.

Everything is a Residency

Church planters with ministry experience are more ready than church planters without any.

Trends of Kids Ministry

Ministry leaders have captured the vision that kids understand the gospel in a profound way with urgency.

Beating Bitterness

While most of us already know that bitterness is a sin, what many of us don’t know is how to effectively deal with it in a gospel way.

Is Your Church Plant Making a Difference?

How do we know our ministries, whether preaching, outreach, serving the poor, children’s programs, or life groups, make a difference?

Getting Past Inertia: Three Simple Tips for Sharing Our Faith

The message of Christ’s love and redemptive work on the cross was meant to be shared and it’s our job to testify to its power.

The Distinctions of Networked, Family, and Multisite Churches

Drew Hyun explains the differences between a networked church, a family of churches, and a multisite church in terms of structure.

How to Use Social Media in Your Church

Social media can be used to disseminate gospel messages, engage people, and notify the community that churches exist.

The Most Important Hat a Church Planter Wears

In all my years of church planting it is my firm conclusion that the most important hat I wear is: giver of hope.

Dear Church Planter

Beg God to do a work in your heart to love and cherish your wife as unto the Lord.

3 Questions Pastors Must Ask

Having been around a lot of pastors at our various confabs across the world, I’ve noticed something unhealthy.

A Lifetime of Leadership Lessons

The body of Christ is not an illustration or a theological construct. It’s a reality.

Strategic Church Planting: Your Master Plan

A vision is unique to you and will capture your heart and life.

Lies Pastors Believe

When you deny your need for community, you are denying your humanity.

Too Important to Fail

What’s the thing you ultimately believe is too important to fail: your plant or your marriage?

Three Differences Between a Campus Pastor and an Associate Pastor

Sam Yoon shares three things that make being the #1 guy different from being the #2 guy. 

The Dark Soul of the Driven Planter

The driven man who plants a difficult work to make disciples of Jesus will experience the darkness.

Your Facility: Right Size to Maximize

Does your facility facilitate ministry, or does it limit ministry?

5 Trends in Cities and Urban Ministry

Tim Keller shares 5 trends in North American Cities and what they mean for church planters.

Go…But First, Wait

Jesus’ first marching orders, to the small band of apostles and disciples on whom the fate of global Christianity rested, were “Stop. Wait. Don’t go.”

How to Transform a Community

One of the great and worthy causes of church planting is the desire to influence neighborhoods and cities for the gospel of Jesus.

The Implications of Your Church Plant’s Vision

When you’re casting vision, here are three implications you want to keep reminding your church of, pre- and post-launch.

Five Steps to Become a Multiplying Church

Five steps that churches could take that would help make multiplication movements a higher priority.

The Three Things Every Campus Pastor Needs to Do

To be effective in ministry, you need to do these three things well.

Resisting Spiritual Colonialism & Ambulance Chasing

Mark Jobe shares how to resist ambulance chasing, and instead, seek God’s will when restarting a church.

Movement and the Early Church [Part 2]

We need to re-learn what it means to live as an interdependent community of faith.

Five Ways to Fight Discouragement When You Want to Quit

Here are five ways that can help you deal with the inevitable discouragement that comes with being a planter.

Replanting & Revitalizing

With every dying church, there is an opportunity for replant.

Replanting with John Mark Clifton [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, I discuss church replanting and revitalization with John Mark Clifton.

Three Essentials for an Attractional Church Plant

How can a church plant be more attractional with such limited resources?

Freelancing, Money, and Finding a Job in Bivocational Ministry

Bivocational ministry means you’re intentionally leveraging all of life into one calling.

Restarting & Replanting [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

These resources are geared towards launching a restart or replant.

4 Ways to Find Launch Members

To plant a church you need a solid launch team. Get the best practices from Daniel Im on growing your launch team.

Movement and the Early Church [Part 1]

Waiting in prayer is the disciplined refusal to act before God acts.

Time Management for Bivocational Ministry

With bivocational ministry becoming more common, it is crucial for any pastor or church planter to know how to manage time well.

Just a Few Stories of Unlikely New Friendships

Are timid about sharing across perceived cultural or religious barriers. Maybe you need to give it a try?

The Art of Juggling: Bivocationalism and Church Ministry

Bivocationalism is a paradigm shift and requires one to alter their perspective for ministry.  

Six Knacks of Bivocational Ministry

To live a good life in bivocational ministry, you must have an aptitude in six key areas.

Bivocational Research

Lifeway Research has gathered some helpful insight into what bivocational ministry looks like today.

Bivocational Research with Scott McConnell [Behind-The-Scenes]

Scott McConnell shares some of the dynamics and pressures that a church planter will face if they are bivocational.

The Necessity of a Theology of Work

Work can be used to make the world a better place, and it can be a good thing for us too.

Nike for Church Planters

How much time are you spending hanging out with skeptical, curious and confused not-yet Christ followers?

How to Create a Solid Communication Framework in a Multisite Model

If you are going to plant a grape vineyard, don’t plant apple seeds.

3 Ways Tesla Affects Your Church Metrics

What do you think would happen if you reimagined your church’s dashboard?

Multiplying Churches [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

These resources are designed to help you multiply and become a sending church. 

From Preview to Launch

Previews are not abbreviated versions of your church service.

5 Steps to Producing a Multiplying Culture in your Church

The first step to producing a multiplying culture in your church is to make a move.

5 Steps to Producing a Multiplying Culture in your Church [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, Shawn Lovejoy shares how to create a multiplying culture in your church.

Becoming a Sending Church

Being a sending church is not just about planting churches. It’s about going into the cities and nations, and making disciples.

6 Mistakes I Made as a Church Planter

Mark Dance shares the mistakes he made as a church planter to equip you not to repeat them.

Small Town Churches with Donnie Griggs [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, I discuss rural church ministry with Donnie Griggs.

We Need Small Town Churches

Pastoring a small town church is like doing ministry in a fishbowl.

3 Keys to Increasing Church Planting Capacity in Denominations

Ed Stetzer shares three things to look at when working toward increasing church planting.

Planting Churches in a Multiethnic Context

To understand what is a multiethnic church, we need to understand what multiethnic means.

How Do We Get at Effective Outreach?

Ed Stetzer gives 3 shifts to be more effective at outreach in an increasingly skeptical, secular, and pluralistic culture.

The Value of Church Planter Assessment and Boot Camps

Church planter development is a crucial element to giving new churches a real chance to succeed.

3 Reasons We Shouldn’t Copy Someone Else’s Vision

A knockoff is an unauthorized copy or cheap imitation of the original. The quality cannot be easily matched or imitated. So, it is with vision.

3 Overlooked Qualities of a Successful Church Planter

Learn these qualities that are mentioned less often but are very important to becoming a successful church planter.

What We Can Learn From Immigrant Churches in Urban Church Planting

What can we learn and change in our approach to planting churches in global cities?

Cities and Multiculturalism: Two Trends in Church Planting Today

Ed Stetzer shares two trends in church planting today, and addresses their counter trends as well.

An Interview: From Marine Wife to Minister’s Wife

Kelli O’Day shares what it was like to go from a major’s wife to a minister’s wife.

Applying APEST to Church Planting and Organizations

Learn how APEST represents the DNA of the church and how that ought to affect your leadership.

Stargazing: Year One Lessons in Church Planting

God uses church planting as a means of sanctification for the planters as much as a means of salvation for the people the plant serves.

Stay the Course

Ed Stetzer lists three ways planters can stay the course in keeping evangelistically focused even after the launch.

5 Mistakes I Made as a Church Planter

Dustin Neeley shares some mistakes he has made as a church planter and the valuable insight he gained because of them.

5 Steps for Leading Yourself as a Church Planter

Dustin Neeley gives five steps to help lead yourself better as a church planter so you can lead your family or church well.

10 Characteristics of Movemental Christianity

Ed Stetzer shares ten characteristics of movemental Christianity.

Evangelism and Movements: July CPLF Gathering

Ed Stetzer talks about the Church Planting Leadership Fellowship.

¿Qué es plantación de iglesias?

En este post veremos una definición de plantación y definiremos las primeras partes de esa definición.

1,000 Churches in Your Lifetime

For a movement, we need rapid reproduction, not slow addition.

Plant Churches Like Gerbils

Jason Crandall shares the mindset we need to proliferate the gospel in church planting.

Church Planting with Kids

What effects does church planting have on kids?

Why Can’t Planters Be Pastors? [Part 3]

Derek Hanna shares five practical tips for planters.

Why Can’t Planters Be Pastors? [Part 2]

Derek Hanna continues talking about church planting and pastoral leadership.

Unleashing Disciple-Makers

Understanding who Christ is is critical to our understanding of who we are.

Why Can’t Planters Be Pastors? [Part 1]

Perhaps we need to readjust our understanding of what we mean when we use the word “pastor.”

Planter, Why Art Thou Planting? [Part 2]

Do you love your town or city like a missionary, or do you simply enjoy your community, consuming its goods, services, and amenities?

1,000 Churches: How Past Movements Did It—And How Your Church Can, Too

In this new book, 1,000 Churches, Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im outline a path to move from addition to reproduction for your church.

Living Among Wolves

Many of us look at Christianity as a pursuit for protection. But it is really a fight against isolation.

Stupid Lines I’ve Used On My Wife

The key to a healthy pastor is a healthy marriage.

The Gospel “In” Context

Dhati Lewis talks contextualization in ministry.

Contextualization with Dhati Lewis [Video Training]

In this training video, Dhati Lewis, Lead Pastor of Blueprint Church and Author of the New Book, Among Wolves talks contextualization.

5 Common Mistakes of Urban Church Planters

We need as many kinds of churches that we can get in cities.

Are You a Church Planter or Pirate?

I don’t know of any church planter who intentionally seeks to grow at the expense of another church, but it happens way too often.

The Bigger Picture of Church Planting

We can learn how we can partner with church plants, planters, networks, and denominations for the advancement of the mission of God.

Temptations for the Urban Church Planter

Many times we are tempted to presume upon God to bless our reckless choices.

Adopt A Missionary

How does personalized partnership enhance engagement? It puts a face with a cause.

Missionary Partnerships with Jair Campos [Behind-The-Scenes]

The reason why many churches aren’t engaged and excited about the mission of God abroad is because they don’t know a missionary serving on the ground.

Don’t Just Start a Church; Establish a Family

Too often, we seek to first establish infrastructure (our organization, church, etc.) before actually living on mission in our context.

How to Develop Vision from Burden

God has given us the ministry of reconciliation. And now, we are His ambassadors and the message we proclaim is “be reconciled.”

Ministry in the Urban Revolution

When it comes to the realm of missiology today, you cannot address the study of mission without addressing it in the context of urbanization.

The Missionary Strategy of the Early Church

There has never been a more rapidly growing movement than the post-apostolic church.

Points on the Board

Here’s the truth every sports fan and player knows: you don’t win unless you put points on the board.

Church Planting and Multiplication with Jeff Christopherson [Behind-The-Scenes]

It’s difficult to flesh out a calling where there is no vision.

Thinking of Planting a Church in a City? (Part 2)

God has already been at work in the city where you are planting.

Campus Pastor Skill #2: How to Lead Across

Campus pastors don’t need to learn how to lead laterally, but the best ones know how to.

Thinking of Planting a Church in a City? Start Here… 

Church planters—if you’re called to a city and you’re married, your whole family ought to feel called.

Reacquainting Ourselves with Rural Small Towns

Although there’s not been much mission strategy in rural small town areas, we must reacquaint ourselves with such areas to be effective.


Something often overlooked is the importance of asking God for the right mentality.

Remembering the Back Seat Passenger

While urban church planting enjoys riding “shotgun,” we must not forget about rural church planting.

Small Town Mission with Aaron Morrow [Behind-The-Scenes]

There is still great need for planters in rural areas and small towns.

Rural Church Planting Talks from CPLF

Download resources and talks from this year’s CPLF gathering on rural church planting

Be Flexible or Die

If we are going to survive the tumultuous waters of church planting, we will have to learn to be flexible.

3 Ways Direct Mailings Can Help Your Church

Research has shown that when mailed pieces contain information recipients find valuable, they are likely to keep it for future reference.

Missiology, Church Models, and Cultural Alignment

Church models are a by-product of two things coming together: the missiological quest and the cultural question.

The Aching of Advent

The aching of Advent is a time where I believe we are most aware of how close the heavenly realm is and how it stands in stark contrast to the struggles of earth.

What to Do and What Not to Do, that’s the Question

In every situation there’s a right way to handle things and a wrong way. In other words, there’s a “what to do” and a “what not to do.”

Small Towns Are Unique [Part 2]

It’s often said that newspapers in small towns don’t report the news, they confirm the news.

Small Towns Are Unique [Part 1]

Significant differences exist between small towns and larger cities when it comes to being on mission.

Understanding Before Being Understood

Ed and Daniel chat with Dhati Lewis on contextualization and mission.

Planting as Creative Disruption

We need to think and talk in terms of creative disruption within in our ministries.

Contextualizing “Personal Jerusalems”

The ability to contextualize the gospel properly greatly affects the effectiveness of a church advancing the mission of God in a specific locale.

Recommended Church Planting Books: New and Old

Today, more than ever, we have an abundance of digital resources, webinars, training videos, and templates for church planting.

Annotated Church Planting Bibliography

Plus members, download a curated annotated bibliography of 90+ church planting books today!

4 Types of People to Mobilize

God has equipped every believer to serve in and through the church in some way.

More Church Planting—Not Less—Is Needed

In order for a church planting movement to occur the Spirit of God must be powerfully working in us so that He can powerfully work through us.

Finding Facilities for Multisite Campuses

If you are preparing to launch, get the vision of your multisite strategy in the hearts of your people.

An Unprecedented Opportunity

Learn the commitments and challenges for a multi-ethnic church.

Vision for Tomorrow: Discerning and Safeguarding the Vision of the Church

Ed and Daniel chat with Shawn Lovejoy on discerning and protecting vision.

Press In or Push Away

If we’re ever going to grow as leaders it’s going to mean pressing into those situations which we’d rather avoid.

Clear and Concise Vision Casting

Adding specificity to vision magnifies a church’s filter for making decisions.

What To Do When Your Wife is More Competent Than You

We always feel the need to appear as though we know what we are doing and have it all together. Don’t believe this lie.

Rural Church Planting and Coaching Church Planters: November CPLF Gathering

If you’re a church planting leader in your denomination, you should join us for this gathering.

Multiplication Today, Movements Tomorrow Book

In this book, Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im explore the practices, barriers, and ecosystem required for church multiplication and movements.

Noisy Gongs and Clanging Cymbals

Today, the typical local church is not disruptive: rather, it has been disrupted.

Why Churches Should Plant Churches

Church planters need to be the best advocates and sponsors of next-generation churches.

5 Future Trends of Church Planting

Church planting trends for now and the future. Check out five of them from Ed Stetzer.

What The Church Can Learn From Jerry Jones

Does football have anything to do with the church? Especially when it comes to your building?

Working Together to Reach a City

Chad Clarkson explains the importance of collaboration in church planting.

Am I Called To Be A Church Planter?

The natural outflow of the Great Commission is the planting of new churches.

State of Church Planting In Canada Report

Download the results of the largest and most thorough survey done on church planting in Canada.

To Innovate

Who will invest in figuring out what the church will look like in a millennial era and beyond?

Don’t Miss This Year’s Coaching Summit!

Register now for the 2016 Coaching Summit in Nashville…for Free!

The Pioneer and the Pastor

Church planters are pioneers — those who forge for the Kingdom in as-yet-untamed lands. But, what do you do when you’ve done that?

Serial Church Planting

Peyton Jones makes the case for the need for more gospel special-forces operatives in the Kingdom of God

Bivocationalism and Church Ministry

Hugh Halter sits down and talks bi-vocational ministry.

Shaped By The Rhythm of Community

Our community on Facebook provides solid answers to maximizing the impact in the city in which God has placed you.

Church Planting and Funding Facilities

As people steward financially into your church, they will expect that the money is handled well.

Don’t Be the Bottleneck

Moving your church to it’s next season may not involve you letting go of some of the things you’re currently doing.

Intro to Developing a Budget

Budgeting and fundraising are often two of the most daunting things that church planters face. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Church Finance and Budgets [Ready-to-Use-Resources]

Download a ton of church financial resources in this month’s Ready-To-Use-Resources

Justice and Church Planting: August CPLF Gathering

Ed talks about an upcoming church planting event you are not going to want to miss.

More Blessed to Receive Than to Give?

We should be willing and able to receive a gift when it’s offered to us.


There’s one thing every church planter needs: the bravery of God’s Spirit.

Organic and Intentional Discipleship

Hear one of the greatest discipleship experts sit down and talk with us about raising fully devoted followers of Jesus.

The “Perfect” Bivocational Job?

Looking to step into bivocational ministry? Consider these factors when choosing the right second job.

Hybrid Discipleship and Spiritual Disciplines with Philip Nation [Behind-The-Scenes]

Philip Nation weighs in on the need for the blending of spiritual disciplines and discipleship models.

Worldview Shift and Our Church Planting Mission

Discover the future trends in church planting as it pertains to respect and diversity.

Top Ten things to Know When Finding a Facility for Your Church Plant

Most of the time, church plants don’t know how much space they’ll need.

Planning for Maximum Effectiveness

Discover the three planning buckets you need to maximize your effectiveness as a church.

Organizational Planning and Leadership – Jim Baker [Video Training]

Hear from Pastor Jim Baker on best practices for quality strategic planning for your church and how to raise up strong volunteers

Dear (smokin’ hot) Wife,

I’m still learning how to be your husband. It’s all unpredictable terrain.

The Mission Has a Spirit

Before you and I step out onto the mission field, perhaps we should prayerfully await the Spirit.

Cultivating the Organization People Want to Serve In

The more visible and accessible the mission and vision is, the more rhythmic the organizational becomes.

When it comes to building your core team, what advice you would give on recruiting people from churches other than your sending church?

See how Mark Dance answered this question during Office Hours for Plus Members.


When you are looking to build your team, start by asking who is FAT.

The Most Unexpected Source of Pain in Our Church Planting Journey

I’ve been one of the pastors/church planters to throw shade at others as well!

The Importance of Assessments

70-90% of churches are plateaued or declining. Find out what it takes to rise above the norm!

Church Assessments and Leadership with Greg Wiens [Behind-The-Scenes]

Discover the importance of assessing your church and your leadership in the health and growth of your church. Learn from church assessment expert Greg Wiens.

Curating Your Multisite Library

Having the right tools at hand for church multiplication cannot be overstated.

Organizational Development [Ready-To-Use-Resources]

Download a package of tools designed to help you and your church succeed.

The Church is Not the Building So You Do Not Need One

It is imperative that you get clarity on who you are and what your ministry is called to do.

Starting Churches that Reach H1B Visa Non Immigrant Visa Holders

Churches should not overlook this burgeoning mission opportunity.

Coaching to Satisfy Heart Hunger

Learn how coaching affects discipleship and three heart hungers that coaches need to be aware of.

Creating a Discipleship Coaching Culture in Your Church – Dino Senesi [Video Training]

Learn the value of creating a coaching discipleship culture from Church Planting Coaching Director, Dino Senesi.

A Case for Bivocationality

What if there isn’t enough “grain to tread,” in the specific way our proverbial ox-hoof was designed by God?

Asian Culture is not Mono-Culture

It is important to understand the Asian demographic movement is not a single culture.

Why Having a Coach Matters

3 Questions Answered on Searching for a Coach

Building Your Launch Team

God does not use a lone individual to start a church.

The Mother’s Day Gift I didn’t Ask For

Today was Mother’s Day and I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a truck.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit and The Church Planter

Learn about best practices in planting a church with a for-profit extension.

The Insufficiency of the Entrepreneurial Spirit with Marlan Mincks [Behind-The-Scenes]

Learn best practices on pastoring in the “third place,” having a for-profit arm, and how Converge assessment centers work.

Why I’m Taking a 3-month Sabbatical After 3 Years into Planting a Church

I want to be joyfully ministering for the long haul.

Back from the future…

I find that while most church planters are entrepreneurial and therefore visionary, we’re also activists.

Talent Ain’t Enough

Your talents aren’t enough to do what God has asked of you.

The “Miracle” of Recruiting a High-Level Team

A high-level team is like a freight train—when it gets going, it’s tough to stop.

Recruiting a High Level Team – William Vanderbloemen [Video Training]

Learn how to recruit a high-level team by expert executive search consultant for churches, William Vanderbloemen.

The Need for Churches Among New Immigrants from China

China is now the 4th largest source country of all migration.

Dear Church Planter, I Believe in You

I believe in church planting. More to the point, I believe in church planters.

Top Quotes From Exponential 2016 – Day 3

Take a look through the top quotes from day three of Exponential 2016.

Top Quotes From Exponential 2016 – Day 2

Take a look through the top quotes from day two of Exponential 2016.

Top Quotes From Exponential 2016 – Day 1

Take a look through the top quotes from day one of Exponential 2016.

Planter, Why Art Thou Planting?

Scripture does invite us to prayerfully weigh our motives.

Launching Large

Start small, and chances are your church will remain small.

3 Ways to Master Leadership

Learn three ways that you can master leadership with Brad Lomenick, the former leader and director of Catalyst for 12 years.

If Your Church Accomplishes Its Vision…

Every decision influences the vision whether to enhance or destabilize it.

Trend #3 for the Future of Church Planting: Residencies and Theological Education

Seminaries are realizing that ministerial training happens best in the context of a local church.

Three Essential Questions to Developing Leaders

Learn how to use residencies and internships to develop leaders in your church.

A Scalable Residency Model with Kadi Cole [Behind-The-Scenes]

Learn about Christ Fellowship’s leadership development pathway and how they use it to train residents through their school of ministry.

Trend #2 for the Future of Church Planting: Bivocational Ministry

Instead of looking down on pastors for being bivocational, we should lift them up as our heroes.

Preaching Templates, Tips, and Tools [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download a curated list of 25 templates, tips, and tools for preaching and teaching in your church.

5 Important Values For New Churches Today

The message of Jesus is timeless and true, and the gospel is indeed unchanging news for today.

Learning to Relax

It’s pretty common for the unusual to happen at our inner city church, but this took things to a whole new level.

Heaven’s Kitchen: Similarities between Preachers and Chefs

Learn about the five things that preachers and chefs have in common from Matt Chandler.

Trend #1 for the Future of Church Planting: Kingdom Collaboration

Together we can accomplish more than we can ever do alone.

Planning to Plant? Plan to Persevere.

Perseverance is not just important in church planting; it’s critical.

Knocking it Out of the Park: How to Prepare and Deliver “Home Run” Sermons

Learn four helpful tips to improve your preaching for the glory of God.

Helpful Tips on Sermon Preparation and Delivery – Mike Minter [Video Training]

Watch a 60 minute course on four steps to preparing a sermon with Mike Minter.

#MakeDisciples ThatMakeDisciples Part 2

In our church we work really hard by God’s grace, to cultivate a Gospel culture.

A Key Discernment Question in Church Planting

My natural tendency has been to push and work until whatever is dreamed about comes to fruition.

Resourcing African American Churches

Most of the African American church planters with whom I work have lived in the location where they plant for a long time.

Sample Job Descriptions for All Church Leaders [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download the full list of 47 editable job descriptions for the different volunteer and staff roles in your church.

Three Steps of Every Church Plant’s Vision

We must take time to craft the vision for our church, and the elements of mission and ministry in it.

Be Intentional About Leadership Development

One of the reasons why churches haven’t mastered leadership development is because they are not intentional in doing so.

Developing Your Leadership Pathway – Mac Lake [Video Training]

Learn from Mac Lake, the Visionary Architect of The Multiply Group, on the importance of intentionality in developing leaders.

One of the Most Depressing Things I Can Do as a Church Planter

Comparison is one of the most depressing things I can do as a church planter.

The Two Most Important Elements of Preaching

If Jesus’ sermons didn’t necessarily contain much new content, what made his teaching so attractive?

Scaling Leadership Development: Taking Leaders from Here to There

Learn three principles for moving leaders from one level to the next with the hopes they become disciple-making & leader-reproducing leaders.

A New Resource for Pastors and Church Planters

In Matthew 28, we see Jesus Christ’s clear vision for the church, “To go into all the world and make disciples.”

In This Time: Leadership Lessons from Esther

Renewal, restoration, transformation, and salvation will come from here or another place.

9 Ways to Engage Your Community

Teach your people to be their best at work. Great workers make a great place to live.

There’s No Church Planting Movement in the West [WHITE PAPER]

Download this exclusive white paper written by Ed Stetzer and Daniel Im that explains why there’s no church planting movement in the West.

Is There a Recruitment Secret Sauce For Church Planting?

“We don’t recruit, coax, cajole or tap prospective planters on the shoulder – we pray.”

The Place Where Planters Need to Be

I find it fascinating that the story of God starts with a picnic and ends with a feast.

Reaching Every Nation with the Gospel

Churches, denominations, and networks should have a strategy to reach every nation. Does your church have one?

A Church Planting Process and Strategy with Every Nation [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at Every Nation? Learn about their church planting strategy and process.

#MakeDisciples ThatMakeDisciples, Part 1

This is a randomized list of tweets and tips for making disciples that make disciples.

Blast Off

The best analogy for me regarding church planting is this: it’s like launching a rocket.

Church Marketing Templates and Guides [Ready-To-Use Resources]

Download marketing guides and templates to help you launch your church or campus, and grow it.

How to Build Your Campus Launch Template

One of the biggest benefits to being multisite is that you can begin to build systems that allow you to launch new churches.

Level 5 Churches Need Level 5 Leaders

In order to multiply disciples & churches, Level 5 leaders make missional complexities simple & applicable.

What I Wish I Knew About Moving From An Associate Pastor to a Lead Pastor

One of the challenges for me as a church planter is not knowing what I don’t know.

One Of These May Change The World

If you have people, you have potential church planters. If you have people, you have people to train.

How to Become a Multiplying Church – Mike McDaniel [Video Training]

Learn from Mike McDaniel, Pastor of Church Planting at The Summit Church, on how to become a multiplying church.

4 Essentials to Become a Multiplying Church

Multiplying churches do four things: They cast a clear vision for multiplication, they identify potential church planters…

Church Planting in Theological Education

Many schools are beginning to recognize that many of their students are not interested in the traditional pastoral route.

Your Greatest Contribution to Planting

If I asked you what the single greatest contribution your church could make to church planting would be, what would you say?

Creating a Culture of Multiplication, Leadership, and The Assemblies of God [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at The Assemblies of God? Learn how to create a culture of multiplication in your church.

Timeless Principles for Church Multiplication

Learn how to create a culture of multiplication and develop leaders. Discover insights to help you move towards multiplying your church.

How Old Must a Church Be To Plant Another Church?

Early on, we need to recognize that church planting has to be a part of the DNA of the church.

Four Questions About Your Church Plant

Answer these questions, planter. The future of your work — and probably your soul — depend on it.

Multisite in Rural Locations

Starting a campus in rural areas isn’t like starting one in the suburbs or cities. In many ways, it’s more difficult—especially relationally, financially, and contextually.

This Ain’t Your Mama (Church)’s Church

Submit your plans and leadership to the one Good Shepherd and Head of the Church.

A Pipeline for a Leadership Residency Program

For churches, pipelines are used to plant churches, launch campuses, multiply disciples, and to develop leaders.

Who Do You Hang Out With?

All leaders lead. Good leaders develop. Great leaders deploy.

Should I Start With a Core Group or a Launch Team?

The reason some people have leaned towards launch teams is because many of the people who help start the church, don’t actually stick around.

Tips on Starting Well for the Church Planting Wife

Church planting, when you boil it down, is all about relationships.

5 Steps to Developing Multiplying Leaders

Church multiplication begins with the small seed of leadership development. Learn 5 steps to developing multiplication oriented leaders.

Multiplication Is Impossible Without Intentionality

Far too often, we are experiencing church planting by addition, and not by multiplication.

How Should the Finances of a New Church be Budgeted and Allocated?

Determining finances is a tough question. Ultimately you want two dominant questions to guide your thinking.

For the Struggling Church Planting Wife: Reframe the Struggle

In church planting, it’s helpful to reframe what you’ve experienced. Think about the common struggles you and I face from different angles.

2 Kinds of Multi-Ethnic Churches

Even if a church does not talk about race/social issues as much, these churches care deeply about what God is doing globally.

3 Marks of a Healthy Church Residency Program

How many churches would you like to see planted in the next five years? Ten years? 30 years? In your lifetime?

Consistency Matters in Church Planting

We have the chance to model God’s heart; a heart of love and consistency.

Fail Proofing Church Planting Start-Ups

Learn the values that will help you fail-proof the start-up of your church plant.

Why Do Most Start-Ups Fail? – Greg Surratt [Video Training]

Learn from Greg Surratt, the founding pastor of Seacoast and President of ARC on start-ups.

Multiply, NAMB and Mac Lake [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at Multiply and NAMB? Learn leadership development and insights into their church planting process.

Preparing Church Planters to Swim with Sharks

The good news is that church planters don’t have to swim with real sharks, but they do plant in a world filled with cultural sharks.

Being Mean About The Vision: Preserving and Protecting What Really Matters

If we’re not intentional about the vision, we will drift off course.

The Power of Story in Start-Up (And Beyond)

What stories has God already given you that need to be re-told?

3 Ways to Raise Up More Church Planters

We need to be actively engaged in raising up more leaders for the huge harvest field.

Using Networks for City Transformation

Don’t try to reach your city on your own. Use a network for city transformation.

Engaging a City with a Church Planting Network – Bob Roberts, Jr. [Video Training]

Learn from Dr. Bob Roberts as he explains a unique church planting strategy to engage your city with the gospel.

Refugees and the Church Plant

Will there be an impact upon Europe after bringing in this many refugees?

Thinking of Planting a Church in a City? (Part 2)

God has already been at work in the city where you are planting.

Thinking of Planting a Church in a City? Start Here… 

Church planters—if you’re called to a city and you’re married, your whole family ought to feel called.

Exponential Presentation – State of Church Planting in the U.S.

How many churches launched in 2014? How many closed? Download Ed Stetzer’s full presentation from Exponential on The State of Church Planting.

State of Church Planting in the U.S. 2015 Report

Download the results of the largest and most thorough survey done on church planting in the U.S. since 2007.

What’s the Greatest Hurdle in Multiplication and Growth for Most Pastors You Speak With?

See how Ed Stetzer answered this question during Office Hours for Plus Members.

3 Pieces of Advice from a Church Planter to Church Planters

When I planted my first church in Buffalo in 1988, I was considered strange.

From Generalist to Specialist: What to Do When You’re Doing it All

There is no getting around it: you will be a generalist for a time long enough that will feel uncomfortable and difficult for you.

First Things First: Multiplying the Mission

If there was only one thing that you could do in your life, what would it be?

Involving Large Church Pastors in Multiplication

Uniting small and large churches around the mission of the denomination is important.

How Do I Know if God Wants Me to Plant a Church?

Discerning the call of God to plant a church can be tough.

10 Reasons Systems Matter for Church Planting

There are no perfect models, and there is no silver bullet. Many models are useful though.

5 Places to Find Your Next Church Planter

Searching for church planters, but aren’t sure of the best places to look? Here are a few.