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December 18, 2019

What is Coaching?

By New Churches Team

Mentoring vs. Coaching

Scott explains that there are some crossovers in mentoring and coaching, but they are not the same thing. Mentoring is typically done by an older, more experienced person who lends guidance in a specific area. Coaching can be done by anyone of any age and experience level. The point of coaching is to come together and ask questions and help make decisions. Recently though, mentoring has been evolving to include more characteristics of coaching.

Pressures Faced by Church Planters

Through the coaching experience, church planters and their coaches discuss many of the pressures they face. This includes pressure they feel through social media and the Internet. They watch other churches and pastors and feel pressured to do the same things they are doing. They also can feel pressured by their board to try to take on characteristics that the board sees in more experienced preachers. Church planters often feel pressured by the community to offer opportunities in every single ministry area from the first day they are open. These pressures often cause church planters to work overtime which leads to them feeling pressure from their family to be at home more.

These pressures can lead to real issues. It is important for church planters to have a coach to discuss these pressures with. The coach can help them create a plan to manage these pressures and can hold them accountable in areas they are struggling. Having a coach also means they have a consistent relationship with someone who may be able to see early signs of any issues or concerns.

What the Coaching Relationship Looks Like

Sometimes the coaching relationship is something the church planter has sought out for themselves. Sometimes the coaching relationship has been selected for them through their network or denomination.

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