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What Should Church Metrics Be in 2021?

By New Churches Team

When our services have been a mix of in-person and online for almost a year, how do we measure success? Should we still be measuring the things we used to measure?

Moving Metrics

So, what is success? How do we measure it in 2021? The answer will likely be different for the first half of the year and the last half of the year. We know people are thinking we will be back to somewhat normal by the end of the summer and fall. Hopefully by Easter, we can move back toward some more intentional metrics.

Measure Evangelism

Evangelism was a hard, slower opportunity in 2020. In our metrics, we have to raise our evangelistic intentionality to catch up with what has been evangelistic decline. 2020 was not a great year for many people to share the gospel. Part of the metrics we can measure this year are our evangelistic intentions. How much time are we spending? How many relationships are we initiating? It’s easy to fall back and focus on who we already have and not make evangelism a priority. We have to be intentional about this. Measure your evangelism and hold yourself accountable to a greater sense of evangelism.

Measure Spiritual Health

The spiritual health of your leaders, pastors, lay leaders, board, elders, and deacons is so important. One thing we have recognized is so goes the leader, so goes the church. Think about the neglect of our spiritual lives this year and what the aftermath has been. We need to measure this and not just focus on the number of groups and giving. How many people are in groups, yes, but not just that. How many people are disciple makers? 

Adapted from the New Churches Q&A Podcast Episode 557: Metrics in 2021. Click here to listen to more to church planting, multisite, and multiplication tips.


New Churches Team

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