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March 31, 2021

Your Church Website Is Vital

By New Churches Team

Consider What You Own

Take a moment and list all the communication channels your church has right now. You are probably thinking about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Maybe your website, email, and the bulletin. Let’s hone in on your digital channels. Which of those things do you actually own? The reality is that the only thing you own is your website. You don’t own Facebook and Instagram or everything that goes on those sites.

Make Your Website Your Home Base

When it comes to Facebook, you have an account. You may have set up your page five years ago, but Facebook has changed how things work and how people access your page. With Instagram, everything that used to be popular was in the main feed. But now it is in stories and you have to upload content every day to stay relevant. You had no say in those decisions.

But when it comes to your website, you own everything. It’s your website. That really matters down the road. While social media platforms are great, the reality is you can’t build an entire communication strategy solely on those things. Those things can change in a matter of moments, and there is nothing you can do about it. But when it comes to your website, you own it. You own the way it looks and feels. If you don’t like an ad, change it. The website is your home base. You have the ability to take the content and disperse it any way you like that will be impactful for you and your ministry. You have full access to everything on the website and can track how people interact with it.

Open Your Online Front Door

Your website is going to be the front door of your church for most people.

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