Questions to Ask Before Switching from Bi-Vocational to Vocational Ministry

When should one move from bi-vocational to vocational ministry? When should churches make this all-important decision?

Pastors Who Freelance

The trend in church staffing is toward hiring developers, rather than doers.

Freelancing, Money, and Finding a Job in Bivocational Ministry

Bivocational ministry means you’re intentionally leveraging all of life into one calling.

Time Management for Bivocational Ministry

With bivocational ministry becoming more common, it is crucial for any pastor or church planter to know how to manage time well.

Time Management [Video Training]

In this training video Hugh Halter talks about managing time in a bivocational context.

Bivocational Ministry as an Evangelism Opportunity

One-third of American pastors are bivocational.

Bivocational Research

Lifeway Research has gathered some helpful insight into what bivocational ministry looks like today.

Bivocational Research with Scott McConnell [Behind-The-Scenes]

Scott McConnell shares some of the dynamics and pressures that a church planter will face if they are bivocational.