Cultivating Leadership and Outreach [Behind-The-Scenes]

Cory Ball discusses creative ways to develop leadership and outreach in a church congregation.

Creating Quality and Affordable Online Services [Behind-The-Scenes]

In this Behind-the-Scenes video, Josh Young discusses how churches and church plants can create quality online services in affordable ways.

Co-Vocational: Working Full-Time and Planting a Church [Behind-The-Scenes]

Andy Williamson discusses pastoring a church plant while holding a full-time day job.

Unlocking Motivations for Church Planting [Behind-The-Scenes]

Brian Williamson discusses how motivation affects church planters and their lead team.

Church Planting as a Missionary [Behind-The-Scenes]

Dan and Amber Sweaza discuss the process of being called to a cross-cultural city and then parachuting in as a church plant.

Preparing Outdoor Services [Behind-The-Scenes]

John Ciciora discusses creating outdoor services that both remove barriers for experiencing God and create opportunities to experience God.

Reopening a New Church Plant [Behind-The-Scenes]

Kody Woodard discusses the experience of opening a church plant shortly before COVID-19 and the process of reopening.

Leading a Multicultural Church [Behind-The-Scenes]

Bernard Emerson discusses talking about racism in a multicultural church.

Worship Ministry and Church Planting [Behind-The-Scenes]

Greg Armstrong discusses how a worship ministry can be an outreach of a church plant.

Church Planting in COVID-19 Reality [Behind-The-Scenes]

Chris Highfill and Lee Stephenson discusses what the reality of being a church plant during COVID-19 looks like.

Tips for Raising Financial Support [Behind-the-Scenes]

Nick Brzozowski, Charley Dever, and Brady Gray discuss raising financial support as church planter.

Creating Bilingual Spanish and English Churches [Behind-The-Scenes]

Five church planters discuss serving the Spanish and English speaking communities in their cities.

How a Church Discipleship Model Can Lead to Multiplication [Behind-The-Scenes]

Chris Hruska discusses how his church’s discipleship model led to rapid growth and multiplication.

Church Planting With Multiplication in Mind [Behind-The-Scenes]

David Sorn discusses what it looks like to be a church plant who plants churches.

Rural Church Planting: Not the Minor Leagues [Behind-The-Scenes]

Jon Sanders discusses the great opportunity for rural church planting.

Launching a Business and a Church that Support Each Other [Behind-The-Scenes]

Stanley and Melissa Patton discuss launching a church plant and a business that support each other.

How to Shape Worship Culture [Behind-The-Scenes]

David Johnson and Curtis Parks discuss shaping and creating worship culture.

Collaboration and the Surge Network [Behind-the-Scenes]

In this Behind-the-Scenes video, Dennae Pierre, the executive director of the Surge Network, shares her experience working with churches in Arizona.

Challenges of Stepping Into a Well-Established Church [Behind-The Scenes]

When you’re put in a position of endless unknowns and you don’t feel like you’re capable of fulfilling the role on your own, you’re forced to rely on God every moment of every day.

Fear, Polarization, and Leadership With Dan White Jr. [Behind-The-Scenes]

We need to get beyond our polarization and actually sit down to have table fellowship with the lost. 

Church Planting in Hispanic Cultures [Behind-The-Scenes]

A big problem that church planters find in Hispanic cultures is confusion of identity within the church.

Investigating New Locations For Your Church [Behind-The-Scenes]

Whether you are looking to lease a space or buy property, there a few key factors to assess before deciding what is best for your church.

What Does It Look Like to Plant a Church Like a Start-Up Company? [Behind-The-Scenes]

People in the faith community are often nervous about putting business language on the process of creating a new faith community.

How Innovation Today Attracts Church Planters of Tomorrow [Behind-The-Scenes]

Millennials are changing the way we start churches, and we must consider what else will need to change as Gen Z begins to plant.

The Benefits of Small Donor Fundraising [Behind-The-Scenes]

Most church planters don’t get excited when they hear the term small donor fundraising.

Birthing a Network of Multiplying Churches with Drew Hyun [Behind-the-Scences]

In this Behind-the-Scenes video, Drew Hyun discusses what it looks like to launch a network of churches.

How to Prepare for a Sermon in 15 Minutes [Behind-the-Scenes]

Hugh Halter, author of The Tangible Kingdom, talks about how to reduce your preparation time for a sermon to 15 minutes.

Building the Foundation of Prayer [Behind-the-Scenes]

Adam Mabry discusses the importance of prayer in church planting and practical tips for making it a priority for your staff and congregation.

Making a Plan for Outreach and Evangelism With Kevin Harney [Behind-the-Scenes]

If a pastor wants his people to be evangelizing, he must not just teach them about it, but must also lead them through personal experience.

Evangelism: Joining the Holy Spirit’s Conversation [Behind-The-Scenes]

Evangelism. What is it really? Is it finding lost people and introducing them to Jesus? Yes. But it is also more than that.

Principles of Guest Services with Hannah Manning [Behind-The-Scenes]

Every church has a different setup and different needs, but here are the elements that every guest services area should include.  

The Components of a Thriving Student Ministry With Derek Simpson [Behind-The-Scenes]

What should student ministry look like at a church plant/new campus and what do students truly need from their student ministry?

Rural Church Planting as a Bi-Vocational Pastor With James Pavlic [Behind-the-Scenes]

Learn about the nuts and bolts around rural church planting with James Pavlic.

Creating a Student Ministry at a New Campus with Ryan McDermott [Behind-the-Scenes]

What does it looks like to launch a student ministry at a new campus or a church plant?

Raising Up Church Planters With Dave Clayton [Behind-The-Scenes]

Daniel and Dave Clayton discuss what it looks like to raise up volunteers within your church and high level leaders to be church planters.

Nuts and Bolts of Campus Ministry & Church Planting Strategy [Behind-the-Scenes]

In this month’s Behind-the-Scenes segment, Daniel talks with Troy Nesbitt, Director of the Salt Network. 

New Models for Fundraising with Todd McMichen [Behind-the-Scenes]

In this month’s Behind-the-Scenes segment, Daniel talks with Todd McMichen from Lifeway Generosity.

Fundraising & Creating a Generous Culture

Don’t start a campus until you know how you are going to get yourself out of that temporary location.

Advice for Worship Pastors and the Lead Pastors with Matt Boswell [Behind-The-Scenes]

Daniel talks with Matt Boswell, Worship Pastor at Providence Frisco, and the author of Doxology & Theology.

The Relationship Between the Worship Pastor and the Lead Pastor

You can’t lead your church in worship if you aren’t first leading your family.

Kids Ministry with Jana Magruder [Behind-The-Scenes]

Daniel talks with Jana Magruder, the Director of Lifeway Kids.

Social Media and the Church with Trillia Newbell [Behind-The-Scenes]

There is a delicate balance of focusing church efforts online and focusing internally.

Social Media: An Opportunity for the Church

The greatest opportunity for churches in social media is for the gospel to be spread far and wide, where there was not an opportunity before.

Lies Pastors Believe with Dayton Hartman [Behind-The-Scenes]

One of the most prevalent lies that pastors believe is that they must earn their worth.

Gospel Saturated Culture with Brian Dembowczyk [Behind-The-Scenes]

As leaders, teachers, and preachers, it starts with us. Are we preaching the gospel faithfully?

Replanting with John Mark Clifton [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, I discuss church replanting and revitalization with John Mark Clifton.

Bivocational Research with Scott McConnell [Behind-The-Scenes]

Scott McConnell shares some of the dynamics and pressures that a church planter will face if they are bivocational.

5 Steps to Producing a Multiplying Culture in your Church [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, Shawn Lovejoy shares how to create a multiplying culture in your church.

Small Town Churches with Donnie Griggs [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, I discuss rural church ministry with Donnie Griggs.

Unreasonable Churches with Rich Birch [Behind-The-Scenes]

For this month’s segment, I discuss multisite practices with Rich Birch, author of Unreasonable Churches.

Christ Together with Will Plitt [Behind-The-Scenes]

Will Plitt talks about Christ Together’s vision to communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to every man, woman, and child in America.

Reaching the Unreached with Peyton Jones [Behind-The-Scenes]

Peyton Jones gives three actions the church must take to move from a more professorial spirit to an adventurous one.

The Life-Giving Spirit with Todd Korpi [Behind-The-Scenes]

Creating a life-giving culture around us requires intentionality, but it isn’t as insurmountable of a task as we might think.

Bible Translations with Trevin Wax [Behind-The-Scenes]

Trevin Wax and Daniel Im talk Bible Translations.

Missionary Partnerships with Jair Campos [Behind-The-Scenes]

The reason why many churches aren’t engaged and excited about the mission of God abroad is because they don’t know a missionary serving on the ground.

Urban Ministry with Dhati Lewis [Behind-The-Scenes]

It’s not enough to identify the different races, ethnicities, and socio-economic classes that live within one’s community.

Church Planting and Multiplication with Jeff Christopherson [Behind-The-Scenes]

It’s difficult to flesh out a calling where there is no vision.

Small Town Mission with Aaron Morrow [Behind-The-Scenes]

There is still great need for planters in rural areas and small towns.

Evangelism and Fundraising with Andy Smits [Behind-the-Scenes]

Hear evangelism and fundraising from Andy Smits, National Director for Québec for Power to Change—Students

Mission and Contextualization with Brian Sanders [Behind-the-Scenes]

One of the keys to effective ministry today is the need and ability to contextualize properly.

Adding Specificity to Vision with Keith Taylor [Behind-The-Scenes]

Crafting a specific vision gives people something tangible to reach for.

The Art of Working Together with Chad Clarkson [Behind-The-Scenes]

Chad Clarkson, Executive Director of HCPN, talks about the benefits of collaboration.

Bringing People to the Table with Russ Johnson [Behind-The-Scenes]

Russ Johnson from the Table Network talks discipleship, evangelism, and multiplication.

Hybrid Discipleship and Spiritual Disciplines with Philip Nation [Behind-The-Scenes]

Philip Nation weighs in on the need for the blending of spiritual disciplines and discipleship models.

Church Assessments and Leadership with Greg Wiens [Behind-The-Scenes]

Discover the importance of assessing your church and your leadership in the health and growth of your church. Learn from church assessment expert Greg Wiens.

The Insufficiency of the Entrepreneurial Spirit with Marlan Mincks [Behind-The-Scenes]

Learn best practices on pastoring in the “third place,” having a for-profit arm, and how Converge assessment centers work.

A Scalable Residency Model with Kadi Cole [Behind-The-Scenes]

Learn about Christ Fellowship’s leadership development pathway and how they use it to train residents through their school of ministry.

Team Preaching with Mark Jobe [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at New Life Community Church? Learn about their preaching team model.

A Church Planting Process and Strategy with Every Nation [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at Every Nation? Learn about their church planting strategy and process.

Creating a Culture of Multiplication, Leadership, and The Assemblies of God [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at The Assemblies of God? Learn how to create a culture of multiplication in your church.

Residencies, 12Stone, and Launching 5 Campuses on One Day [Behind-The-Scenes]

12Stone is one of the leading churches today with a leadership residency program and they launched 5 campuses on one day.

Multiply, NAMB and Mac Lake [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at Multiply and NAMB? Learn leadership development and insights into their church planting process.

The NewThing Network and Patrick O’Connell [Behind-The-Scenes]

What is going on behind-the-scenes at The NewThing Network? How do they structure their residency program?