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August 12, 2020

Why Have an Outdoor Service?

By New Churches Team

John Ciciora is the creative pastor at Vineyard Church of Central Illinois. From the beginning of the COVID pandemic, Vineyard Church made an intentional choice, before they were required to, to stop meeting in person. Their motto was: Greater love has no church than this, than to lay down its weekend service for its community. They weren’t making a political statement or saying anyone is right or wrong. They worked with their community partners, government officials, healthcare officials, and business leaders to find what was best for their community. And, ultimately, they listened to where the Father was leading them. Ciciora explains, “We are going to gather how we can, and that is going to look really different in this season, but we are going to be intentional that we are going to gather.”

They began with online services, but recently decided they wanted to try an outdoor service. So, they began with a time more focused on worship and prayer. They did this as a trial run for a Sunday morning service and about 250 people showed up.

Creating a Space That Works

For their first trial run service, they did not pre-plan many things. Now, as they plan for at least a month of outdoor services, they have begun to be more intentional about the service. They are looking at the experiences that people will have to help them determine what they need to provide.

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