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What’s Happening in Church Multiplication Strategy?

By New Churches Team

Multisite or church planting is a huge topic of discussion when it comes to the current best strategy for church multiplication. The truth is that this discussion shouldn’t be an either/or discussion, but it should be a both/and discussion. Your church should consider its strengths and the strengths of its leaders as it weighs church multiplication options. There is no single best practice. Instead, the best practice for your church is determining the strategy that best fits your strengths.

The Celebrity Pastor Affect

Several large churches that are led by “celebrity” pastors have recently made the shift from multisite to church planting. The campuses they currently have are turning into stand-alone churches. But is this a result or an affect of the celebrity pastor? Likely not. No “celebrity” pastor became a celebrity overnight. They put in the hard work to lead their church. But like many churches that aren’t led by “celebrity” pastors, they may have decided that multisite was not the best multiplication strategy for them. While it was a natural way to accommodate more seating at the time, it may not have been a targeted strategy for reaching their city.

Take an Evaluation

Multisite should only be your strategy if you have the right person on your staff that can facilitate and the vision to be able to do that. If you don’t have those things, you should instead choose church planting. Multisite is best done when you have a leadership pipeline in place because of the complexities that are added in running multiple campuses. Closely consider if you have a working leadership pipeline or if that is something you need to start. 

Take an audit of the programs you are currently running. Ask yourself why you are doing them and if they are serving the church and the vision well. Stop or starve those programs that aren’t working for you before you take the next step in church multiplication, so that you have resources available to support your multiplication strategy.

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 398: Selecting a Multiplication Strategy.Click hereto listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.




New Churches Team

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